How To Make A Girl Like You Again

Life is all about second chances. To have a special someone in your life and then losing her on the way is something not everyone can cope up with. Only the person, who loses, knows the value. So what if you have missed your first opportunity to impress a girl or make her stay with you? You can still do that and this time; make sure you are ready and well equipped. This article will help you in getting back the girl whom you once were in love with. All you need to do is make up your mind once and for all and have a very honest and genuine approach.

In this article, we will answer the question that seems to be on every heart- broken boy’s mind; how to make a girl like you again? Although, the answer lies in a very slow approach that you need to follow, the effect can be very long lasting. However, this time make sure that you have a strong mind. Whatever time you have been away from her, use that time to develop some strong thinking. Every lesson in life makes us stronger and leads us into the path of maturity. If you really want your dream girl to start liking you again, then read on and apply those thoughts carefully and honestly.

Mentioned below are some ways in which you can still make the girl like you again.

How to make a girl like you again

1. Be Cool

Usually, after an incident that forced you two apart, it is obvious to feel little bit awkward or weird in the presence of the other person. Play it cool, even if it is hurting you deep inside. Making a show of your nervousness or awkwardness or pain will not make the other person like you again. If in the past, you were very weak with your emotions; then now can be a right time to show the other person that you have become strong.

By braving a smile on your face and greeting the other person with respect will surely send some ripples of warm feelings in her heart. The whole intention is to make her believe that you have moved on and that you are alright now. By showing that you still feel miserable about what had happened will only make her think less about you. Encourage yourself when you feel down in her presence and never show that you are suffering from inside.

2. Be Friendly

If you happen to see her again, make sure that you are very friendly with her. You need to put the bitter past behind and move on. Make up your mind, if you still have got some feelings for her then the remnants of the bitter past should be buried. Make her comfortable in your presence. Talk nicely to her, be very polite and above all be very gentle because you never know what the other person is going through.

You can invite her for a cup of coffee, where you can talk about the way your thinking has changed and how, now you view life. You can also take that opportunity to ask about her life. Having a friendly chat will put her in a very comfortable position, and who knows she still has some feelings for you. By making fuss of a situation will only add more bitterness to your bitter and battered life. You have to make her realise that you are a changed person now. A word of caution; do not force your feelings on her. People learn or realise with their own pace and you need to respect that.

3. Be Gentle

If you meet her after a long time and come to know that she has already moved on, then don’t make a fuss. Try to be very calm and gentle, even if there is a storm raging inside. Love manifests itself in a very slow process. Everyone has the right to move on and live happily. So what if she has decided to move on? To love is to put the happiness of the other person before anything else, and that is exactly what you need to do.

Though, you may not feel in that way, but remember love is more than a feeling. If you base your actions on feelings and don’t do what is right, then you are bound to be miserable always. Remember, feelings are fleeting, love is not. Try to be happy or if you can’t, then show that you are happy for her and wish her a happy life ahead. By being gentle, you show her that you are a changed person and you still respect her. You never know how your goodness is rewarded. But, when she sees you as a strong individual and if her love for you has ever been true, then she will definitely come back to you. The process is very slow and painful, but it is worth in the end, because love is worth the pain!

4. Inquire

After the incident, inquire from common friends about her. Ask them if she was still in touch with them and if she ever inquired about you. By doing this, you will get an idea about what she is going through in her life. If she happens to still have some feelings for you, then you can plan to meet her up at a common friend’s place or at a place where she usually hangs out. But, prior to that it is very important for you to know what she now feels about you and if she still sees you as a potential lover.

5. Make a Move

As you take time to understand the situation better, you can make your move. When you feel that it is the right time for you to make a move, then don’t hesitate. Make sure you are very cool and gentle as you make your move. You can invite her for a romantic dinner or go out for a movie or even for a walk. As you spend time with her, be expressive but this time, let her express more. People who are meant to be together will always be together even if there are patches of solitude.

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