How To Make A Boy Like You

Everybody wants to be in love and want others to like them. If you are someone who wants to impress a boy and is wondering how, then you are at the right spot. One of the main questions that every girl asks is how to make a boy like you? Though the answer is not very difficult to answer, but you need to move on just from a simple smile. Boys look for certain things in a girl and if you are able to show them that you have those characteristics, then your job is done. But, in order to do it, you need a very genuine and an honest approach.

Every boy has looks for certain attributes in a girl. Though boys can be, at times very demanding, there are certain attributes that is quite attainable. In this article, we shall discuss about those things which will make your dream boy fall in love with you. Before we start this, you need to know or somehow find out what your secret crush looks for in a girl. There are number of ways in which you can find that out. Try befriending him and if you’re unable to do so, then we will stick to the basics. The basic is that every boy wants to be with a girl, who understands, and is loving and caring.

Mentioned below are some of things that will surely make your secret crush not only like you but also fall in love with you.

How to make a boy like you

1. Support

Be there in his time of need. Everybody needs support. By being with him in his time of need will help you earn his trust.  At times, all that a person needs is someone to stand beside them and tell them that it’s all going to be alright and you are there with them. The sense of belongingness is something that everyone looks for and when they are finally able to find it, they just love it.

Give him that moment of belongingness by being there when he needs a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Try to go an extra mile to let him know that you are there for him. Support him in his time of need and he will always remember you for your goodness and will make you his confidant. As you become his confidant and support him every time, he is bound to start liking you and long for your company.

2. Understand

There are times when even closest friends fail to understand. As you show your support to him, you also tell him indirectly that you understand him. It is very difficult in this world to find someone who understands you. When your secret crush realises your worth and how much blessed he is to have you in his life, and then he will surely start liking you, initially may be as a friend, but slowly through your efforts things might change.

Make sure you are always genuine in your approach in understanding him. Do not fake it. When you start to show the other person that you understand him, he is likely to trust you and by being genuine in your approach, you will respect his trust in you. You need to understand that trust and understanding are very necessary in a relationship and if you are able to achieve it in advance, then it will work in your favor.

3. Grab his Attention

Whenever you meet him and if he is around with friends, then make sure you grab his attention. Try not to overdo it as it may make you look like a fool. Try it initially with a smile, crack jokes (avoid pj’s) and give your views if something important is being discussed or talked about. Try to make eye contact with him, but don’t overdo it as it may portray you in a wrong sense.

Talk to him, ask him about his work and if he is studying, how is studies are going on. You need to be bold and talk to him confidently, only then will you succeed in grabbing his attention. Just by being around him will not help him notice you. You need to do more than that. You need to talk to him. Let him know that you are around him and that you are not boring and timid.

4. Make him Comfortable

Make sure you make him comfortable whenever he is around you. If you don’t make him comfortable and make futile efforts to get noticed, then he is likely to think of you as nothing more than a stalker. Try to always have an open conversation with him and don’t push him too hard for anything. Make sure that you are very careful of your words whenever you talk to him. You should not sound desperate.

By showing support and understanding him in his time of need, you will already be making him comfortable with you. Don’t give him any kind of advice initially. Let him get comfortable with you and trust you, only then whatever you advice him will work in his favor, otherwise he is bound to think of you as an intruder.

5. Try new Outfits

In order to grab his attention and make him know that you are stylish and beautiful, try new and different outfits, even if it means you have to change your wardrobe! By trying different outfits, you will be bringing out your best look forward which is sure to grab his attention and heart. You can also go for a new haircut to add more style quotient to your personality.

You may have been around him for a long time and were unnoticed, but with these changes you are sure to get yourself noticed by others and by him. This will ooze your confidence and will give you enough courage to appear boldly and talk confidently to him.

6. Be Yourself

In order to make him like you, don’t lose your originality. Be yourself and don’t portray yourself as someone you are not, just because you wanted him to like you. It is always better for a person to be hated for the right reason than liked and loved for wrong reasons. Be very honest in your approach and maintain your integrity.

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