How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Trying to lose 10 pounds in the space of 2 weeks or 14 days is certainly not an impossible task but it is unquestionably a difficult goal to achieve. There’s no denying the fact people these days are more conscious about their health or well being than ever before. Companies and firms manufacturing and marketing all sorts of healthcare products starting from exercising equipments to dietary and nutritional supplements are capitalizing on the individuals’ preoccupation to keep themselves slim and healthy.

However, sometimes you might be required to slim down or tone down your body considerably for a special or extraordinary occasion. That special occasion could be your wedding or maybe your friend’s wedding. Or, if you’re an actor or actress by profession, you might be required to lose weight severely or abnormally for a particular role. Now, if you’re someone who exercises on a routine basis and maintains a more or less balanced dieting regimen, then you may not find it too tough to shed 10-12 pounds in a fortnight.

You’d just need to make some modifications in your dieting schedule or workout regimen to achieve the desired results. For instance, if you have been in the habit of exercising on a moderate to light basis, you might be required to graduate to a more vigorous workout regime. You also might be required to include food items in your diet that have a low calorific content.

However, if you’re not in the habit of exercising on a consistent basis or taking meals that contain the right proportion of all nutrients, the aim of extreme fat burning in a short time can be hard.  Nevertheless, if you’re faced with a do-or-die situation as far as tremendous weight loss is concerned, you can always make an earnest attempt to accomplish the same. So, if you find yourself asking How To Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks on a recurring basis, just abide by the following steps.

How to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks

1. Have A Workout Regimen In Place

If you are planning to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, then you have to have a target to melt 5 pounds in the first week. So, you have to lose 1.40 pounds on a daily basis. In terms of calories, burning 5 pound on a weekly basis is equivalent to losing 17,500 calories or 2,500 calories per day. So, it goes without saying that your weight loss program has to be very rigorous if you have to melt over 2000 calories every day.

As far as your workout regimen is compared, you should go for a blend of cardiovascular and weightlifting exercises. Combining both these forms of exercises accelerates your calorie burning spree. In other words, chances of attaining your daily targeted calorie loss considerably go up if you spend your workout time both on the treadmill and lifting dumbbells or barbells. However, if your physical state does not permit you to go both for resistance training and cardiovascular workouts, then you should choose the latter. You’ll be burning more calories if you opt only for cardiovascular training compared to selecting weightlifting exercises.

2. Make It Enjoyable

Needless to say, you’ll find yourself reaching a dead end more often when you exercise vigorously. Since there is no other alternative to working out on a strenuous basis, as you have to lose too many pounds in too short a time, think of ways to make your exercise plan lively. Try to work out in the morning when you’re at your energetic best and full of beans.

Take breaks more frequently while you’re exercising. Put on your earphones and listen to your favorite songs while running or walking on the treadmill or pedalling on the stationary bike. Control the temptation of rushing to the multiplex for catching the latest release for at least two and also avoid sitting in front of the TV.

Also stay away from late night parties where you’ll be gorging on food and drinks that’ll put your acute weight loss plan into total disarray. However, restricting yourself from watching movies or having fun at parties and social dos doesn’t mean that you should become unsocial for this entire period. You can always play golf, go for a jog early in the morning or take a plunge in your local swimming club. These activities will not only help keep you on the road to losing 10 pounds in two weeks but also let you fulfill your socialization needs.

3. Yoga Can Help Temper Your Arduous Workout Plan

For losing as much as 10 pounds in two weeks or 1.4 pounds each day, you’ll obviously have to work out arduously. And when you exercise strenuously with the abject end of losing 5 pounds in a week, you feel hungrier than you would normally. Eat sufficiently so that you feel energetic but take foods low in calories and totally stay away from junk food.

Practice yogic exercises for nothing less than an hour. Yoga helps in controlling stress, and quite effectively. Yoga also helps you to keep your mental acuity at peak and aids in controlling your urge to overeat.

4. Never Let Go Of A Chance To Keep Yourself Active

Apart from getting your daily dose of cardiovascular and weightlifting exercises, find ways and means of keeping yourself active. For instance, take the stairs rather than hopping on the elevator while on your way to office or when you’re in a shopping mall. Try to give a good wash to your vehicle or tend the garden yourself. Try walking by carrying small weights.

5. Just Don’t Give Up

Naturally, you won’t see the results overnight. However, don’t lose your patience but be mentally prepared to slog it out for the entire period of 14 days. With every passing day, your body becomes more familiar to your vigorous training program. So, you can push yourself an extra bit more the following day, and again a little bit more the subsequent day.

Keep a watch on how many calories you’re losing everyday. However, don’t be too hard on yourself. Whenever you feel like you’re going to swoon or feel utterly exhausted, give yourself a long break.

6. Never Forego Your Breakfast

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day you have. So, give it a miss, especially when you’re on a fast track weight loss program. If you forego your breakfast after an exhausting work out, then you’re more likely to gorge like an elephant during your lunchtime. This can lead to your putting on more calories than you intend to lose. Go for a breakfast that provides you with at least 300 calories. Also abstain from a carbohydrate rich diet as far as your breakfast is concerned.

7. Make Your Diets More Colorful

Yes, go for fresh vegetables and fruits of different colors. Abstain from taking oily or greasy foods. Go for lean meats instead of red meats. Eat fish varieties rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, albumins (egg whites), non processed dairy foods, and whole grain foods. Stay away from candies, chocolates, and all types of sugary foods.

8. Drink As Much Water As You Can

Water, is the best natural beverage you can have. It is almost calorie and fat free. Water also helps in speeding up metabolism and washing out toxins and waste products from your body. So, you should drink as much water as possible.

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