How to Know if Your Ex Still Loves You

Love never dies. Though relationship ends, affection fades but true love never dies out. You may have been in a relationship that ended due to some misunderstanding or due to some other petty reason which could have been otherwise resolved or may be, it ended for good. But, the memory of a not so distant past still seems to rule your mind. To add to your agony, your ex is still in your friends list and constantly messages you asking you about your how about. Usually, at times likes these – mind plays its game. Curiosity mixed with expectation seems to be the only thing on your mind.

If you are struggling with this dilemma and want to know desperately if your ex still loves you, then this article will help you in finding that. How to know if your ex still loves you? Just follow his/ her actions carefully and you will get your answer. At times, people fail to understand signs and end up making the same mistake of being with the wrong person. As you try to find out the real motive of your ex’s moves, a word of caution; be careful. Remember, nothing is what it seems.

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1. Constant Calling:

Constant calling can be a sign that your ex still loves you. But, here lies the trick. Some people find it difficult to get over a bad incident. Break-up is something that most couples are afraid of. This is the last option that they have. Chances are that may be your ex is finding it difficult to live without you. When you are in love, the relationship that you share becomes a part of your life. When it ends, life takes some time to get back to the way it was before the dawn of love.

Normalcy takes time to set in and this is what causes lot of problems. However, there can be a chance that your ex still loves you and still cares for you. If your ex is still concerned about your smallest of disappointments like he/ she used to when you were in a relationship, then there are high chances of love to blossom again. Take time out; don’t just jump to any conclusion that would make you sadder than you were before.

2. Private Investigation:

Has your ex lately taking lot of interest in your personal life? Then it’s time for you to have a very close look at all his/her moves. Lot of interest in your personal life can be a sign that your ex is still interested in you. It all starts from constant calling to showing concern over small, small incidents in your life, then this is a clear indication that your ex still loves you.

But, it is better for you to first weigh his/ her actions and then come to a conclusion. Always, remember the incidents which lead to the break-up so that you know if your ex has actually mended his/ her ways or not. Most people make this mistake of allowing their exes back into their lives only to realise that they have not at all changed and are still struggling with the same issues that earlier led to their break-up. It takes them more time to get out of the depression they had gotten themselves into.

3. Talkies:

You can detect the intention of some people through their way of talking. If your ex is still interested in you, you will know of it by his/ her tone. Their way of speaking is the door to their heart. When people miss someone or long to be with someone, their way of talking or choice of words will help you to understand if you meant or still mean anything in their life.

Some people are known to be ‘sweet talkers’ and hence you can never find out what their intention is. Be careful with people like these as Paulo Cohelo once said in his book, anything that happens once doesn’t happen again. Anything that happens twice will happen the third time. A person who is genuine will sound genuine. His/ her emotions will not be too strong but, enough for you to see if he/ she has been missing you or not.

4. Meeting:

Even after the break-up, if your ex still asks you to meet or arranges a nice candle-light dinner, then you will know the intentions of your ex. No person will do something like that for his/ her ex if love was not there. It is highly advisable to you never ever to jump into any conclusion quickly. Take time. If last time you failed to ask him/ her some questions, take this opportunity to ask them now.

The best approach that you can have in situations like these is the direct approach.  Ask your ex directly the reason for his/ her extra goodness. Some people do that purely to take revenge or to make you feel more miserable. Ask them directly, look him/ her in the eye. Through their body language, you will know their intention.

5. Indirect Approach:

One of the best signs that will help you to know if your ex still loves you is when he/ she tries to make contact with your friends to know all that is going on in your life. They may do so depending on the reason of break-up. If the break-up had happened because of his/ her mistakes, then your exes are likely to take the indirect path so that they don’t hurt you.

It has been seen that people who get back again after break-up become more caring and loving. At times, incidents like break-up teaches them the value of the person they once had in their lives. So, if your ex has been inquiring a lot about you from your friends, then it’s time for you to have a face- off with him/ her again.

However, the other side of the coin is this that if your ex had been possessive during the relationship, then chances are that he/ she might still be continuing their habit of keeping a tab on you. Have a very careful approach and it is always better to confront than to let your mind play any games and then leave you with more tears and regrets.

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