How to Know if a Guy is Using You

Relationship is meant to be enjoyed. With each partner showing love and respect for each other, the sweetness of a relationship can be maintained. But often we see in our day to day life, that the story is not so very simple. We meet people who are mean, selfish and inconsiderate. Do you have a boyfriend who is selfish and inconsiderate? Are you still longing for love, even after being committed in a relationship?  The reason could be very simple. Your boyfriend could be using you. How to know if a guy is using you? The answer lies in your observation.

Sometimes circumstances can make a person mean and inconsiderate. But most of the times, we come across people who are selfish, mean and inconsiderate by nature. All they know is how they can use the other person for their good. Their love, their sweet talk and all their actions are very subtle and deceptive. Girls usually fall for guys who do sweet talk, only to realise halfway through the relationship that he was just using them.  As you read on, you will come to know of the signs which will help you to understand if your boyfriend is actually using you or not.

1. Indifference:

guy using you

Indifference is the most common pain that every couple go through in a relationship. Every now and then, there is someone who shows up with this attitude and disturbs the harmony in a relationship. If you notice your boyfriend running high on this, be sure that there is more than meets the eye. Try talking to your boyfriend about this, and if he still doesn’t comply, then you need to give a serious thought about your life.

2. Finance:

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Do you always pay his bills or his room rent? Are you always shedding your hard earned money on his luxuries? Then it’s time for you to take pause for a while, take a good look at the situation, observe, communicate and then come to any conclusion. It is very important to know if a guy is using you or not.  If you are the one always paying and still not getting love and affection in a relationship, then the chances are that he might be using you.

Girls usually fail to realise if a guy is using them or not. Most of the times, the reason is nothing else but love. Even if their real picture is shown to them, they will still choose to believe otherwise. These girls learn nothing from their circumstances and are left with tears and remorse in the end. It is very important to act according to the situation. Your actions must be swift. If you fail to realise the signs, you too might end up in tears and will have nothing else to do but regret.

3. Call-Barring:

If your boyfriend claims to love you but hardly finds time to talk to you, then there is something that you are missing. At times, the problem and the solution are both in front of our eyes. But, still how many times we fail to realise them? Love blossoms with the free flow of communication. If your boyfriend is too busy to talk to you at the time of your need, then you might need to think again about the purpose of the relationship.

If your boyfriend talks to you only when he needs to do that, but always fails to realise your need then it is better to talk to him about his behavior and diagnose the problem once and for all. Some boyfriends might have genuine reasons, but the majority are those who like to use a girl’s goodness, time and love for their fun.

4. No Quality Time:

One of the best ways to know if a guy is using you or not is by the amount of quality time you guys have together. Some guys may be genuinely busy as they are helpless in front of their profession, but there are some guys who purposely do that. You need to realise the difference between them and try to have a very open approach.

Quality time with your partner is the right of every couple in a relationship. When you spend quality time with your respective girlfriend or boyfriend, you get to know a lot about them. Quality time ensures deep understanding, which is very important and necessary for the growth of a relationship.

5. What do Your Instincts Say?

A woman’s instinct is very strong; it will always guide you right and will tell you what is right or wrong.  Go by what your instincts tell you. Does it warn you against your boyfriend or says that you are over-reacting? Sit calmly in a quiet place and listen to the voice. It will give you the much needed answers. Sometimes it might tell you that your fear is right and your guy might be two-timing with you. In that case, just confront him and ask him for the answers. Never be too scared to face the truth as it is better than living in ambiguity.

6. Communication is the Key:

When nothing works, try communicating with your partner. If you are in distress, because of his indifferent behaviour towards you then you must try and speak your mind out to him. This will not only help you in clearing your mind but also your boyfriend as he will know his mistakes and he might change himself. Your struggle with him can also end mutually if you both part ways. A right way to clear things out is to talk to him and tell him politely of the problems you have in the relationship. It might be tough for you but gather courage as it is an important decision of your life and you will be saving your guy’s life also from future misery.

If your boyfriend fails to recognize your efforts and continues to behave in the way that is very disturbing for the relationship, chances are that he might be just with you for fun or time pass. Nothing works better than communicating or sharing your problems by speaking your heart out, and if your boyfriend is still selfish and inconsiderate then it’s surely time for you to decide the fate of the relationship and avoid being used by the guy.

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