How to Keep Short Hair Healthy

Hair is a jewel that women and men alike love to adorn and flaunt. They love experimenting with their hair especially with the new trends that keep buzzing in. The hot new trend of the season is short hair. Anything from pixie cuts, blunt hair to bob cuts is all in fashion at present. If you wish to have good short hair, you need to maintain the health of your hair. If your hair is not healthy, these trendy cuts may not look good on you. So what would you really need to ensure healthy short hair?

1. The Damaging ‘Too Many’

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Use of too many products, brands etc. on your hair could be damaging. If you use a hair conditioner with a serum and probably a lot of hair styling gels, you are actually ruining the mass of your hair. The healthy bounce and the shiny look would melt away. It is for the good of your hair that experts suggest use of a single product or brand at a time. If you are using a shampoo with a conditioner try not to use any other product that may damage the entire look of your hair.

2. The Matchmaker

When you go for basic hair products, first know your hair type. You can either visit a salon or a skin doctor to find this out. They would help you with the kind and brand of hair washing products that are ideal for your hair type. It is very important that you purchase products that suit your hair-type rather than going and purchasing anything that looks and sounds good. Avoid changing your hair products frequently. Every once in a while when you change your products, you are actually making it impossible for your hair to get acquainted to the current product. This ruins the chances of your hair growing properly and, in turn gives way to a lot of hair problems.

3. Regular Wash

You have short hair so ideally you should shampoo your hair frequently. You should at least shampoo it twice a week. Washing your hair at least 4 times a week is the ideal situation for your hair. You should not use soap to wash your hair as it will damage your hair. A mild shampoo followed by a conditioner is the best solution to wash your hair and keep them healthy.

4. The Complete Diet

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Diet is very important aspect in keeping your hair healthy. Make sure you eat a protein and iron rich diet which will ensure good health of your hair. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and having milk will only help you maintain healthy hair. A poor diet reflects through the poor health of your hair.

5. Maintain a Routine

You should ideally ensure that you have trimmed your hair at least once in a month. This is so that any split ends that happen to your hair get removed in the process and your hair can remain healthy. This is similar to plucking weeds out of the plant. The way you take care of your face by using face packs, moisturizers etc., make sure you take care of your hair too.

6. The Healthy Scalp

You need to ensure a healthy scalp by making sure all the dandruff, flakes etc. is cleansed from your hair. There are many hair products that are available for such cleansing. A proper wash is also a good way to deal with the flakes.

7. Stay Away from Chemicals

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Chemicals can damage your hair. A frequent use of colour and styling can do a lot of damage to your hair. Colour your hair but only once in a while and that too using mild chemicals that won’t really damage your hair. If you are straightening your hair, try to avoid the straightening chemicals. These chemicals would definitely straighten your hair but in the long run they would damage the strength of the hair causing breakage.

8. Oil Your Hair

This concept of oiling hair regularly has been passed down by generations. It is the best conditioner for your hair; the most natural one at that. Regular oiling would massage your scalp and thus lessen the production of flakes and other dirt. In fact, with regular oiling you could also make the scalp and roots of your hair healthy. The healthier the roots are, the stronger your hair would be. In fact, a hot oil massage is a good treatment once in a while.

9. Home Remedies

Along with oiling your hair regularly, you could also try out some good home remedies to maintain your hair. Rubbing your scalp with egg yolk or coconut also helps. Honey, Aloe Vera, Henna etc. are all good for the hair.

10. Get a Spa

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A hair spa at a good salon does a good deal of good to your hair. They have great brands at the spa that rejuvenate your hair and make them look healthier. It is a great idea to visit the salon every once in a while to maintain the health of your hair. The salons would also suggest some good products for your hair and give you treatment that is very specific to your hair type.

11. The Heat Wave

You need to protect your hair from the sun. The UV rays of the sun can cause damage to your hair and scalp. This would ruin all prospects of healthy hair. A cool and trendy hat, a summer cap or a plain scarf would do the job of protecting your hair from the sun.

12. Comb When Dry

Avoid combing wet hair. Hair when short and wet on combing gives way to breakage. If you really have to brush your hair when wet so that they stand properly, use a comb with wide teeth. This would avoid the breakage.

These are all tips to keep your short hair healthy. These are all simple, day-to-day routines, if followed regularly would give you real good short hair.

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