How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl

Striking up a conversation with a stranger is difficult and, if that stranger is a girl, the difficulty level automatically rises. Men normally face a problem introducing themselves upfront to a girl, especially the ones they like. This is no rocket science! It is all about being as simple as you can and not coming across as a creep. Some men just overdo it! They are all over the girl, not literally. This can make the girl stay off guard. What should you do so that you can make small talk with a girl?

1. Each Woman is Different

One woman is different from another. If you are going to introduce yourself to a girl remember this. Do not try what you might have tried in the past. A fluke occurs only once, the rest of the times it’s a failed approach. If you think you can flirt around and get the girl’s attention, well you might be in for a surprise. This girl you are trying to approach this time around just does not like being around flirts. What would you do in such a situation? Simple ideas and formulas get applied to every girl. Be the simple man and use those simple ideas and get introduced to the girl.

2. The Eye Contact

You see this girl in the marketplace or in a party, and you so want to go and talk to her. Well before you actually get around to talking why not just make an eye contact. Look in her direction every few minutes. At least once you would catch her looking in your direction. There is your golden moment to make an eye contact with her. If she also looks back at you and gives that million dollar smile, you have won half your game. This signal indicates that she would indeed like to know you.

3. Introduce Yourself

Making an eye contact is simple, but actually going and introducing yourself to her seems difficult. You could just go up to her and ask if you could buy her a drink. This might seem a bit upfront but it is a tested formula that normally works as an introductory stroke. If you are in a marketplace you could introduce yourself and, without sounding creepy, could ask her for a coffee in the coffee shop nearby. This also works but you should not sound desperate.

4. Striking a Conversation

A woman generally loves being appreciated and complimented. How about going to this girl and very normally throw a single compliment at her. If she gives a cute laugh at your compliment, it is a signal that you can go ahead. You could also talk about the weather or the surrounding atmosphere to start a conversation. In fact if you see a friend talking to this girl, join up their conversation. It is very likely that your friend will introduce you to the girl. Never talk about the boring or regular stuff when trying to converse with the girl for the first time.

5. The Baby/Puppy Angle

This is a very clichéd angle but it works best when you wish to get introduced to a girl. Take a puppy out for a walk. Even if you are not noticed the puppy would get singled out. In an attempt to get your puppy introduced to the girl, who finds it cute, you could chance your introduction. Similarly with a baby around you have higher chances of getting introduced to the girl. It is very simple, a baby or a puppy has high attraction powers as compared to you and would help you achieve your target easily. In fact you might just seem perfect to the girl in such situations.

6. Confidence is the Key

You need to be confident and completely sure of yourself when you are approaching the girl. Don’t overdo it by portraying yourself as an arrogant person. You just need to be comfortable carrying yourself to the girl. This way you can get the girl to converse with you. A simple hi and a good smile when carried out with confidence helps you get introduced to the girl.

7. Looks do Matter

When you are planning to friend with a girl, remember your looks play a pivotal role. Make sure you have washed yourself properly. Wear absolutely decent clothes that don’t shout out much. A clean shaven, well combed look is an absolute stunner. Women generally look out for guys who look and seem decent. Even if you are the best but, you have not dressed well you don’t get opted. So make sure you consider your looks well before moving out. You never know when you will bump into the girl you so wish to date.

8. Be the Gentleman

A girl is normally charmed by wit and courtesy. If you are chivalrous by nature it will come automatically to you. Else you have to cultivate it if you wish to charm this girl. You need to keep the atmosphere while conversing with the girl light. Make her laugh but don’t be too cheap in that attempt. Your main attempt is to charm the girl and wit, the PG Wodehouse wit, will only assure this charm. Pulling a chair, buying a drink, offering a drive back home etc. are pleasantries that will ensure that you are a thorough gentleman.

9. The Follow-up Session

If you are really interested in this girl, then you would require to follow-up on her. The best way to get the follow up on is the social media. Try getting her on a social networking site so that you can chat with her. Add her on to your friend list and begin with introducing yourself, where you met etc. Don’t expect the girl to remember. Try with small talks before you get around asking her for her number. Directly asking for her number might get her annoyed and in turn spoil all your chances.

Most importantly remember to listen to your heart while approaching a girl, it always helps.

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