How To Highlight Your Own Hair

Highlights are costly. If you go to a salon for highlighting your dull hair, you have to spend a hefty amount. For this reason, so many women are doing the procedure themselves at home. Thus, highlighting your own hair changes your look while at the same time, saving your money as well.

In the past, I used to think highlighting my own hair highly was very complicated. However, with so many new products now available in the market, it has become easy to do it at home only in 15 minutes. Within just 15 minutes, you can have a beautiful look for your hair. Highlighting gives unbelievable glow to your own hair. Now, why spend money in a salon for highlighting, when you can just do it yourself! I believe you too will definitely take pleasure in highlighting your own hair and feel more gorgeous.

If you visit the nearby market, you will find a range of products that are available for highlighting your hair at home. Here is a procedure to highlight your hair correctly and that too while avoiding making mistakes.

By following the tips given below, you too can harvest the same fruit.

hair highlighting ideas

1. Some Tips To Remember Before Getting Started: –

  • To start with, buy a typical ‘own highlighting kit’.
  • Remember; don’t use any other styling product with your hair, until you finish the complete procedure.
  • Don’t wash hair for 24 hours,as your natural oils assist to care for each hair fiber.
  • Then, decide how many highlights you really need. Also be sure, what would you like that also looks nice. Some may like ‘strong’ highlighting or some may go for ‘bunches’ and ‘big and thick strands’. Some would even like ‘slight strands’. After all, the choice is yours.
  • With the help of a friend or a family member, grasping of hair locks becomes trouble-free and even better, as highlighting the backside of hair is not too easy.

2. Make Yourself Ready For Highlighting: –

hair spa highlighting

Now, if you’ve everything ready, why not start? Start the procedure with the foundation level of your hair. For this, the level at their base needs to be divided. This can be done with a hair clip or anything else of that sort. Wear surgical gloves and mix the highlighting powder with the paste. Put in the applicator on the first fingertip. Now, grasp the first lock of your hair by the left hand. Apply the highlighting mix with your index-finger immersed in it. Be certain that the grasped hair lock is coated completely. However, always take the precaution that scalp shouldn’t have any contact with the mixture. Mixtures of the most of the highlighting products available in the market have some unusual colors (say blue etc.) that make clearto us ‘which layer we are highlighting’.

3. Continue The Procedure: –

hair highlighting brown hair

Move to the top level of your hair when you finish highlighting the half of the bottom layer. Now, you can lower the grasped hair lock, as the highlighted hair locks would retain it by this time. Again, follow the same procedure that you performed earlier with the base hair lock. When you find that sufficient highlighting has been done, take a break for about 15 minutes. Then, wash your hair as you usually do. Firstly, apply shampoo thereon and then use a quality hair-conditioner.

4. “Good God, See The Results”: –

“It’s just wonderful!” After washing your hair, this would certainly be your surprise. When you will see the outstanding result without delay, you would be thoroughly surprised.

5. What To Do With Gray Hair: –

If you have gray hair, you should color them with a nice base color, ahead of highlighting. After coloring them, you can highlight them after a week. Yet, always take care that you shouldn’t highlight much gray hair, as highlighting mixture doesn’t work efficiently on them. If you do so, you will see them dull.

6. Hair Renovating: –

It is highly recommended that while retouching highlights, you shouldn’t use mixture on the earlier highlights. However, if you’ve done it more than 6 months ago, you may do it. Moreover, to give a bit boost to your looks, you can highlight the hair locks that weren’t highlighted the last time. As you go on to highlighting your hair at home all by yourself, every time you will experience improved self-assurance and the results.

7. Some Tips For Hair-Coloring: –

Hair-coloring should be done no less than a fortnight after or before their highlighting, as compound elements in hair-colors and highlighting mixtures are poles apart. With gray hair, use hair-colors to their base. It keeps hair-color and highlighting mix apart. You may color the base of gray hair once in a fortnight and their touch-up once in a month. However, if you’ve decided to go for change in hair-color, you need to use it on every part of hair. If truth be told, stay away from black hair-color, as it has strong chemicals! Before changing hair-color, you should wait for two months after their highlighting and make an effort with some temporary hair-color. This will give you an idea how it will look. The part will look lighter, where you already had highlighting earlier. If you don’t wish any longer highlighting, use a darker color.

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