How to Get Younger Looking Hands

Hand care is something that we all forget about sometime or the other.  Hand care is primarily associated with hygiene and health, with good reason. But almost everyone tends to overlook the fact that hands also reveal your age; and as father time gently sidles over you, it becomes a dead giveaway of your age. We all spend much time on our face  (and even men can’t quite possibly claim to being the opposite here) to look young, fresh and healthy. But, what we forget, as already mentioned, is the fact that even though your face might look young enough, your hands could possibly sell you out. Age spots, wrinkles, veins that stick out are some of the most common ailments noticed if the skin on your hands is not properly cared for.

Hands are constantly in the firing line, even more so than we realize. They are exposed constantly to UV radiation; they are used more than any other body part leading to overuse which would in turn lead to scraggy hands that, simply put, just won’t do. Of course, after a point, it is inevitable that the signs of ageing make their mark on your skin but given proper care, you could ensure that your skin looks young as long as possible; also it could ensure that ageing is more graceful and gentle. There are some methods that you could follow that would help you achieve this. These steps have to be followed as part of a regimen to have the best effect on your hands.

Younger Looking Hands

1. Moisturize

If you are already using a moisturizer for your face, you know how smooth, supple and soft it makes your skin. Using it for your hands also achieves the same end result. It has to be noted here that the alcohol based moisturizers will lead to your skin becoming drier and therefore prefer oil based moisturizers.

2. Exfoliote

It is such an effective and satisfying thing- exfoliating. When you exfoliate, all the dead cells are removed leaving you with new and young cells. Your skin will look younger instantly- a great method if you are in a hurry for a social gathering or so. There are many great exfoliating lotions available in the market nowadays but you could also easily concoct your own home-made lotion. A salt scrub is the most commonly used and the easiest to mix lotion. Add a spoonful of salt to a small jar filled with oil and stir it thoroughly to produce your very own salt scrub.

4. Sunscreen

Use sunscreen always when you go out in the sun. Make sure to apply a slew of the sunscreen without being miserly because sunscreens do make a difference. Also ensure that your sunscreen lotion is SPF 30 or more.

5. Soaps

The soaps you use also play a major role in how you hand looks and feel. If you have picked out dish soaps that are hard and tough, then your hands will also follow that road. Switch to gentle soaps that won’t harm your skin too much. Also, try to hard water as much as possible as they can adversely affect your skin’s looks.

6. Balanced Diet

If you are one of those people who have a paltry diet, remember that your body is suffering more so than you know. A balanced diet is essential if you are to have a skin that is both young and healthy. And as year by year your age increases, the need for vitamins, proteins and calcium become paramount. Hence, make sure that your diet includes these nutrients in healthy doses. It is when your diet is found wanting of the above that spots are found on your hands.

7. Nails and Cuticles

This is one area that people normally don’t give much credence to. But, the nails and cuticles are just as important as any other part of your hand s. Use creams on your cuticles to protect them as they act as a barrier preventing bacteria, yeast and fungus from starting infections. Healthy cuticles equal healthy hands. Your nails are also important if you want to keep healthy hands. Constant pruning and preening are required to keep your hands healthy.

8. Wear Gloves

Wearing gloves is a sure short way of protecting your hands. While cooking, cleaning dishes or doing any other household chore, make sure to wear gloves. Wearing gloves during winter season would also prevent chapped skin. It is also recommended that you wear gloves overnight after you have moisturized your hands. You will find that such moisturizing gloves are easily available. This also gives your hand a beautiful feel in the morning. It would be beneficial if the color of the gloves is white as there would be no dyes or chemicals added to it that could harm your hands.

9. Laser Treatment

Using laser treatments can effectively grant you smooth and young looking skin. They can be very effective. They are used more and more nowadays. But, it is advisable to consult your dermatologist before deciding on it as it’s suitability to your skin has to be figured out first. Also, they have the disadvantage of being costly and as such not viable for everyone.

10. Manicure

A manicure certainly helps in keeping your skin a great deal. It helps your skin look young and fresh. But there is caution to be followed here too. Make sure that the salon uses creams and lotions that are in keeping with the approved standards. Also make sure that such creams and lotions do not contain ingredients that you are allergic to.

11. Checkups

A regular checkup with your dermatologist is also important. Do not neglect even the tiniest spot or mole that appears on your skin. Get regular checkups and consult your doctor about the various creams you use. It could be that some creams could be unsuitable for your particular skin. If you are apprehensive about even the most routine thing, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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