How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

A healthy life is what everybody dreams of. Healthy life is possible only when you have a healthy lifestyle. In this fast paced life, people hardly pay any attention to their health. Puffed eyes are a common problem that people in urban areas face. The cause could be their lifestyle, profession, insomnia etc.  Baggy eyes are a sign of bad health. Not only do they reflect your health status, but also dampen your image. No one likes to be with someone with baggy or puffy eyes as they portray a very lazy lifestyle.

There can be many reasons for the development of bags under your eyes. They can vary from age issues to lifestyle issues. People who do not have a healthy lifestyle are more prone to puffy eyes. Irregular sleep pattern, unhealthy eating habits and long hours of straining your eyes in front of the computer are some other reasons for that. The following article will tell you how to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

Getting rid of your dark circles will require patience and some labour. The best way is to keep a healthy lifestyle accompanied with a good diet of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water and get an adequate sleep of 7-8 hours. A word of caution is to not sleep too much also as it can increase the blood supply to the eyes and make your eyed look baggy and dark. Striking a balance is the key.  Also try these simple kitchen tricks to get those spotless pair of eyes back.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

1. Cucumber Magic

This is an age old recipe of treating dark circles. Cucumber works wonders when it comes to treating under eye bags. Its medicinal values are hard to ignore. Cucumber not only refreshes your eyes but also your mind.  The cool effect that it has been proven to be of great help in treating dark circles.

Take two slices of fresh cucumber and place on your eyes. As the cooling effect starts, you will feel your muscles relax. Cucumber soothes and heals the tired eye muscles. 20- 25 minutes a day will ensure good and healthy eyes.

2. Cool Potato

Potatoes are easily available at home and they possess cooling properties. If you do not have cucumber at home, try potatoes. They are cheap and excellent for eyes and skin. Potatoes help in cleansing the skin. The cooling nature will relax your eyes and soothe your mind.

When you come home tired after a busy day at office, unwind and get two slices of raw potato and refrigerate it. When it cools, keep it on your eyes covering the entire under eye area. Lie down for 15-20 minutes and your eyes will feel fresh and clean.

3. Milky-Effect

When it comes to your skin or eyes or health, there is no match for milk. The medicinal value of milk can never be ignored. The cleansing power of milk and the soothing effect can help you get rid of baggy eyes. 

Remember to use chilled milk. Dip cotton pads in chilled milk and put it on your eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Lie down and relax, you will soon feel a new freshness in your eyes.

4. Oil Therapy

Certain oils have medicinal properties. They are very useful for skin and eyes. They cleanse and heal when used on wounds and dark areas. To get clear eyes, take a cup of chilled water and put in some drops of Vitamin E oil. This oil has properties to make skin and eyes glow. It removes toxins and gives a sparkling clean complexion.

Put cotton pads dipped in the mixture on your eyes for 20-25 minutes and lie down. Vitamin E oil will help in removing water retention and give you clear under eyes.

5. Egg Help

Eggs have lots of protein and are great for the body. Egg white is good not just for the skin but also for dark circles. Egg white has properties of tightening the skin. It will help in removing the under eye bags.

Beat two egg whites in a bowl, and apply on your eyes using a brush. Keep it on for about 20 minutes and relax. Wash your eyes with cold water and you will see the difference, your eyes will become tight and will not look baggy.

6. Tea Delight

Green tea is known to help in weight loss and is rich in anti-oxidants. It cleanses the body and is a great source of omega 3. Anti- oxidants present in green tea give free radicals, which prevent ageing and wrinkles.

When green tea bags are used for eyes, they lighten the dark circles and give freshness. Chill green tea bags or chamomile or jasmine tea bags and place them on each of your eyes for 15 minutes. You will feel relaxed and fresh. The puffiness under your eyes will slowly vanish.

7. Icy Affair

Nothing works better than icy chill water. Whenever your eyes feel tired and you don’t know what to do then, just chill. Take some water in a tumbler and put it in the freezer. Pour some water on the stainless steel spoons and place it on your eyes. Keep switching spoons from one eye to the other. Chilled water will help in removing dark circles and get your eyes back to normal, clean and clear.

8. Hydrate

It is vital to keep yourself well hydrated. Always keep a bottle of water handy and drink, even when you are not thirsty. Do not think that drinking more water will increase water retention but it will increase blood circulation and keep your skin and eyes clear and sparkling.

9. Food Matters

Keep a check on your diet and lifestyle as it contributes to your looks. Remember you are what you eat. Include fibre and fresh vegetables in your diet. To get maximum benefits go out and exercise. Anything that gets your heart pumping is good. It could be dance, running, yoga or your favorite sport. Live a balanced life and you will see the dark circles going away.

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