How To Get Rid Of A Hangover

Almost all of us try our level best to disprove that age-old axiom ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ by partying real hard after slogging during the weekdays. Weekend parties these days often mean dashing to nightclubs where you get lost in orgies of revelry and merrymaking that last till the wee hours. At other times, you either team up with your close buddies or office colleagues at your home or in a pub or bar.

Irrespective of whether you unwind in the cool confines of your home or in the glitzy and stroboscopic environs of a nightclub, you often end up downing one too many pegs of your favorite drink. The supercharged and electric atmosphere of a party or a festive revelry just numbs your senses and you tend to go a drinking binge. However, when you simply don’t feel like pulling yourself out of bed in the morning that follows, you know that you’ve got a hangover.

It slowly starts dawning on you that your hangover is the outcome of your gulping down too many aperitifs of alcoholic drinks in the last night’s party. As you start ruing over your recklessness, the hangover seems to get the better of you and drives you nuts. You feel the constant and nagging pounding of a multitude of hammers all at once inside your head. You keep swearing to yourself for your rashness and promise for the umpteenth time never to get carried away while drinking.

However, your making an earnest promise does not seem to help matters as your hangover gets worse. The nibbling headaches, the stomach wrenches, and the gnawing aches all over your body leave you squirming and utterly frustrated. But there’s nothing to get paranoid and frantic about hangovers as there are numerous ways to get rid of the same.

Though Time, as we all know is the best healer, we often can’t afford to wait endlessly for the hangover to go away as we have to get back to working ways. If you sincerely want to rein in the hangover that follows after a drinking spree, then your damage control exercise should start right at the outset i.e. from the time when you take your first sip. Have sufficient light food along with your drinks. Also keep drinking as much water as possible to keep yourself hydrated. Nonetheless, you’d be better off sticking to the following tips on how to get rid of a hangover.

How to get rid of a hangover

1. Drink As Much Water as You Can

Simply put, a hangover is your body’s response mechanism to the undue loss of minerals and vitamins making you feel dehydrated and drained. Alcohol as a compound is corrosive and hygroscopic by nature. Large quantities of water are required for breaking down units of alcohol.

So, higher the amount of spirit you consume, the more the amount of water that is used up making you feel parched and listless. This ultimately results in your having a hangover. Drinking plenty of water in between your drinking rounds is the most effective strategy to tackle a hangover.

As you lose water in an attempt to flush out the alcohol from your system, the best way to replenish the loss is by resupplying the lost water to your body. You can also keep yourself hydrated by drinking fruit juices. Sometimes, you may get tired of drinking water on a continual basis. To keep the hydration process intact, you can imbibe fruit juice extracts that also help to maintain the normal sugar level in your body and check heavy perspiration.

2. Eat Plenty of Food

Stuffing yourself is another splendid way of keeping yourself from feeling creepy and nauseating after you have had too many rounds. Just keep gorging on slices of fruits and salads to keep your body well stocked up. Your metabolic system will be working beyond its capacity while you go one from one round to the next.

Your body will need to maintain the threshold level of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for which you’ll have to keep taking food between your drinking rounds. Avoid sugary foods and sweets that’ll unnecessarily perk up the sugar levels which in turn will stoke the hangover symptoms. Also abstain from taking fatty or oily foods while drinking that’ll decelerate the metabolic rate.

Fatty foods like pizza, sausage or steak are recommended before you get started. Fat is more effective than carbohydrates in slowing the alcohol absorption mechanism of your body as it forms an insulating coat in your stomach and intestinal walls. Fats also remain in your system for a much longer time than carbohydrates.

3. Stay Away From Caffeinated Drinks

Never ever drink coffee as a means to control your hangover. For that matter, do not take any beverage or drink that contains caffeine. It has been overwhelmingly proved that caffeine does not have any role in alleviating dehydration and control tipsiness or stupor. Though you’ll definitely feel spirited and better after having a cup of coffee soon after a few rounds of drinks, you’ll end up getting more dehydrated. You might also get bogged down with a runny stomach the morning after making your hangover worse.

4. Go For a Warm Shower

Going for a warm shower is a tried and tested way of keeping those post drink hangovers at bay. Just as the internal organs of your body needs water to keep functioning normally, the skin which is the largest organ in your body also needs to be kept hydrated. A large proportion of the alcohol that goes into your system is expelled out through the pores on the epidermis of your skin.

So, when you take a bath under running water that is lukewarm, it helps in opening up those pores. A warm shower also helps you to get rid of a nagging headache and body aches that you may suffer from after a drinking binge. A warm bath indeed works wonders and helps you in breaking free from the drowsiness that results from drinking too much alcohol.

5. Making Love Helps as Well

Yes, having a romp on the bed with your girlfriend or spouse works great when handling a hangover. Having sex results in the release of endorphins that gives you a new high very different from the one that you have after you consume alcohol. Making love when you’re at the height of your tipsiness also makes you soporific that results in your falling into deep slumber even before you can realize it. You also feel reinvigorated and refreshed when you get up the next morning.

6. Hitting the Gym Works Also

If you’re a health freak, you’d certainly be in the know that stretching out helps your body to get rid of all those nasty toxins. Needless to say, your body is full of toxicants and contagions after your drinking orgy. Hitting the gym is one excellent way of freeing your body of all those harmful toxins. The best way perhaps would be get on the treadmill and slowly work your way up to a sweat. You’ll feel as if a heavy boulder has just been removed from your head that was killing you after you spend 20 minutes on the treadmill.

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