How to Get Glowing Skin at Home

Who does not desire for a nice, glowing skin? Almost everyone does but, only a few actually take pains to get that glowing skin. You can only materialize your desire when you put in some efforts towards it. Insight says that glowing and clear skin makes you feel more confident. Our lifestyle is the main reason we do not enjoy a glowing skin. A salon is a good place to get fair and glowing skin that everyone wishes to have during a festive season. But, you don’t really have to go to a salon every time. You can get good and glowing skin with minimum troubles sitting at home. These home remedies come with no side effects.

glowing skin at home

1. The Home Facial Masks

There are several masks that can be made at home and applied to get a clearer skin. An oily skin is the result of excessive oil produced by the skin. This type of skin normally suffers from pimples, blackheads and blemishes. The simplest of masks for oily skin are lime juice mixed with cucumber juice. You could even mix fuller’s earth with honey. When you mix portions of lime juice and water and apply it on your face, the excess oil is removed in the process. Yoghurt, lime juice, carrot and orange juice mixed in equal proportions also acts as a good mask. For those suffering from dry skin, flakes and dryness takes away the glow of the skin. Dry skin facial ingredients are completely different from the oily skin. A normal skin can try either of these. Apply oatmeal paste on your face first. Once you wash it off, you can apply a mixture of mashed banana and yoghurt. The second facial mask that you could try to get glowing skin is a mix of mashed banana, honey and sour cream.

2. The Natural Bleach

There are a few methods to bleach your skin properly and get rid of the various skin issues. In fact, natural remedies would not cause any side effects as they are devoid of chemicals. Mix lemon juice with milk and massage it along the lengths of your face and neck. Cucumber juice mixed lemon juice and turmeric powder can help increase the whiteness of your face. Unpeeled potato soaked in water when rubbed along the length of your skin helps brighten the skin. Remember all these are natural bleaching agents. If you are in need of a good natural astringent, you could try ground cucumber mixed with lemon juice. To improve your complexion, you could apply sandalwood powder mixed with turmeric powder. Fuller’s earth with turmeric can also be used as a bleaching agent. Ground Tomato mixed with ground carrot and lime juice is also a good bleaching agent. Do not use excess lime juice in case your skin is the sensitive types.

3. The Glowing Skin

Few tips that you can follow on a weekly basis with which you can aim to achieve real good glowing skin. White eggs mixed with honey and apply it along your skin. This would work wonders for your skin. Egg is the best conditioner and skin care agent that is available everywhere. You could mix honey in fresh milk and apply it along your face. The skin would glow in a matter of minutes. Milk is the best agent to whiten your skin. You could grind the sunflower seeds after soaking them overnight. Mix it with turmeric and saffron and apply it on your face. Bread crumbs soaked in cream would help you get white skin. You could also make a face pack out of a mixture of mango peels with milk and apply it around your face and neck. Papaya is a natural skin glowing agent. You could rub the fruit along your face and expect great results.

4. The Scrubs

Scrubs are useful to get rid of the blackheads and make the skin spotless. In the process of facials and bleaching, scrubs have lost their importance. Applying scrub twice a week solves many problems. Ground almond or gram flour can make a good natural scrub. Mix these two with milk and scrub your face using it. Regular usage of these natural scrubs could give you glowing skin.

5. The Skin Problem Removers

Mix lime juice, almond oil and glycerine and apply it along your face. This helps reduce blackheads and the spots on your face. You could use toothpaste along the places that seem infected. This way you are actually helping remove dark spots and blackheads naturally. If you are suffering from stress in your eyes or dark circles portraying that stress, you can use the various natural remedies to cure that as well. Place a slice of cucumber on each of your eyes for say 5-10 minutes and then wash your eyes with cold water. If you have puffy eyes, you could use potato juice mixed with cucumber juice. Cooled tea bags when kept on the eyes help rejuvenate the area under the eyes. If you are suffering from wrinkles there is a natural way to get cured of it too. Aloe Vera mixed with mashed papaya when applied on your face and neck can help cure the wrinkles.

6. The Daily Habits

To get nice glowing skin, you need to drink lots of water. Your per day intake of water should be close to around 6 litres. Fruits rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D are to be consumed on regular basis to achieve the best results. Glowing skin is a result of good dietary habits. Have a balanced diet every day. You should consume food rich in proteins and minerals to help achieve glowing skin. Having coconut milk every day can also help get good skin. Sleeping habits also play a pivotal role to get a good glowing skin. You need to sleep peacefully for a period of 6-7 hours. Going to bed on time would give you good skin.

Skin care is in your hands; make sure you devote your time and patience towards it.

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