How to Flirt with your Crush Over SMS

Flirting has always been a hit with young generations down the ages. Men have always revelled in dallying with women almost since the dawn of human history more out of instinct than impulsion. Women have always been game to flirtations by men because of their physical features and their overall effeminate nature. Women too have not been very far behind in their dalliances with menfolk and have provided overwhelming evidence of their flirtation skills.

The advent of cellular phones has promoted the ‘art of flirting’ and taken it to a whole new level. Earlier, one’s physical presence was necessary to indulge in coquetting or flirting or one had to use the landline phone for the same purpose. The invention of voice texting technology allowed one to send or transmit flirtatious texts through SMS (short messaging service).

Short and crisp messages sent through smartphones nowadays make up for more than 70% of the data communication between and amongst cell-phones.  Texting or sending SMSes to someone is the optimum way of corresponding with someone you may or may not know, without having to worry about whether the message got across or not. If you’re smitten with someone in your workplace, school or college but cannot summon the courage to talk to her, you’d just need to send in an interesting and arresting SMS to get her to notice you.

But you’ll need to be very cautious in wording your texts and choosing customized SMSes especially if you’re sending them over to someone (you have a crush upon) for the first time. Certainly you’d not want to stifle an affair before it has got off the ground by sending messages that might be too casual or informal for a start. Hitting off with someone you’re infatuated with through text messages is not that difficult a task as you might think. You just have to follow certain texting or messaging etiquettes for a specific timeframe till you become a pro.

You’d have to master the art of conceptualizing texts that are not only brief but humorous and catchy as well. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit. Nowadays, people have very short attention spans so your messages might be deleted if they’re inordinately long. If you want to make your crush wait fervently for your SMSes every single day, then you should bear in mind the following tips on How to Flirt with Your Crush Over SMS.

flirting over sms

1. Create the Urge in Your Crush to Reply Back

Your crush might be receiving texts from different individuals on any given day. So your text has to have that exclusivity so that she sits up and notices it. You have to provide her with a good enough reason so that she replies back. You can send in a light quip relating to her day at the college or office or tell her about a scene in a movie that you’ve watched recently.

2. Be Playful Without Being Overly Indiscreet

You might be in the habit of sending suggestive and flirtatious texts to your close circle of friends that may not go down well with your flame. You should exercise restraint in your wordings             and try to maintain a mild tone in your texts. Your crush should not get the impression that you’re not serious about a long-term relationship but are only looking for a casual fling. Your messages should compel her to keep thinking about you and make her wonder about the type of person you might be. Within no time, you’ll be looking forward to your first date with your crush.

3. Being Too Straightforward Can Get Tedious At Times

You’re the serious type who likes coming to the point straightaway without beating around the bush. Harbouring such a stance might suit your personality but carrying forward that same attitude to your SMS texts can quickly make you unpopular, as you’re well aware of the speed with which information is processed these days! It really isn’t that hard to send a transcript that is slightly coquettishness with generous dollops of hilarity and sprightly humour if you really try.

4. Rein In Your Impulsiveness to Dial Up

Once there is a flurry of SMS swaps between you and your newfound love, you’d have the intense urge to dial her number and speak your heart out and that might be your undoing. Keep your cards close to the chest and don’t let her have the impression that you’ve fallen for her. First, make sure whether she’s as much besotted with you as you are about her. Till such time, keep yourself fully occupied so that you don’t have the breather to think about calling her.

5. Know When to Draw the Line

If your crush is responding with just one word reply texts, then it is an understated signal that she is not interested in the texting spree at least for that particular time of the day or night. You’d don’t simply need to keep on sending SMSes just for the heck of it.

6. Connect In Real Time

Texting is perfect as long as you want to flirt with your flame without letting your adrenaline shoot up, but if you were serious about forging a relationship – you’d have to look beyond the world of text messages. Next, when you chance across your heartthrob – just be man enough to walk up to her and strike up a conversation or else you might miss this bus for a lifetime.

7. If Your Crush is Not Interested There’ll be Telltale Signs

Are you the one who always has to take the initiative to start sending texts? Do you have a hard time recalling an instance where your crush had dashed you an SMS? If not, then you should be intelligent enough to realise that you’re not on her mind and do not fit into her scheme of things and that she had been replying to your texts simply out of courtesy. If you want to doubly assure yourself that she’s not interested, then just refrain from texting her for a few days and chances are that she won’t even bother to find out what happened.

The sooner you come to terms with your disillusionment, the better for you as you’ll have to move ahead in your life instead of getting stuck at one place. If you keep surging ahead – you’ll come across your ‘crush’ or ‘flame’ that was only made for you.


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