How to Flirt With a Shy Guy

The most amazing way in which you can actually grab attention of a guy you like and get started with him, is flirting. A little bit of playing is the best way to begin a conversation. But, there is a catch! Flirting, when the guy is a little shy, can become difficult. It’s almost like, a shy guy is unapproachable. When you fall for a shy guy, your heartbeat goes up while approaching him. You just don’t know how to start flirting. You are absolutely scared that things might go wrong and, he might just walk away. What do you do under these circumstances? Would you rather stay off and keep glancing or, find ways to flirt with this guy you have started developing a liking for? Approaching a shy guy can be a scary affair but, it will not be all that bad after you go through this entire article.

flirting with shy guys

1. The Sensitive Approach

Make sure you don’t jump on him and scare him away. A little sensitivity is appreciated when you are dealing with shy guys. You should ideally know how he feels for you before you begin a conversation. A little sensitivity towards your surroundings could also get you an ideal start. For example, if you see some cute kid around, you could just pour in some good compliments and just be yourself with the kid. This could make him sense that you are indeed the caring and sweet types. It would break his barrier and make him a bit more approachable.  Don’t be too aggressive or hyper in your approach. Remember, he is a shy person and, this would just make him more unapproachable.

2. Start With Being a Friend

Being friends always helps flirt with a shy guy. You don’t really have to be sweet but, you could be a little friendly to the guy in question. A casual conversation about each other is the best way to approach a shy guy. You could just converse about your hobbies, likes and dislikes. You could find some common likes and dislikes as well. This could play a great role in getting you guys together. Friendliness makes a guy feel positive about you. If you get direct to flirting, you would not get the guy talking.

3. Know the Guy

Instead of hitting the wrong nerve at the very first minute, try to know the guy you are dealing with. When you start a conversation, try to find out what kind of a person he actually is. You could even figure out what he likes to do when he is alone. Such talks would lead you to understand if he is a shy person or a lonely person or just some jerk. You could also build your defences in case he is a plain jerk. So, don’t jump on him directly, find out the real person behind the shy defences. Remember, for a shy guy it matters that you are interested in knowing him. The moment you show such interest, chances are he would let down his defences.

4. Flatter Him with Compliments

If you are unaware of this one, then its time you learnt it. Guys, any type – any age, simply love compliments. You compliment them on their looks, attitude, etc. and you are actually making them feel good. This works best when dealing with shy guys. You could just compliment a shy guy on his dressing or maybe his hair. It would make him feel good from within and, make him smile. You could even compliment him on his smile, making him blush and thereby get him talking. Compliments are a fail-proof method of flirting with a shy guy.

5. The Intelligent Way

Shy guys feel more comfortable in the domain of an intelligent woman. They are really on the lookout for smart girls with whom they can have good conversations. So, when your shy guy feels like having a classy conversation that involves all the smart terms – talk and make him feel good. It might just get him started. In fact, the guy would also start making the first moves in such conversations. If you feel he is too geeky for your liking even if he is cute, you could just get off from that place. But, remember for such guys,  conversations, that too intelligent ones  – make a lot of difference.

6. Bring the Wit Out

It is good to be lame and funny but, shy guys love wit. A girl who is witty gets them laughing and conversing. As it is said, some guys just love the breath of an intelligent woman. It is all about intelligent humor. Such guys won’t really appreciate the slapstick humor. So stay away from it. If you wish to grab the attention of this guy, make sure you make some real good intelligent remarks that get him laughing. Laughter is after all the best way to get two people conversing.

7. Signs the Body Reveals

Body speaks and, you should listen to what it has to say. When you are flirting with this guy, try seeing how he deals with it. If he misses out on eye contact with you or his body keeps changing position whenever you try touching him, it might be possible that he does not like it. You should stop doing what you were, then and there. Watch out for such subtle but expressive signs that would give you a hint of how you are faring.

8. Don’t Force Yourself

Forcing yourself on him could get him away from you. It may also work against you. You might not seem to be the kind of girl he would want to converse with. In fact before getting to know you, he might have started making assumptions about you. To do away with such possibilities, you should make your approach subtle and less aggressive. Make few of the first moves gently and leave it to him to pick the rest up.

It is difficult but not impossible to flirt with a shy guy. Try to understand him before making the moves.

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