How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text

We’re all living in an era where most of us spend a good part of our day surfing on the Internet, texting on the mobile or playing video games. In other words, both young and old people nowadays are too caught up with the smart gadgets and gizmos that seem to be here, there, and everywhere. In this context, it won’t be out of place to mention that a majority of young people and teenagers these days have taken to texting in a big way.

In fact, today’s youth actually expend more time in sending text messages over smartphones than spend time hanging out and socializing. So what significance does this generalisation or overview holds for you? It simply means that not only should you be adept in flirting with your girlfriend face-to-face but equally dextrous in flirting via texts and SMSs.

Once you’re successful in getting a girl’s number, you just can’t seem to hold yourself from sending a barrage of texts. More often than not, your impatience and recklessness gets the better as you end up sending texts that reflects a distorted impression about you. Particularly, if you’ve been in a relationship with your girl, say for only about a week, sending overly sexy or suggestive texts may not go down well with her.

You may be plain lucky, if she’s receptive to your texts and brushes them away with a laugh. However, if she’s of the emotional type, you’re more likely to lose her for good. Other things remaining the same, how your texts will be received will almost entirely depend on the pre-established dynamics of your association.

You must realize that texting is just a means of carrying forward or buttressing the affinity you’ve have with your girlfriend. You cannot make a girl fall in love with you simply through texts. So, How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text? Just keep the following techniques in mind.

How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text

1. Creativity Matters a Lot

Most of the text messages that one gets to see on his or her mobile nowadays happen to be shallow and superficial. People pick up one-liners and catchy quips from wherever they can and pass them off as their own. Plagiarism in texting is rampant and resorted to with impunity. Originality or creativity in text messages is a rare commodity.

So, if you can come up with text messages that are inventive and resourceful, you’ll undoubtedly create an indelible first impression on your flame. You’ll be arousing your girlfriend’s interest in you, if you send texts that are not only funny but creative as well. Make your messages so captivating that she’ll not be able to retire for the day till she has read your texts. Let your texts have her in splits. In short, let your texts be your trademark.

2. Don’t Go Over the Top Or Overboard

Be relaxed while you’re texting your crush. Take your time in wording out the message before you can hit the ‘send’ button. Go over the text again and again until and unless you feel confident about its originality. Make it a point not to send them, first thing in the morning. Your approach should be such that she’ll wait anxiously for your texts.

Bear in mind that flirting via texts is not very dissimilar to flirting in real time. So, you should learn to flirt as spontaneously through texts as you would do in real life. Remember, refinement in flirtations both through texts and in real life plays a major role in opening up conversations.

3. Avoid Being Casual and Sloppy

Most of the text messages that we get these days happen to be so inarticulate and slapdash that we often have a hard time deciphering what they actually mean. For instance, many messages are punctuated with abbreviated word forms that are indecipherable, let along the spelling and grammatical errors.

You surely don’t want to follow the herd, if you want to make a lasting impression on your girlfriend. Sending shoddy texts marked with spelling and punctuation errors means you’re too casual about the entire thing. Nobody is telling you to be a perfectionist but your texts should be legible and worth going through, at the least.

4. Don’t Be Too Inquisitive

You must be aware of how the proverbial cat got killed because of her curiosity. So, rein in your rashness or recklessness to send a text at the drop of a hat. Don’t irritate your girl by sending her a flurry of texts every now and then.

If you persistently keep her sending texts that contain a lot of questions followed by a zillion question marks, she’ll be nonplussed. Consequently, she will be forced to tell you to stop texting. If you still don’t change your ways, she may walk out on you. So, take care to see that your messages do not overwhelm her. Once you send out a message, wait for her to text back before you can transmit the next one.

5. Be Mischievous in a Subtle Way

It’s perfectly all right to be a little mischievous or naughty once in a while. You can take the liberty of sending sexy and titillating messages but you’d have to be subtle about it. A touch of nuance or subtlety will go a long way in igniting the passion in your crush. Overly daring or bold messages can be repulsive and counterproductive. If you want to comment on her looks or her dress, you can text something like “I could hardly take my eyes off you yesterday night. You looked so bewitching in that bright red dress”.

6. Show That You Feel For Her

Give the impression to your crush that you’re someone who is not just good enough with flirting but someone who really cares. Demonstrate through your texts that you genuinely care about your girlfriend. If she falls sick or is unhappy about something, then show that you care about her feelings by empathizing with her. Pay her compliments more often. If she went in for a new hairstyle or turned out in a new outfit the last time you went out with her, do not forget to compliment her for the same.

7. Bank On Your Texts To Ask Her Out

Once you graduate to the stage when texting sessions with your flame become regular, you can consider taking your association to the subsequent level. In other words, you can drop subtle hints in your texts to ask to see her in person. Just be careful about not overdoing it.

For instance, while you are interacting through texts, you can ask ‘How about carrying forward this conversation over dinner tonight?’ Don’t let her have the inkling that you’re desperate for a date but at the same time make her feel that you’re interested to meet her.

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