How to Flirt With a Girl in Class

Despite your studying in a co-ed school, the very thought of approaching a girl in your class (whom you fancy no end) makes you go weak at the knees. At the same time, you find it extremely difficult to concentrate on your studies either in the classroom or at home, as she seems to be always on your mind. From the moment you step into the classroom till the time the school gives away for the day, you find it tough to take off your eyes from your crush. So, you’re stuck in between the horns of a dilemma and unable to figure out how to pull yourself out of this morass.

Getting attracted to the opposite sex is a natural phenomenon that every teenager experiences.  Therefore, you should first learn to take this fact in your stride. You must reason with yourself that harbouring romantic feelings about a classmate you seem to like is perfectly normal. Secondly, when you realise that you cannot prevent yourself from getting overawed with such strong emotions, you should get down to confronting them in a constructive manner.

To put it down very succinctly, you should try your best to shed your inhibitions regarding the fairer sex and pick up some groundbreaking tips on how to flirt With a Girl in Class. However, taking the first step i.e. going up to the girl and trying to open up with her is what you find the most unnerving. You know that if you can somehow break or pull down this creative barrier between you and your flame, it’ll be smooth sailing thereafter. But you just can’t seem to summon the courage to go up to that female classmate you’re enamoured of and speak up.

Contrary to what you may think, flirting with your crush within the four walls of a classroom can indeed be easy and convenient. You’d just need to think about an interesting topic for starting a conversation. You can discuss about the subjects in your curriculum, about fellow classmates, about your teachers, and endless other topics of academic or general interest. Imbibing the following guidelines or strategies on flirting with your crush will help you in getting real close to her.

How to Flirt With a Girl in Class

1. Get Acquainted with Her First

If you really find it hard to keep her away from your thoughts, then you too should think of ways to overwhelm her thought process. In other words, you should make it a point to charm her in a way that she too starts daydreaming about you. For that to happen you’d need to be near her or around her as long both of you’re in school.

You can start by finding ways to sit besides her. Thereafter, try to get her talking. Think about conversing on a subject matter or topic that both of you can talk about comfortably without incurring controversies. But before you can start talking get to know her first. Is she the studious type or the happy-go-lucky type?

If she is very sincere as regards following teaching instructions and taking down notes, you’d be creating a bad impression about yourself, if you try to flirt with her during class hours. Try to pay a compliment to her in between periods, but do not go overboard with praise. Therefore, besides getting aware of the type of individual your classmate is, also gauge the situation carefully before you open your mouth.

2. Try to Make Her Feel Relaxed and Comfortable

In your attempts to get close to the girl, there’s every chance of your overdoing things without your consciously realizing it. You might not be aware that some classmates might take a more than usual interest in your goings-on with the girl in question. The girl’s female friends may taunt or tease her about the developments. In no time, the entire class will be agog with rumours about the whole affair.

All these issues might make your crush feel embarrassed and uncomfortable relating with you inside the classroom. If you want to avoid things getting out of hand, you should tone down your level of association in the first place if it makes your girl too conscious. Think of the possibilities of engaging with her outside the class and beyond school hours.

3. Don’t Go Over the Top in Seeking Her Attention

You may not always have the opportunity to sit besides her on a daily basis. In that case, don’t try too hard to somehow find a way to sit next to your crush otherwise she’ll have the feeling that you’re being desperate. There might be days when you already find someone else sitting besides her.

It could be one of her close female friends or some other male classmate. In such an eventuality, the best alternative would be sit to either close to her or behind her so that you’re within her visibility range. If she indeed has feelings for you, she’ll certainly reciprocate your gestures even from a distance.

4. Cultivate A Good Sense of Humour

Everybody loves to be around a person who has a good sense of humour and can come up with the wittiest of anecdotes and quips at opportune moments. Of all the qualities that a woman appreciates in a man, the ability to crack a joke now and then, and stay cool during stressful situations is on the top of her male attributes checklist. So you’ll be making a lasting imprint on your flame if you have an excellent sense of humour. The fact that you can wisecrack with panache will go down well with her.

5. Be Confident of Yourself

You should radiate confidence whenever you talk with her or spend time with her.  Make her feel as if you can engage with girls quite freely and in an uninhibited manner. Furthermore, keep a watch on her intimate female friends. Girls have this queer habit of sounding off their mates about their boyfriends. If a female friend of your crush convinces her that you’re not the one she should she be seen hanging out with, she’ll try her best to avoid you.

6. Be Involved

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to praise your crush or pay subtle compliments to her on seemingly inconsequential and trivial things. It could be on her simple but correct reply to a complex question or on her ability to take down notes as soon as the teacher gives dictations. Try to help her out if she has problems finding answers to certain questions.

Also, show your enthusiasm regarding her good notes by asking her if you could borrow them. Try to be in the same group as hers as far as class projects are concerned. During class debates, try to subscribe to her viewpoints by aggressively supporting her and keep mum if you can’t seem to ‘see eye to eye’ on a particular issue.

7. Establish a Connection that Goes Beyond the Classroom

Once you’ve laid the foundations for a steady relationship with her, try to take it beyond the confines of the classroom. Now that you seem to get along nicely with her you can connect with her on Twitter or Facebook. Text her more often-one liners and funny pick up lines will work wonders. Through your texts, send the message to her that you want to date her or study with her in the same coaching centre.

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