How to Explain Why I Resigned to a Future Employer

Stability is one of the biggest issues that this world is suffering from. Every employer wants to be sure of this that the person whom they employ should remain with them for a long time. Whenever they come across any candidate who has a record of switching jobs, they become very cautious. If you have just resigned or are planning to do so, then prepare yourself with the points mentioned in this article, so that you know the answer to the question of, ‘How to explain why I resigned to a future employer?’  When you appear for the interview, the employer is sure to cross check you to find out if you have any stability issues.

Every company wants their employees to stick with them for a long time. It is great loss to a company when someone resigns, as the cost involved in that person’s training has not given the company any kind of profit. Prepare yourself in advance, before you appear for the interview so that you know how to not only answer them but also convince them. For your personal point of view, make sure you go for the job or the field for which you have studied and are interested in, so that you stick with that company.

Mentioned below are some possible explanations that you can give to your future employer, in case the question on your stability arises.

How to Explain Why I Resigned to a Future Employer

1. Experience:

One of the first things that you can try to explain them is about the experience. If you were not getting any experience and found your job hardly worth learning, then you can give this explanation to your employer. You can tell them, in order to gain more experience and work in a more challenging environment, you resigned from your previous job.

You can also tell them that after spending much time in your previous company, you have already acquired all the necessary skills required to do that job. In order to compliment your experience and learn more you want to change your job and work in some other company.

2. Promotion:

Everybody needs increment in their life. Everybody wants to improve in life, to have a better life. You can’t expect anyone to stay in the same position all of their lives. Try to explain your future employer from this perspective of improving in life. They them that you want to see yourself doing better in life and not struggling to make both ends meet.  Once you are able to convince yourself about this fact, you will be able to convey the message clearly to the future employer.

Promotion is something that every employer looks forward to and that is the fuel, the source of energy that gets a person going. Whenever a person is denied promotion, that person becomes discouraged and the zeal to better for that company almost diminishes. Try to make your new employer understand that it is not due to stability issues that you left your previous job, but because of denied promotion, that resulted in killing your zeal.

3. No Room for Creativity:

One of the main reasons why every year people leave their jobs is because they get no room for their creativity to breathe. Usually, this happens when the company is very reluctant to take or work on the ideas given by the employer. When this happens, a person feels rejected and neglected as the company where he works is not at all receptive to his ideas.

Try to explain your future employer that a company not only can prosper by the ideas laid down by some peers, but also by the employees as well. You can try to explain them that it is the right of the employee to work in a company with all his heart, soul, and mind. It is also the responsibility of an employee to use his creativity for the betterment of the company and also for his personal growth.

4. Unhealthy Environment:

When a company doesn’t keep a check on the activities of their employees, then the environment of the company is bound to suffer. You can try to explain your future employer about the unhealthy environment that was adding unnecessary pressure to your mind. When you tell your future employer about the unhealthy environment, make sure you make a point that though it is common in every working place. But, poor management always allow unhealthy environment to breed more.

Try to explain your future employer that all you want to do is do better in life and earn a good living. Unhealthy environment leads to lot of negativity that works negative for the personal growth of a person. As you explain these factors to your future employer, have a very genuine and calm approach. Be confident throughout as it will help you to make a solid impact on the employer.

 5. Relocation:

If your previous company has shifted its base to some place that is very far away from the place where you stay, then you can try to give this explanation to your future employer. You can tell them that since their office is near your staying place, you will be able to dedicate more of your time to them.

Since, every morning thousands of office goers waste approximately 3 to 4 hours in travelling and thus, making very less use of the morning hours. The morning hours are considered to be the best time to work as your brain is active and you are fresh.  Try to explain your future employer that since the working place is very away, most of your precious time is wasted in commuting, which you certainly don’t wish to happen.

Make sure that while trying to give the above explanation to your future employer, you are confident, honest, and genuine and calm throughout.  Lying will not be a good idea, but if you know how to speak it skilfully, then why not?! But, make sure that you are honest and truthful so that you are saved from any kind of future embarrassment.