How to Enjoy a Saturday Night Alone

Are you one of those who believe there should be party and booze on every Saturday night? Being alone on a Saturday night seems to be unthinkable, doesn’t it? It sounds boring and dull. For those who believe in welcoming the weekend with their friends, being alone is a complete set back for them! But it sure is a good thing to be alone on a Saturday night once in a while. It allows you to explore yourself and gives you enough time to unwind. A chilled out weekend alone on your couch may not be on your list to-do’s for Saturday nights. But, if you actually try it out, it is indeed a beautiful affair. You can do things that you would otherwise not be able to do. A party with self is a must for everyone. Having alcohol alone allows you to enjoy the alcohol, which you otherwise would not.

saturday night alone

1. The Extravagant Dinner Plan

When you are alone, you would not really think of a full meal for yourself. It is natural. Most people hate eating alone. But, sometimes you should treat yourself to a dinner alone. Plan a complete dinner for yourself. If you love cooking, you can cook the dinner too. You could have a nice dressing with lovely starters and desserts for your meal. Sometimes eating alone allows you to eat in peace. When you are with friends, you miss out on the food part. You are so much into partying that you never bother to look at the food. This Saturday allow yourself the meal of your dreams. An extravagant meal that will titillate your taste buds.

2. Movies: Back to Back

Order your favourite movies and give yourself the pleasure of watching them. A collection of all the movies that you have been longing to watch can be run back to back on your home theatre this Saturday night. A combination of good food with good movies will make your Saturday night eventful. In fact, movies take you to another world, a place where you no longer feel lonely. The world of movies is in itself a partying world. The fictional drama with a whole set of good food will set you up for a good weekend night all by yourself.

3. The Wish List

This Saturday, fill out your wish list. You could make a list of all the things that you have desired till now. You have a free hand to make wishes that are both practical and impractical. You should not think of the practicality and possibility of your wishes being converted to reality when making them. Once you are done writing your wishes, start cancelling those you feel you can do without. This list is a way of knowing what you really want from life. What better than a day alone to know the true desires and wishes.

4. Give Your Home a New Look

Does revamping your house and giving it a hot new look appeal you? This Saturday night when you are all alone, set out to design a new look for your home! You could plan out new furniture, new arrangements or plain additions to your home. Go shopping for the new look. You could even take some time out and drill or paint the house in the way you wish to. A weekend spent on your home is worth the effort. A good design and a beautiful home is a sign of hope and goodwill.

5. Playing Director

You have always wished to shoot a film using your camera but, never found time to do so. This is your chance to shoot a short film, Take your camera out of its bag and charge it. Go out in the open and shoot scenes you would never otherwise had shot. You could take some reality videos or some real natural videos, a great way to follow your passion of shooting and photography! Instead of wasting all your time and energy in boozing, try something new this Saturday night.

6. Pamper Yourself

A great way to celebrate the weekend is by pampering yourself. Set the music to some soft classics. Dim the lights in your house. Put up some candles that would help brighten the environment. Set the temperature of water in the bath tub to just the appropriate level. Add some real nice spa liquids and enter the bath tub. You could treat yourself to a glass of wine or mug of bear, whichever is good. Lie in there for an hour and see how relaxed you feel at the end of it. A real redefining session where you feel all rejuvenated at the end of it. Once out of the bath tub, apply some good moisturizer to smooth your skin. You are entitled to the luxury of pampering yourself.

7. A Nice Read

A good book is the best companion for lonely night. Get your favourite beverage with a pack of chip. Get into your bed with the book you want to read. Nothing can be more relaxing and amazing for a Saturday night. You wont even realize how the entire day went by and you would feel good at the end of it all. Like a good movie, a good book also manages to take you away from the happenings of this world. It takes away your loneliness.

8. Virtual Gaming

Virtual gaming always gets you addicted and, wears you off your loneliness. If you are spending your Saturday night all alone, you could just burn away some time playing video games. Connecting to the gaming world would make you forget the loneliness and would set you in for a fun filled Saturday night. This would bring back all the beautiful memories of childhood. Video games are an addictive lot. You would just not want to stop it at any point.

It is not necessary that you have company every weekend. Don’t go out of your way to search for company on saturday nights. You can spend a good weekend by being alone too.

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