How to Enhance Wavy Hair

One aspect that makes a woman appear more beautiful and adds to her overall appeal is her hair. Women tend to be luckier than men in this regard as they have a denser crop of hair on their heads. However, those women who’re blessed with long tresses or locks of hair are able to sport different hairstyles and hairdos.

Women have different hair types and textures but the broad categories are straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Wavy hair is distinguished by its supple “S” arc or curve. Women who have wavy curls and locks seem to be quite fortunate as hair salons, beauty parlours, hairstylists and hairdressers have a greater versatility in picking up a hairstyle that’ll suit them. The flip sides of wavy hair are that they tend to flatten towards the roots and become frizzle or curled when wet.

But the benefits of sporting wavy hair far outweigh the drawbacks. The most striking advantage that you have (in case you have wavy hair) is that you can choose from a range of hairstyles. No matter whatever hairdo you select for your wavy hair, the end result always sits snugly on you and you look fetching. If you’re bestowed with wavy hair, you’d naturally want to augment its appeal. Read the following guidelines on How to Enhance Wavy Hair to flaunt a hairstyle of your choice and become the cynosure of all eyes.

How to Enhance Wavy Hair

1. Refrain From Drying Your Hair With Towel

Have you ever wondered as to why you have strands of hair in the towel after you’ve rubbed it over your hair following a bath? Rubbing a towel vigorously over your head after a bath to soak your hair, results in breaking up of the hair strand and damaging the hair follicle. So, what’s the remedy?

Instead of trying to rinse your hair with the towel just drape it around your head and let it remain like that for a while. Draping your hair also makes your hair wavier. So the next time, you step out of the shower, just refrain from rasping your hair with a towel.

2. Use the Appropriate Haircare Items

The importance of using the right haircare items and products that suits your wavy hair and syncs with your hairstyling procedures does not need to be emphasized. Use products that can help retain the bounce and lustre of your hair texture type. Use a standard moisturizer as wavy hair is prone to becoming dry. Also apply a deep cleansing hair conditioner on your wet hair at least two times in a week. It’ll add to the appeal of your locks.

3. Always Go For a Haircut In a Reputed Salon

The manner in which your hair is cut or trimmed can make a big difference as far as boosting your wavy hair is concerned. A sloppy haircut from a run-off-the-mill salon can damage your hair. Opt for a layered haircut if the texture of your hair is wavy as it’ll make your crop look more voluminous and bouncier. Moreover, make it a point to get your haircut done from a hair salon or parlour that has experienced hairstylists on their roll.

4. Curl Your Waves In the Right Way

After you step out of the bath the next time try separating the wavy locks into separate sections. Thereafter wind up each of the sections and try to roll up the sections. Use hairpins and clips to keep the folds together and allow them to dry up. Following this procedure every time after your bath will go a long way in heightening the texture and waviness of your hair.

5. Crunch Hair More Often

Crunching or scrunching is another good way of augmenting the wavy look of your hair. Scrunching your hair will make your wavy tresses look more conspicuous. Go for drying your hair with a wavy or long hair diffuser before you can get started with the scrunching process. The hair diffuser helps in making the wavy hair appear more striking which in turn sets the pace for scrunching. Hair scrunching is very muck akin to creasing a piece of paper. It’s as easy as taking a lock of your hair and crunching it or squeezing it with your very own hands.

6. Just Twirl Your Hair and Blow Dry

If you simply want to do away with all the complex experiments in the process of enhancing your wavy locks, then there is really a simple way of doing the same. You’d just need to carve up your wet hair into separate sections or segments, twirl them with the help of your fingers and use a blow-dryer to dry them independently. Needless to say, this technique of increasing the wavy appeal is simply effortless.

7. Apply the Right Hair Cream

Hair creams are of great use when it comes to increasing the look and appeal of the waves in your hair. So, use the right type of cream for that’ll help augment your appeal.

8. Avoid Brushing Your Hair

If you have wavy hair, go for combing your hair with a comb preferably a wooden one rather than brushing it. Using a hair brush over your hair can make your hair look tightly wired up and might cut up your hair strands into small splinters. Using a wooden comb that has wide teeth diminishes the effect of static electricity that is produced if you use a plastic comb or a hair brush. Therefore a wooden comb not only helps to maintain the wavy texture of your hair but also perks up the waviness.

9. Keep Your Hair Free of Any Deposits or Residues

Using haircare products on a regular basis leaves behind residues or deposits that you won’t be able to get rid of easily. You’d need a special conditioning shampoo to keep your hair completely free from residues that might build up because of excessive use of hair gels and sprays. Profligate use of hair sprays and gels robs your wavy hair of its bounciness. The remedy lies in toning down your use of such products and using a hair conditioning shampoo more often.

10. Go For Large Plastic Curlers

If you have natural wavy hair, you can use large plastic curlers not only to maintain the original texture but also to accentuate the effect of your wavy hair.  However, don’t settle for small curlers in place of large ones.

11. Use A Blend of Epsom Salt and Water Before Scrunching or Combing

Make a mixture of Epsom salt and water using prescribed proportions and pour the mixture inside an aerosol. Thereafter spray the concoction over your hair. Using the mixture makes your hair more pliant and flexible that helps in combing or scrunching it.

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