How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Children

A positive attitude is an asset. In this cut-throat world where stress is more, people crave for peace of mind. Peace of mind can be achieved only by a positive attitude. The importance of encouraging positive behavior in your children becomes all the more necessary if you want them to have peace of mind in their later life. As we witness around us, children become more prone to depression which eventually forces them to stand at the door of suicide. An independent research survey throws light on the importance of positive behavior in children. 8 out of 10 children are prone to depression, 6 out of 10 have considered ending their life and many of them  succumb to the stress and end their lives.

No matter how disturbing the above mentioned facts are, the truth is every second child is struggling with depression. There can be various factors that can lead a child to depression. When we instil positive attitude in our child, we save them from the deadly arrows of depression. The million dollar question is how to encourage positive behavior in children? This article will help you in understanding the different ways in which you can teach your child to brave the harsh winds of time with a smile on their face and encouragement in their hearts.


1. Importance:

It is very important for you to teach your children about the importance of a positive attitude. Take some time out of your busy schedule and talk to them and ask them what’s going on in their lives. Children can be more stressed out than adults. As you take time out and talk about their problems, you will find the need of a positive attitude. It’s not only adults but children also who suffer from depression, sometimes even more than adults.

Speak to them of the importance of a positive attitude as they give you a peek-a-boo of their struggles and problems.  Help them to look at positive side of any bad situation they were or are into. Tune their minds in such a way that they always try to see the positive side of any situation and hence, will always keep depression and other bad feelings at bay.

2. Live by Example:

Children learn most of the things from what they observe around them. Don’t blindly advocate for positive behavior if you don’t practice it in your life. Your children learn a great deal about life from your approach towards it. If they don’t see you practicing what you preach, then there might come a point when they utterly despise all your words. Live by example.

When your children see you practicing what you preach, they will learn good things from you and eventually, apply it in their lives. Children are very practical and follow only those advices which are and which can be practiced in day-to-day life. Don’t teach your children anything about positive attitude if you lack one. Apply it first in your life and your child will surely follow your footsteps.

3. Be Gentle:

Never ever force your ideologies on your children. Children take their own coarse to learn things. Don’t be too harsh on them if they are unable to grasp this positive behavior thing. Learn to be patient and be gentle to them. A child learns and grasps faster when he/she is taught in a loving and gentle way. Try to understand their age and their problems. Their problems might not be as big as yours but they surely rob them of their peace.

By being gentle to them, you teach them the very first lesson necessary for a positive attitude. A gentle approach is a must for anyone who wants to get rid of a stressful life. Maybe your children are very young and might not understand how much effort it takes to be patient and gentle. As you continue to be gentle and patient, they will surely appreciate your efforts and apply them in their lives when they grow up.

4. Encourage:

Sometimes, all your child wants from you is just a word of encouragement. Encourage your child; make it a point to do it every day. As you maintain a healthy communication with your child, you will see that your child will become friendlier with you and will never hesitate to share their problems.

Nowadays, it has become so common when we hear about children committing suicide or children getting involved in drug abuse. Most children lose their friendly relation with their parents by the time they are 15 years old. When you have a loving, understanding and friendly relationship with your child, you will save them of many dangers. Most parents complain of their children’s bad attitude due to the bad company they are into. When your children are free to talk to you and share  their problems, you will see that your children will reflect your nature and would love to hang out with you.

5. Talk:

An open and healthy communication is a must for any relationship to prosper. Try to talk to your children as much as possible, but see to it that you don’t pester them. Show interest in their work, it could be their homework or something they are interested in. Be involved with them when they open up their hearts to you.

Make it a habit to speak truth in front of them. When they see you speaking truth always, they will definitely incorporate good habits, which will help them to respond to any bad situation with a positive behavior. When they see you as their friends and not as someone who have a ‘don’t do this, don’t do that!’ slogan on their lips, they will be more comfortable in sharing and learning. You will eventually notice that your child will even become more obedient.

6. Appreciate:

Everyone needs and wants appreciation in life. Why? Because it gives us the strength to continue doing good in life. The same principle is applicable in the lives of your children. When you appreciate them for their good work or for showing courage in telling you something that would have hurt them in future, then you will see your children become more receptive to your words.

Positive behavior cannot be imposed or forced but it can only be learnt through love, patience, good understanding and open conversation.

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