How to Dump Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her

You were in a relationship with your girlfriend for all the wrong reasons or maybe today those reasons seem all wrong. Whatever the situation is, you should never stay in a relationship that was never mean’t to be! It would hurt her a lot and in turn may hit you too but it is better to say a sweet goodbye then to stay unhappily cribbing forever.

Breaking up with your girlfriend, a person who has savoured your relationship for years and is still so much in love with you, may not be really easy. But, hey who said life was easy? The tough call needs to be made just to ensure a beautiful future ahead. A breakup needs to follow some simple rules to ensure a sweet end to a once happy love.

1. A Secluded Place

It’s the final goodbye you are bidding to your sweet affair. Make sure you don’t do it in public among too many people. It is always good to be in a secluded place, where you can handle your girlfriend’s emotional breakdown or anger without attracting too much attention. Make sure you break the news of your wanting to breakup to your girlfriend first. It saves a lot of anger, pain and heartbreaks later on. Remember, you owe her this much.

2. The Explanation

You need to give her a reason for your breakup. Tell her the truth, whatever it might be. Don’t give her vague reasons that make her unsure of her own self and leave her in her own rotten hell. Take time to figure out the real reason for the breakup. This way it would be easier for you to convey the same to her. A relationship having hit a roadblock is a good enough reason for breakup. But, you need to be aware of the reason before you begin to convey it to her.

3. Don’t Take a Break, Break-up

Breaking up

Very often guys tend to feel that taking a break and giving room would help instead of directly breaking up. Remember no break is going to help heal the situation which has been spoiled. In fact the situation that could not be healed through communication won’t get better without communication. This is an escapist’s attitude who really does not have the courage to end the relationship. With a break there are chances that the relationship might work. But there are several other chances of bitterness and hatred creeping in. Instead of choosing the taking a break alternative, be upfront and break up.

4. The Divine Intervention

Did God ask you to start dating girl you were in a relationship with? If the relationship was your choice, then the end is also your choice. Don’t blame it on God unnecessarily. The other worse dialogue that will create endless miseries in your girlfriend’s mind is “It wasn’t meant to be”. She would continuously think what was it that was meant to be and in turn spoil her life for it. Remember it was and is your decision completely. Take charge of your decision and believe in it before announcing it.

5. It’s Your Decision

If you feel the relationship is going nowhere and you wish to end it. Probably you have some real internal issues because of which this breakup is necessary. Remember it is your decision. Do not under any circumstances wait for her to breakup and allow her to bear the burden of guilt. It is the most easiest way out of the relationship. Remember by not taking calls and making her frustrated, you are actually running away from a situation. Obviously she will end the relationship frustrated but you will still be the bearer of the guilt somewhere inside. So instead of making it an all guilty situation, face it and end it.

6. Close all Doors

When you breakup, it should be a permanent one. Leaving a single ray of hope while you breakup may cause tremendous issues in the future for both of you. When you give her the reason and tell her you wish to breakup, make sure you mention that it is for good and there is no looking back. This way you would save a lot of heartaches for both of you.

7. Face to Face

dumping her

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It is very important that such discussions don’t occur on the telephone. It is a great medium for communication but an utterly waste medium for serious issues like breakup. Breakup on telephone often comes across as cowardice. You should meet her and announce your decision to break-up. This way you would honour your once good and romantic relationship and bid the perfect goodbye to it.

8. Be the Support

A possibility of a small drama and emotional play always lingers. You need to handle such situations with care. Remember you loved her once and she is still your special someone, even if you have lost all the love, you still have a memory of a good past. For that sake, you need to at least be strong and handle her emotions this one last time. Do not get angry at her for the abuses she might give you or the tantrums she might throw at you. The breakup is obviously going to take a toll on her. Just make her understand why it was necessary. Always make sure she is in safe company before you leave her for good.

9. Stop the Communication

Once you have announced the breakup, leave her alone for a few days. It might be months before she gets back to her normal self and announces herself ready to talk to you. In case she does not want to have anything to do with you, respect her decision and let her be. Remember any kind of attempt from your side might make her feel there is still hope in the relationship. So stay away from her till she wants.

You need to be tactful. It is not easy for you either but you need to do it for a good future.

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