How To Develop Effective Writing Skills

Writing is an art, a gift from God. The ability to be able to convey your thoughts through the medium of words is called writing. Creative writing however is not as same as normal writing. Writing can be either done in a very boring and lengthy way with all the information or it can be done in a creative way where special emphasis is made on the outlook or presentation of the article. The article should not only be informative but also interesting. Creating an informative and interesting content is a difficult task and requires hard work and dedication on the part of the writer.

Many times an informative article is not accepted by the readers. The reason is simple; poor writing skills. It is very important for an aspiring writer to have good writing skills. There are different ways which will simplify your problem and teach you how to develop effective writing skills. Before going into the details of those steps, you should make sure that you have an honest approach and learn the lessons well. Once you do that, you can be sure of having good and effective writing skills.

1. Know Yourself:

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A writer should know his/ her forte. A casual approach in selection of topics can lead to the destruction of your creativity. Creativity is like a bird that flies freely in the open skies of freedom. When you select or choose the subject, make sure it is within the sphere of your interest. For an aspiring writer, it becomes even more important to be choosy about the subject. The first article can either make or break your writing career. If your choice is of something that is very boring, then you might end up spoiling your article. This will have an adverse effect on your confidence. Writing is an open field brimming with lot of different topics ranging from;

–        Travel

–        Fashion

–        Health

–        Lifestyle

–        Gadgets

–        Relationships

–        Software etc.

You can choose from different topics and make them your strong writing topics. Before you begin to write or choose any subject, ask yourself or look deep within and try to find out your subject of interest.

2. An Alternative:

Many times writers are unable to decide prior to working on any subject if it falls in their interest sphere. It is advisable for them to choose topics which are common or easy. If you are from Language background, you can choose topics like travel, health or lifestyle which requires writers to write some information in an elaborated and interesting form. If you are from technical field like computers etc, you can write on many software or if you are a gaming freak then you can write on various online and other games. Choose your subject very carefully and write very enthusiastically; these two points are the most important introductory steps for any new writer who wants to have a good writing skill.

3. Research:

No content can be complete without research. Research is the most important part of writing. If you want to write on any particular subject, for example on travel, you should have sufficient information of the place, local favorite spots, hotels, cuisines etc. Complete knowledge of the subject is very important and necessary. As a writer, it is your duty to write full and correct information. People who read your articles might be looking for some information and if you are not proving it to them, they will not have any interest in your article. Make sure your article is rich in information. A rich, informative article will enable you to connect and communicate well with your readers.

4. Informative & Interesting:

One of the foremost thing that you should know and learn as a writer is that you should be capable of developing a content which is not only informative but also interesting to read. With research you get gather all the relevant information related to the subject. After gathering the information it becomes an uphill task to make it interesting. Special emphasis should be on the style of writing in order to develop an interesting content.

  •  A tip for developing an interesting content is to always write in simple present tense.

5. Keep it Simple, Silly:

Make sure that while writing an article, you keep the content to be very simple and direct. Excessive usage of flowery words can sometimes confuse or fail to convey the right message to the reader. Keep the content of your writing piece very simple. Simple words go a long way in connecting, communicating and conveying your message. Your writing should be lucid, so that more and more people read and understand it.

  • A tip- write in simple words so that it is understood by everyone.

6. Clarity of Thoughts:

A writer should be clear in his/ her mind with the subject. Unstable thoughts will be reflected in their writings. A clear mind will help you to think and write better. When your mind is full of different kinds of thoughts, then writing becomes little bit difficult. Free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and write with passion and fervour.

  • A tip- clear thought process and de-cluttering your mind will ensure that your writing is free.

7. Fight the Problems:

As a writer you will face many different problems related to writing. Two of the most chronic problems that act as a hindrance are;

  • Creative block &
  • Burnout

The different ways of combating these problems are;

–        Take breaks in between the work

–        Go for long and brisk walks

–        Change of environment

–        Talk to your friend or your loved one

–        Watch movie or your favorite sitcom

–        Read or flip the dictionary

 A tip- make sure that you give proper rest to your mind and body.

8. Sands of Time:

Time plays a very important role in the career of a writer. One of the aspects of a good writing skill is to be able to finish your work in the given frame of time. Delay in submission of work reflects your casual approach towards the work.

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