How to Develop Effective Writing Skills

Out of the many skills, the art of writing is one of the best ways a person can be expressive. Writing is not just about playing with words, but it is also a medium through which the writer gives an insight to the readers. A good writer knows how to be expressive even with minimum words. Some have natural gift, a gift of gab, while others become good writers by sheer practice. There are books that deal with ways to develop a writing skill, but there are very few books that teach anything about effective writing skills.

If you are an aspiring writer and feel that there is always something that makes your writing less effective, then this article will interest you. In this article, we will tell you how to develop effective writing skills. Before we begin, you need to understand that creative writing is not same as normal writing. There are different ways in which writing can be done. It can either be done in a very dull way, by including all the unnecessary information that makes it lengthy and boring or it can be done in a very creative way, by keeping it crisp yet informative. So, in order to have an effective writing skill, you need to first understand your writing style.

Mentioned below are some of the easy ways that can be used to turn normal writing into an effective one.

How to Develop Effective Writing Skills

Know Yourself:

Understanding your writing style will help you understand the negative points your writing has. As a writer you should know what all topics will help you to improve. You can do so only when you know your interest area. Once you are sure of the topic, you can work on that freely and above all creatively. Most people have a very casual approach towards this, and hence their writing always suffers.

Make sure that you select the topics that fall within your interest area. If you want to be the best writer, then you need to be very focussed and sure about the subjects you want to write. If you choose a subject that is hardly able to invoke passion in you, then you might end up in spoiling the article. The best possible way to avoid this is by becoming choosy about the subjects you choose. A good and an effective writing is sure to ooze your confidence, and a bad one can spoil. The open field of writing offers various subjects ranging from travel to fashion, beauty to relationships, health to lifestyle, gadgets to software and many more. Just dove in to these subjects and find your interest and make it your strong point.

Trial & Error:

Some writers are able to identify their interest area at the sight of subjects, but many writers are unable to do so. The best way to know your interest field in this case is by choosing a topic which you think will be easy for you. You can also choose a common topic. Once you gain confidence by writing on these topics, you can experiment every now and then with a new topic. In doing so, you will be able to identify your writing style and your interest area. The best approach can be, ‘choose your subjects very carefully and write very enthusiastically!’


No writing can be complete without a proper research done on the subject. The important point that one has to keep in writing is that whatever he writes, the content should be informative. If your content fails to provide the relevant information correctly, then the writing will be considered to be a disaster. In order to get your facts right, you need to do a proper research.

A proper research will include reading books or searching on the net for all the necessary information about the subject you have to write upon. Research will enable your writing with complete knowledge and make it very informative. It is very important for a writer to mention correct facts and provide right information to their readers. People, who will be reading your article, might be looking for some facts or information, and if they fail to find it correctly in your writing, then, they will have no pleasure in reading your writings. Make sure you keep your article rich in information, so that you are able to connect well with your readers.


An effective writing is not only informative, but also interesting to read. Developing a content that only contains information, will not help you fetch more readers. You need to write in a very interesting way, so that the information is shared with the readers by not making them read a boring material. How you gather information through research and how you put it in your writing in an interesting way will decide the fate of your content.

One of the easiest ways to develop an interesting writing is by concentrating more on your interest area and your style of writing. Always write in simple present tense to make your writing more interesting.


Simple words used in a creative way will have far more effect on the readers than difficult words used in a boring way. Try to keep your writing as simple, informative and interesting as possible. These three factors are very necessary for a good and an effective writing. Simple words are capable of connecting and communicating well with people. They are able to convey the message which difficult words, at times, may not be able to do.

Clarity of Thoughts:

A writer has to be very clear in his mind about the subject he is going to write upon. If, as a writer, you are not sure of the subject you are writing upon, then it will reflect in your content. A clear thought process will ensure good and effective writing. You need to free your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts, so that you can focus on the subject and write well.

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