How to Deal With Partying Roommates

After you pass out of high school, you’d be applying to some of the well-known colleges and universities in your preferred academic stream and would be expectantly looking forward to getting admission in one.

After securing admission, you might have to relocate and take up room and board in the academia’s dormitories or residential quarters. And in most cases, it’d mean sharing space with a roommate.

Just as you cannot choose your place, time, and country of birth, you won’t be able to pick and choose your roommate in most cases.

Many colleges, nowadays, give you the privilege of choosing your room partner on the basis of generic habits or interests (orderly and neat/disorganized or loves indoor/outdoor sports and so on).

If you get a roommate who sticks with you thru thick and thin, then you might be one of the luckiest sophomore or undergraduate in the world but a self-centred, uncouth, and demanding mate can be a living nightmare.

A good roommate can teach you about the ways of life which you’ll not necessarily pick up in your college classes and can be turn out to be the friend, philosopher, and guide you’ve been looking for.

Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your college roommate is a matter of reciprocity. You cannot expect your mate to put on his or her best behaviour if you do not send the right vibes.

You’d certainly need to give time to your mate to show his or her true colours and you too would need your time and space to imbibe the virtues of a first-rate roomie like forbearance, co-operative nature, generosity, politeness, tactfulness, and perceptiveness.

There are some traits that a majority of demanding and unpopular roommates seem to share and if your room partner seems to exhibit these characteristic traits, you’re going to have a hard time both on and off-campus.

A roomie who is despised by his or her partner, is infamous in the dormitory for being an oddball and too demanding, is the one that you’d better not have and certainly not the one wish to be either.

If you end up with such a roommate who believes that life’s one endless party – you won’t have to wait till the weekend to see your room strewn with all the party leftovers. But you’ll wake up every alternate day to find yourself amidst a sea of beer cans, and wasted food.

The one question that you’ll surely be left asking yourself in the wake of a party would be:- How to Deal with Partying Roommates?

The following stratagems and precautionary steps should go a long way in not only keeping your room spic and span and in order but also rein in the party animal kicking inside your roommate.

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1. Setting Down the Basic Guidelines

Tell your partying roommate that he should respect your privacy and not intrude into your space. The sooner you sound out your mate and make your intentions, the better. Telling him early on would at least make it clear to him that you cannot be taken for-granted. If you keep on tolerating his whims and fancies, a time will come when he’ll simply ignore you and may not even acknowledge your presence. So, fretting and fuming in silence will not help.

Make it clear to your roommate in a very terse yet as polite a manner as possible that since you both would have to stay in the same room, he should see to it that you’re not disturbed during your sleeping or study hours. And especially if you have classes to attend early in the morning, he should tiptoe into the room instead of making it scenic.

Since most parties attended by college students go on till late night, he’ll most probably come back to the room early in the morning. It is very unlikely that he’ll abstain from attending parties on your request even during the semester exams. But at least you can convince him to either come back early or come back without making a fuss. That’d imply not waking you up in the middle of the night by banging on the door or smashing the door shut and turning the lights on.

2. No Trespassing Please

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There’s a world of difference between sharing and hogging the space in a room. If you find your roommate bringing along 5 to 8 friends every alternate day in your room and creating a hullabaloo, that’d certainly be defined as hogging. If he plays the music system so blatantly loud that you can’t think in a straight manner, that’d be tantamount to hogging. And keeping the TV and lights on throughout the night before the exams is just another flagrant way of hogging. You should tell your roommate straightaway that you’re fiercely fanatical about guarding your space and privacy.

3. Clutter and Pollution-Free Zone

You do not expect your room to be clinically clean like a hospital ward but then that also doesn’t mean you’ll be prepared to live in a place that nearly resembles a pig’s pen. Don’t let your room turn into a landfill site because of your partying roommate’s messy habits. Do not forget to remind or alert him whenever you see the dirty pile of clothes stacking up or when the kitchen sink is full of unwashed and greasy cookware.

4. When Your Room Becomes the Party Venue

More often than not, you might be compelled to give in to your roommate’s pleas of holding a party in your room. If the event is limited to three or four guests without much of a hype or hoopla, and held once in a blue moon, then it can be permitted. But if it becomes a weekly affair and gets raucous, then you’ll surely need to take a stand.

5. Summing Up

The best way to get on well with your roommate from day one and also have a level playing field would be to have a clear discussion on issues that you both think are sensitive. Being responsible adults, there is no earthly reason why you and your roommate should not be able to come to an agreement on the basic issues.

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