How to Deal with Loneliness After a Break Up

It may have ended for good or maybe the good have ended, but the pain that a break-up gives can never allow your life to be the same ever. Do not think that you will be never be able to come out of the mess. Life gives pain to everyone, and the inevitable truth is; we can’t run away from it! When life brings a problem to us, it expects us to make efforts to find solution to it, not the solution. Someone has rightly said, ‘when life closes one door, three more doors are opened!’ All we need to do is be vigilant and patient.

Nobody wants their relationship to ever go through the forbidden path of break up. But when it happens, life seems to feel like burden and every passing moment, a mockery by time. The inevitable truth is, ‘life is hard!’ The solution lies in our approach. Don’t expect to be emotionally intact when break up happens. There may come a time when everything will seem to be meaningless without the presence of the other person. You need to have a very patient and honest approach. This article will help you by telling you how to deal with loneliness after break up?

One of the first thing that hits the individual right between the eyes is the feeling of loneliness. Loneliness is considered to be one of the most dreaded feelings of the world. In this stressful world, the need of a partner becomes all the more evident. And if on top of it, something like break up happens, it breaks a person from inside. But, life expects everyone who falls to the ground to rise up. Some hard and very tough decisions are to be taken if you want to save yourself from the prison of self pity.

Mentioned below are some ways which will help you to combat loneliness post break up.

How to deal with loneliness after a break up

1. Slow Fade

When you have spend some of the most memorable moments with the person you loved and about whom you thought would stay with you forever, it becomes very difficult to face every morning without that person. One needs to understand that some things, like pain, takes time to fade away. At times, they go away at once and many times it doesn’t. Just stick to the reality and remember that every day is a new opportunity. Give yourself time to recover from the hurt.

One of the common mistakes that people make after a break up is that they push themselves. You need to understand that when a person is in a relationship, he/ she is not only involved physically, but also emotionally. Whenever there is a break up, people are broken down emotionally. This sometimes, prompt them to take serious steps like suicide.  You need to understand that everything can be healed under the sun. All that a wound needs is some time. Give yourself that time and eventually you will realise that the pain no longer has any kind of hold on you.

2. Be in the Company of Friends

Usually, whenever anyone suffers a break up, their usual tendency is to move away from people. it is only when people seclude themselves that they suffer the most. You need to see that you are always in the company of your friends. In the time of pain always try to have a friend around you. The inevitable need of family and friends in the time of pain can never be denied. Make sure that you have someone with whom you can share your feelings.

Usually, after a break up people stop meeting friends and stop sharing their feelings with them. When the feelings are bottled up, they cause more pain. Try to spend time with your friends and family and share your feelings to them. You need to understand that your friends and family will always stay by you, even in the worst of times. As you spend more time with them, you will see the pain fade away.

3. Stay Occupied

People who do not keep themselves occupied post break up, suffer the most. Keep yourself occupied so that the memories of past lose their grip on you. Many times it will happen that when you are trying to forget the person all by yourself, usually by doing nothing, ends up feeling very depressed. Depression usually knocks the door of people who don’t keep themselves occupied and keep dwelling in the past.

You need to get past your past. Keep yourself as much busy as possible. Do the work that you always wanted to do but couldn’t do in the past. When you keep yourself busy, you keep your head off all the bad thoughts. When bad thoughts are not there, depression will not be able to set its foot in your life.

4. Cultivate a Hobby

In order to keep yourself occupied, it is very important to cultivate a hobby. You can either choose to take up any old hobby that you left for some reasons or cultivate a new hobby. Do anything that can keep you busy. Do something that you always wanted to do, work on your interest factor. Usually, after break up life seems to become meaningless and nothing could actually interest that kind of life. In cases like these, one has to push himself/ herself, so that they can be at peace after some time.

People, at times are so overwhelmed by the pain that they lose interest in life. You need to push yourself to like the things that you once liked. The best possible way to do so is by taming your feelings. One of the most deceptive things in the world is feeling. Make sure you don’t give yourself up to the fleeting moment due to a bad feeling. Learn to stay above the feelings. As they say, ‘feelings are like wild horses!’ on has to tame them in order to live freely and that happen only when you know what is good and what is bad for you.

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