How to Date a Workaholic Man without Going Crazy

Dating is good way of getting rid of your loneliness. But, getting hooked with a workaholic is surely not something what you were looking for in a relationship. Love blossoms and is found at unexpected places. If you have found your love in the soul of a workaholic, then beware; because your life is about to change forever. People go for dating to cope up with the pressures of life as dating helps them to relax. As they meet new people, their energy is renewed. One of the most important aspects of dating is giving time to your date. A relationship cannot blossom and prosper if time and dedication are not found in it.

Women need time and they always seek for their partner’s attention. Dating a workaholic is surely not found in the wish-list of any girl. But, if you are someone who happened to be hooked with a person who works even in the washroom, then this article will help you. As women hooked with workaholics all around the world seems to be asking only one question; how to date a workaholic man without going crazy? No matter how simple the question may sound, the answer is far from being simple. Life was never meant to be easy and simple and it never promised happiness for those who don’t try.

Following are the ways to cope up with the life of a workaholic man, so that instead of going crazy with his lifestyle, you can enjoy a pleasant relationship with him.

dating a workaholic

1. Be Prepared:

One of the first things you can do to cope up with Mr. Workaholic is by preparing yourself.  The bitter and open truth about workaholic people are they lack the sense of balancing life. For them, their work is everything. If you are dating a person whose day starts with his blackberry and ends with business dinner, then be prepared.

Don’t expect mangoes from an orange tree! If you can be with a man who is 24*7 into his work then the choice is yours.

2. Be Understanding:

If you have prepared yourself for the relationship with a workaholic then there is no use of complaining.  Instead of seeing the negative always, try to be more understanding. Mostly, relationships suffer when there is lack of understanding from either one of the partners. You need to understand that it is not by will that your date or your partner is not being able to spend time with you. Although, there are no rule books on how to maintain a relationship, the only way one can do that is by holding on.

Understanding plays a very vital role in a relationship. Mostly, men who are workaholics fail to realise the problems that their behavior is causing the ones who love them. As you hold on and understand their nature, chances are that your actions might prompt an initiative in their heart that would make them think of you prior to their work.

3. Be Patient:

Patience is a virtue, observed by few! In a relationship that is going through a rough phase or that comprises of difficult people, patience is the only way to redemption. As you observe the attitude of your partner who at time may seem inconsiderate and indifferent, it is very important for you to hold on with patience. At times, it might become very impossible to have an understanding approach to his actions. Instead of jumping to any conclusion it is better to grin and bear it for some more time. He may be following his dreams or he may be passionate about what he is doing, your wrong approach can hamper his work.

At times, by your sheer perseverance – you can change the attitude of the other person. If you don’t have patience, then you will not be able to do anything for the relationship. If you want your partner to change then you need to hold on to make him realise that too much of anything is not good.

4. Make Him Understand:

You can start your approach by talking directly to your partner. Some people don’t realise something is wrong with them unless and until somebody objects their behavior. As you confront your partner, make sure you are very patient with him. He might accept his mistake at once or it might take him time to realise his mistakes, whatever be the case, you need to help him understand that his actions are creating gaps between you and him.

If he’s following his dreams and he is not able to balance his personal and professional life well, then it is time for you to have a face to face talk with him. Help him to understand that you are not against his dreams or his work but against his approach. Forgetting people is not how one should be living their life. Once you are able to make him understand this fact, your relationship will regain normalcy.

5. Plan Out:

Instead of blaming your Mr. Workaholic of his unromantic behavior, you can plan out events or dinners that would help him to get his romantic side out. You can plan for a romantic candle-light dinner or a musical evening if your man is fond of music and dance. Remember to plan the date when he has a holiday and always inform him prior to buying the tickets etc.

A good way of surprising your guy would be to invite him to your home and cooking his favorite dishes. You can have some soft music around on the terrace where you both can enjoy some leisure time together. This would also be a good time to tell him what you feel and the problems you are facing in the relationship. Make him feel special and he is sure to understand you. However, do not whine or complain as this will spoil the evening.

6. Change or Leave:

The best possible way to cope up with a workaholic is by changing your views or by changing his views.  If you feel that your date is not working out with a workaholic then it’s time for you to move on and find another man.

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