How To Create A Torrent File And Upload It

torrentIn this tutorial I will show you how to create and upload a torrent file step by step using a freeware called utorrent.senyum It is also important that you understand a little about how torrents work. Torrents are the best way to share files. To download a torrent file you need a torrent client like utorrent, or bittorrent etc.

When you download a torrent you are downloading direct from other people like yourself, there are no central servers. People who have a full copy of the files and are uploading them are called ‘seeds’. People who have part of the files and are downloading them are called ‘leechers’ or ‘peers’. Peers also upload as they download.

Finally, if you are planning to upload a torrent you must make sure that you will be able to seed it for long enough for people to download a full copy of the files from you. kenyit

Lets get started:

01. Download the utorrent from here, utorrent or from here, all other version for creating and downloading the torrent files.
It doesn’t need installation, just execute the package.

02. Now when you open the utorrent and click the icon shown below:
create new torrent

Or you can click Ctrl+N or go to ‘File -> Create New Torrent…’ under file menu.

03. A box will appear as shown below. If you are to upload a single file then click ‘Add file’ (1).
If you are uploading a folder with 2 or more files in it then click ‘Add directory’ (2).
Here I’ll add a directory, but the principle is just the same if you are uploading a single file.
upload a single file or a directory

04. Now browse to the folder which you want to upload. Then click ‘OK’.
folder to make torrent file

05. Now comes the most important part. You now have to fill the URLs of the trackers you wish to use.
urls of the trackers

They are of two types:
a> Public trackers [accessible by everyone]
b> Private trackers [available only to private members]

A list of few public trackers are listed below:





For private trackers, look in the trackers area of the private torrent service provider.

06. Now fill in the URLs of the trackers, either from above or the ones you wish to use.
If you want to use more than one tracker then separate each tracker URL with a blank line.
list of public torrent tracker

Warning:Uploading copyright-protected material might be prohibited by law in some countries. Torrent sites not take any responsibility for your submissions.takbole

07. Now tick the ‘Start seeding box’
start seeding box

And then click ‘Create and save as…’ button
cCreate and save as button

08. A new window will pop up asking you to select the place to save the .torrent file. Select the place and then click on ‘Save’ button
select location and click save

09. Now when the uploading is done 100% in utorrent then go to your favorite torrent site and upload the .torrent file which you have saved in the previous step.
seeding done 100%

10. Now download the uploaded torrent file and navigate it to the folder which you used to create the torrent file. When done 100% downloading leave it for seeding so that others downloading your torrent file gets good speeds.kenyit

Hope this helps you!sengihnampakgigi


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