How to Cope with Going Back to Work After Baby

Maternity leave’s coming to an end? Joining work after a long sabbatical is sure a tough task especially after child birth. During this long hour gap, you need to ensure your child is fine without letting it affect your work. There are many things that need to be taken care of before you start off your work. Most importantly it will wear you off given that you have not tended to much work in past few weeks or months. To top it all, you would be leading a hectic time trying to target yourself between motherhood and work. Your life as a working mom would need help that’s made available from every quarter of life. There would be some detailing that you would need to arrive at before setting out on this new journey. Perfect planning is the key.

How to Cope with Going Back to Work After Baby

Arranging the Care

It is very necessary to arrange for a caretaker before you join work again. A trusted care taker is one who you can hand over your child’s responsibility. It is also necessary that you make the care taker understand your child’s needs. If need be sit over with the care taker and, explain the entire schedule of your baby for their better understanding. You should always have notes and reminders installed in order to ensure proper caring. The reminder alerts on your child’s caretaker’s phone is always good for the two of you. You can always be available on the phone for the care taker in case of issues

Trial is a Must

As you would with most duties, a trial run in case of changing hands would be necessary. It would be best if you could consider running a trial just before you join. This way the new hand i.e. your caretaker would be able to get adjusted and trained for the new job while you are still present. Also, this would work well for the baby as well who would get used to being taken care of by someone other than his/her own mom. The transfer of job would occur smoothly. The trial run would in fact give you some time to run you own errands like getting your hair cut, shopping for new clothes etc. just before joining the work place again. The trial run can also ease out any errors or issues that might need your consideration so that the actual process is problem free.

Packing List

With a baby around, planning and listing are two important chores. You should always have an idea of what would be needed and, how exactly do you plan to go about the various things. There are times when you would forget just the basics. For example the sterilized bottles or maybe a diaper or two are normally forgotten though they are basic things. Something very important as far as the baby is concerned would just slip out of your mind in the run of things. A list would be handy in such cases. Ensure you have a ready list of all that you would need for the baby when he/she is with the care taker. There may be instances when you would just get bored to write it down but, they would be the most useful sources later.

Coping with Guilt

A guilt trip is natural for the mother when she has to leave her baby who is probably just a few weeks old with the caretaker. It is very normal but, then even you know that getting back to work is important. Instead of feeling guilty, you should be happy that you would ensure a good future for your baby. Think of the sweet moments you would end up spending with your baby after a hard day at work. You can almost imagine a sweet affair. Also dealing your baby along with work becomes easier as you would be away from it for 8 long hours making you yearn for him/her. The patience level is higher in working moms as they get to spend less time with the baby.

Planning the Day

It is very necessary to plan the beginning to a hectic and challenging day ahead of time. You need to get the baby ready and, also get ready for work. It is going to be pretty challenging. So, you should have an idea of how much time both of you will take. Take into account your baby’s regular schedule which would not undergo any changes. Also, what all would happens in the morning. Once you are aware of the time it is going to take and, have jotted down all the morning activities, you are ready for the beginning. If you were not the planning types till now, it is time you start becoming one. Else, you would face issues getting to work on time.

Take it slowly

Transition is going to be a tedious affair. It will take a toll on you physically and emotionally. At this point the best advice for you would be to take it slowly. Don’t start fearing the future or nagging yourself or making any sort of judgement! You should just relax and let time roll for you to get used to the new phase. Occasional rewards are a good way to deal with this hectic phase. You could probably get a beauty appointment or, spend some extra time in bed hugging your baby during the weekends.

The Efficient Mom

Yes, you should be the prioritizing and planning sorts to get ahead with the day as a working mother. You should learn to understand what is more important at a particular time. Some days you should be able to arrange for a quick back up for your baby. Try to engage your partner to distribute the duties related to your baby so that you can concentrate on work better. Get your home and work calendars synchronized.

It is indeed going to be a stressful time initially. All it needs is patience and a bit of getting used to.

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