How to Be Nice to Someone You Hate

There are certain incidences in our lives, when we have to face those people, who we really don’t like. They may be some acquaintances, colleagues or relatives. The reasons for our hatred might be general or personal, like they might be well off than us or their kids are ‘obedient’ compared to our children. Though we dislike them, yet we have to deal with them. Rather than hating, try to handle them with effortful tolerance.

Once in a while, everyone comes to blows with others. However, if you are really sincere to having a friendly relationship with that complex person, he might actually turn out to be a good person in the end.

Firstly, read this article carefully. Then, without the feeling of self-blame, you will admit that you hate some people. Implement the given tips to learn ‘How to be nice to someone you hate’.

1. Smiling Face

You must wear a smile to welcome these people, even though you disgust them. Pretend to be frank. After some practice, you will be familiar with this setup. This simple way of smiling at them makes the situation more pleasing for both.

2. Understanding Them

Remember, everything can be seen from more than just one angle. So, never play an umpire to give a prejudiced decision about a person just because they have an unusual way of wearing clothes or have a very odd-looking hair style. Never forget that everyone has a right to live life with their own preferences. Therefore, to evaluate and consequently dislike a person only for his/ her strange style and way of living is surely an act of injustice.

3. Speak as Less as You Can

If you dislike a particular person, never try to have a long chat with them. Whatever you want to say, always be brief and polite. Yet, occasionally if you come across a boaster, pay attention and leave the place saying “Very Pleasant!”. This can work as an indication for them that “conversation full of self-loathed boasting” can’t be a good subject.

4. Everybody Has Something Good to Praise

Praising them genuinely can be a good starter. There maybe something in both of your pasts, for which you don’t like that person in any way. Yet, there must be something good in them – like their sense of humor, vast reading or ability of handling complexities. As everyone likes praise, try it. Here, you must be careful to be honest and not to overdo it.

5. They May Have Their Own Difficulties

As already said, there might be some other aspect to what we see too. Remember, personal hard time might have made these people spiteful. Therefore, be kind to them. They might be managing sadness. Try to understand the hopeless situations through which they are going, by talking a bit to them about it. If they really are the suffering from something, be considerate. Yet, always remember that your carelessness when dealing with them could make you full of negativity. You need to crush pessimism.

6. Nobody is Ideal

Remember the phrase, ’To err is human!’ Therefore, there might be some part of our behavior that they dislike as well. Check if you, yourself are the root of all the trouble. Notice whether it is you, who is root of the trouble. Every so often, we indicate others for the problems, when we need to analyze ourselves. Keep all your problems and frustrations with the person, with you only. Your family must not suffer the tension between you and the person.

7. Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes to Understand Your Own Weaknesses

This is the time-tested opinion. You have to treat others the same way you want to be treated. Always avoid back-biting. Absurd and unkind remarks for someone are the grounds of hurt and harshness. Nobody likes to be the prey of spitefulness. Therefore, be ready for all the aftermaths of pointless rumors.

8. Don’t Be Too Polite

If there is the need that you have to interact with people you hate, then don’t go out of your way to be polite. Just be social. However, if you don’t have to work together with the people you hate, you don’t have any problem to solve.

9. Ignore and Avoid Them

Don’t go speak with them unless they speak first. Avoid contact with them. If it is’t possible, there would certainly be a painful tension for others too. For that reason, occasionally, ignoring that person is the most helpful thing for you and others as well. Don’t go to the places, where they might drop in. If you know that the person would be there, avoid going there.

10. Never Lower Yourself

The person you hate possibly knows what makes you annoyed. So, he/she might try to stimulate you. Turn down the encouragement to make him/her weak.

11. Don’t Take It Personally

If the reason of the disgust for a person is in his certain behavior with you in the past, don’t take it in person. Maybe his girlfriend had cheated on him and you became the victim of his fury. As you never know everything, don’t take it for yourself.

12. Draw Up a Treaty

After trying everything to solve the issues between both of you, draw up a treaty. After every possible effort, if it still looks impossible to face each other, make it clear to one another. Accept it. This becomes a key matter, if you have common friends or you both are colleague.

13. Pray For Them

Be modest and sympathetic for anything positive. Prayer has all the divine characters. If you are a religious person, pray for the person you hate and you may observe drastic changes in them, as prayer works miracles for those who believe. Prayer has the power to turn your foes into friends.

14. Be a Bigger Person

Life doesn’t allow time for useless things. If you can’t tolerate some people in your life, leave them behind and move on. Think neither about their vices nor about the virtues.

15. Change Your Viewpoint

There are many essential things than to cope with someone you really dislike. Some people are busy struggling over trifles and some people have no food. So, find out your priorities.

*This article doesn’t suggest anything that leads to offenses, racial discrimination, intolerance, etc.

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