How to Be More Attractive to Women

Everyone wants to be attractive to the opposite sex. All of us want to look good and have partners who are head-over-heels for us. Every girl wants her partner to be smart and charming; this is true in case of boys too. To be attractive is not just important for our partners but also for us as it gives a person confidence and enhances the personality.

Being attractive is not just about looking good but more about feeling good. It is about being confident of our personality and being comfortable in our skin. As they say confidence is the sexiest thing a person can have, it is much sexier than any body part. Women like men who are decent and smart at the same time. A man who respects women is always liked. A man should be careful of his appearance and also his body language in order to be more attractive to females. Read this article to find out how to be more attractive to women.



1. Be Confident:

Confidence is the most attractive thing to a woman and it comes from feeling good about yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean dressing well but also maintaining a good personality. Be confident when you approach a woman, confidence comes from showing courage. When you show courage, women will automatically be attracted towards you.

Remember to be confident but not over-confident as it can put off a lot of women. Over-confidence can be viewed as arrogance and is unacceptable.  Be natural and comfortable in your skin.

2. Attire:

Clothes make a man. What you wear can either make or break your personality. Always wear clothes that suit you and be dressed for the occasion. Do not over-dress, keep it simple. If you have a fair skin color, then wear dark colors and if you are dark, then light colors will suit you better.

When going out on a date wear clean, ironed clothes. Do not blindly ape fashion, wear clothes that compliment your body and build. Right choice of clothes will attract women towards you.

3. Body-Language Matters:

Your body language and gestures speak a lot about your personality. Be careful of how you behave as bad behavior can hamper your image forever. Be decent and respect women. Do not pass any lewd comment. Remember women notice everything.

Do not indulge in anything negative that can ruin your image. Avoid bad company and keep yourself occupied. This way you will attract a lot of women.

4. Hygiene:

Hygiene is of utmost importance.  No woman likes a man who is messy and dirty. Keep yourself clean and always smell fresh. Hygiene is not just wearing clean clothes but also in keeping your nails clean and trimmed.

Exfoliate your face once in a week or go for a spa. Be fit and neat. Neatness is sure to get noticed by women around. Teeth matters too, if your teeth are not properly placed, get a treatment.  Bad breathe can be a total put-off.  Get these basic things right.

5. Be passionate:

Be passionate about things you like. Take a stand for your dreams and pursue it with faith and positivity. Women like men who are passionate about their dreams. Have courage to fulfil your dreams and live your life with passion. Women will surely notice you and get attracted.

6. Be ambitious:

Ambitious men are sexy. They are driven by passion and they take life as a challenge. Be ambitious and courageous. Decide what you want to do and go ahead with it. Once you are established and hard-working, a lot of women will get attracted.

A word of caution here, do not be over-ambitious. Discover your potential and look for things you like to do. Do not ape others. Once you know what you have to do, go ahead and face failures as stepping stones. Eventually you will achieve success and get women too.

7. Be Independent:

Get independent, if you are working take an apartment of your own and stay by yourself. Women find independent men sexy. Do not show any dependency on anyone. Be independent and happy. This will surely attract a lot of women towards you.

8. Sole Mate:

Shoes speak volumes about your personality. If your shoes are dirty, women will find you unclean and filthy. Buy a nice pair of black shoes and maintain it. Wear the right shoes at the right time. If you are out for formal work, wear black shoes and if you are out with friends for a casual evening wear sneakers.

9. Have a Voice:

It is very important to have a voice of your own.  Take a stand for things you think are right. If you feel something is wrong and should be changed say it. Do not feel shy or scared. If you have a voice, women will find you manly and attractive.

However be careful for the things you are standing for. If you stand for negative things, your image will be hampered. Choose the right thing and stand by it. Women do not like a man who agrees with everything they say.

10. Make a Woman Comfortable:

When you meet a woman for the first time, always talk to her like a best friend and make her comfortable. Act like you have known her for ages and give her respect. Women like a man who understands them. Be understanding and show concern towards them.

11. Smile:

No woman likes a grumpy man. If you want to leave a good impression on a woman, keep a smile on your face.  Smiling makes you look attractive, confident and happy. Smiling will also ease tension and nervousness in you. It completes your personality and makes you comfortable. This will definitely attract a lot of women towards you.

12. Look in her Eyes:

When you talk to a woman, look in her eyes. This shows confidence and interest in the other person. Most of the people just glance at the eyes and do not look directly into the eyes of the woman they are talking to, this gives an impression of ‘I don’t care attitude.’ Look directly in her eyes, this will make her more attracted towards you.

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