How To Be Irresistible To Men

Since the day Eve lured Adam into taking a bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden, the fairer sex have always found ways to tempt and seduce the menfolk. In the game of courtship, women have always had the upper hand. They have literally compelled men to make the first move by using techniques that men have found irresistible.

In the game of courtship, women always have had it easier and they still do. What is it about women that men find too tempting or alluring to resist? So many things come to mind. First of all, it is her pulchritude. The very sight of a beautiful and gorgeous woman walking down the street or sipping on a hot cup of coffee in a bistro sets the pulse of a man racing.

When you see a woman sitting cross-legged in a library poring over the pages of a book or munching away merrily on cookies in a restaurant, your heart seems to miss a beat. If a woman is really stunning to look at, she doesn’t have to try too hard to titillate or charm a guy. If a man catches her fancy, she just needs to give a furtive glance and smile at him. A simple gesture like that would certainly go a long way in making herself irresistible to most men.

Secondly, a woman can use her intelligence and smartness to lure menfolk. It is important to bear in mind physical charms can only work up to a certain extent as beauty is only skin-deep. As a woman, if you’re really serious about having a long term relationship with your boyfriend, you’d need more than just good looks to retain his interest in you.  More than anything else, you’d need to adopt the right set of attitudes. If you’re indeed eager to know about How to be irresistible to men, then arm yourself with the following tips.

How to be irresistible to men

1. Look At Yourself in the Mirror.

It is said that face is the index of the mind and that images never lie. So, if you stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself from top to bottom, you have a fair enough idea of yourself as an individual. The image that you have about yourself is the same as the one that others have about you.

In other words, people will form an opinion or impression about you in the way you present yourself. You should also remember that ‘first impressions’ that others register about you lasts almost forever. If you’re confident about yourself it’ll show through.

Men love to be around women who radiate warmth and confidence. On the other hand, women who’re fussy, nagging, and critical by nature seem to be shunned by men. Since nobody is perfect, try to take your flaws in your stride and exploit your virtues.

2. Maintain Eye Contact.

Guys love girls who’re flamboyant and outgoing. Women who’re shaky, introvert, and are unable to carry themselves around with confidence are also apprehensive about maintaining eye contact with others. So, it goes without saying that if you consider yourself to be a woman of substance, you should not be afraid of looking at a guy straight in the eye when he looks at you admiringly.

3. Be Nice to People.

Nothing can put off a guy more than a woman who constantly badmouths other people and is cynical about everybody. You’ll make yourself more appealing to others, particularly to men, if you’re affable, amiable and a caring kind of person. If you want to others to be nice to you, you should also be polite to others.

Be in the know that a man will form an opinion about you by the way you behave or carry yourself. Neither should you go overboard in trying to attract the attention of a guy nor should you be too reserved and stern. Instead try to follow a middle path i.e. be a little humble and modest.

4. The More You Smile, the Better.

Everybody loves a person who is cheerful and lively. Conversely, an individual who always wears a frown on his face can be off-putting. If you really want to make yourself more appealing and approachable, try to wear a smile on your face more often.

5. Try To Be Humorous.

Don’t you always like to be in the company of people who’re humorous and funny without being sarcastic? Everybody tend to be attracted to people who’re amiable and have a natural flair for keeping others in good humour. Having a good sense of humour makes you irresistibly enticing to men. If a guy warms up to you because he thinks you’re funny and tries to chat you up by telling a joke or narrating a humorous anecdote, try to smile. However, do not make yourself appear silly by laughing or smiling at the slightest pretext or provocation.

6. Maintain Your Health and Be Hygienic.

It does not need to be overemphasized that men get attracted to women who look radiate warmth and confidence. However, you cannot glow on the outside if you don’t glow inside. In other words, you should be in the pink of health so that you can exude poise and appear graceful.

And you won’t need to go over the top to keep yourself hale and hearty. Take balanced meals and at proper times, exercise regularly, and sleep for eight hours everyday. Maintain good hygienic habits. Take a shower everyday, brushing your teeth twice is a must, and always put on clean clothes.

7. Be Youthful and Have a Childlike Simplicity.

You don’t appear attractive only because of your physical features. Your attitude plays a major part in heightening your appeal to others. Putting on or affecting a youthful attitude will give you an edge over other women who have great bodies but appear glum and morose. Men tend to be more playful and childish than women by nature and hence they get more drawn towards those women who might be on the wrong side of 30 or 40 but think like 18-year olds.

8. Have a Joie-De-Vivre for Life.

You’d have better chances of attracting men and coming across your life partner, if you’re a gregarious and outgoing person. That means you’re the one who does not stay holed up in home all day long waiting for your Mr. Right to cruise into your life. You should be optimistic about life in general and enjoy socializing with people. As a woman, if your only occupation in life is to make yourself appealing to men, then you’ll get exhausted after a while. Fill your life with activities, get a good job and hang out with friends and you’ll soon be up for grabs as men are concerned.

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