How to Balance Life as a Single Parent

Parenthood is the best thing that can happen to anyone. With the coming of new life in to the world, it marks the beginning of new happiness with its share of stress and worry. Balancing your life as parents might be little bit smooth with the support from both sides.  Having two parents is better than having one, because two parents can handle the work load and stress equally. When a child becomes your priority every decision is centred around the child. Everything else becomes secondary. Parenting is not an easy task and yet it is full of excitement and happiness.

One of the most important parts of a person’s life is completed with his/ her advancement to parenthood. However, the burning issue or the question of the ages remains the same; how to balance life as a single parent? Two are always better than one. One has to realize that parenting is full of responsibility. The responsibility is to nurture the new life and to make that life capable of facing the challenges of the world. There are various problems that one faces as a single parent. Be it a single dad or single moms, the problems that they face are almost similar depending on their status in the society.

The society, as we know it, is not receptive towards single parents. It is the right of the child to be loved and taken care of by both the parents. However, with growing tensions and stress in the lives of individuals, lot of couples split up following their differences. At times they even fail to recognize their responsibility as parents and what kind of effect it may have on their children. The life of a single parent is full of challenges that attack their lives in new form every now and then. It becomes very important for single parent to recognize their responsibility and face every challenge in a brave way. They should know how to balance their life which includes their professional and personal lives.

Here is the list of some know-how for single parents to help them combat and become compatible with their ‘new’ life as single parents.

1. The Ground Reality:

single parent

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It is better that you come in terms with your reality. The need of a partner to share your responsibility is no more there. The sooner you accept it, the better it is going to be for you. It becomes very important and necessary for you to get used to the ground realities. At times it is very difficult to accept certain things that have had a life changing effect. But you have to realise by not accepting the truth, you are not changing it. You can choose to deny and have an ostrich approach towards your circumstances. But, in order to take the first step towards a new and a fresh beginning, you have to accept the truth and start living again with whatever you are left.

2. Fresh Beginning:

Once you know your ground reality you can then have a new start. Everyone deserves a fresh beginning. A fresh start can let you live your life in an excitingly new way. Grieving over your past will neither help you or your children to cope with life’s daily challenges. A resolution or a promise to yourself to live in the present will give an entirely new direction to your life.  Most of the time single parents find it very difficult to cope up in life after the split up or the death of any spouse. You have to remember that life is full of opportunities and it doesn’t wait for anyone. But if you stop in between to grieve over something that was not in your control, then you will be putting your and your child’s future in darkness. It’s never too late to have a fresh beginning. Always remember, the first step is always hard.

Give yourself enough time to recover and put all your energy in your and your child’s future. You can’t move forward with your head still looking back.

3. Count Your Blessings:

It is very common among single parents to murmur or to feel bad about the situation they are in. Whenever you are faced with a situation when you don’t know what to do; when you feel like giving up or when responsibilities seems to be cumbering your freedom and individuality, try to do the following things;

  • First and foremost, never back down. Everyone has a fighting spirit in them, it’s only a matter of time they start living with it. No matter how tough the situation may be, never give up.
  • Remind yourself of all the things you still have rather than concentrating on something you don’t have. Every day when you wake up, it’s a sign that life wants you to start living again. You can start your day by thanking the Almighty for the things you still have. Your child, your strength, your health, your job, your house, there are so many things with which you can start to put the pieces of your life back into their place.
  • Make a to-do-list for everyday and abide by it. No matter what happens, make it a point to stick to your guns.

4. Family & Friends:

Single parenting is a daunting task and can at times take a toll on your physical and mental health. Family and friends will play a very important role in helping you tackle daily problems. Usually, it has been observed that people suffer from terrible depression as single parents. With the love and support of your friends and family you can fight depression, which is inevitable at times.

As single parents there comes a time when you wish if there was someone who could hold your hands and share your burdens. Loneliness sets in when you don’t know whom to turn to in times of crisis. Make your parents or your friends your stronghold. One of the most important things that you will need in order to balance your life as a single parent is love and care.

5. Be Patient:

Be Patient

They say life is the best teacher. One of the first thing that you will be learning as a single parent is patience. The arrival of a new life with the absence of a helping hand is bound to make you frustrated and sad. But you can get along with it with little endurance that will teach you lot of patience. As you see the ‘life’ grow before your eyes every day, moment by moment, try to learn the new things that life will be teaching you, and always remember that you are not alone in these times. There’s always an unseen guest, an unseen hand that will always guide you and teach you the right path.

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