How to Avoid Falling into the Friend Zone

Do you hear this often from your love interest “You are my best-friend! Oh! What would I have ever done without you?” Well you are just trapped into the friend zone and the faster you escape from it the better for you. Yes, it is a very dangerous zone! Especially for those who are in love with the person who has just said these words. A friend zone is where you like the person but for that person you are mere friend. You need to find out why it happened in the first place. Why were you not able to attract the girl/guy in question? A little speculation over the matter would answer most of your queries. If you really wish for the person to reciprocate your feelings, you need to follow a few steps and walk out of that friend zone first.

Avoiding Friend Zone

1. Ruin the Stereotype Image

Your love interest finds you adorable and cute. Maybe you just showed signs that made them feel that way about you. Yes, you are sweet, you are agreeable to everything they do. That makes them feel good when you are around. But, they are not attracted to you. You are just too sweet to them. In fact you have no feelings when in front of them. For them you are a person who does not bother for your own feelings. The sacrificial deity, who just cares to wipe off the tears from their eyes, you have just created trouble for yourself. What you are actually communicating is a kind of low self-esteem within yourself. This is what makes you just a friend. So, try to stay away from getting stereotyped as a sweet boy/girl. Try to define your feelings. Don’t make yourself good just for the sake of it. Remember good is fine but too much of good is bad for you.

2. Desperation Ruins Your Chance

You are not exactly desperate but, your actions scream desperation. You have made up your mind on the relationship but, remember the girl/guy is not ready to understand it as yet. Your actions and emotions are actually troubling him/her. They are screaming the need for a real relationship with your love interest. Remember such desperation can actually kill your chances of a romance. In fact when you start imagining a relationship at real early stages, you might not even stand a chance even if you are the best for him/her. Your love interest will immediately bracket you in the friend zone and, there goes your chances of a happy relationship. Try avoiding such emotions. You can always be good and nice to the person and, allow him/her to take the step slowly and wisely. Be patient and allow things their time. You will have several meetings to make a mark on your love interest. This is not your final meeting.

3. Friendship vs. Romance

Most of us get confused within the thin line of demarcation that separates friendship from a romantic relationship. Yes, it is indeed a very thin line for some people and a vast difference for some others. Are you one of those who believe that romantic relationships arise out of great friendships? Well, good thoughts and well appreciated but, you need to wait for the right person in this case. Probably, your love interest feels a little different about romance and friendship. For them these two relationships are completely different from one another. While one is pure form of a platonic relationship the other is a comfort zone. Many people look at romance as an idea of courtship followed by being taken care of. Their idea of romance does not begin from friendship. So before you make a move and fall into the friend zone, try to understand what exactly does your love interest feel about romance? What are they looking out for in their love? This would give you a better idea of what you should be or what you should not be.

4. Way of Touching

There is a difference in the way a friend touches you and your love touches you. In your case, it is possible that you are losing out on your touch quotient because of the fear of losing out on your love interest. But, by not touching in any way you are actually doing no good at all. In any case you are going to fall into the friend zone. Instead of failing why not just go ahead and touch your crush. Maybe this would avoid you from falling into the friend zone.

5. The Agony Aunt

This is your sure shot way of falling into the friend zone. Well, the moment you start giving out advices you have definitely created the friend zone pitfall for yourself. Your love interest will call you whenever they feel low or wish to shed off a few tears. Past that they are not even going to look at you in any way. It is good to give advice and maybe be protective towards your love interest. But, when you offer your shoulder remember you are being bracketed that very moment. You are just the advice friend who can be used when the need arises.

6. Flirt Around

When you start flirting a bit with your love interest, you are actually turning on the romance within you. You are giving your love interest a chance to view the other side of you. This is going to help you in every way possible. Till now you were just friends but, when you flirt you are titillating the romance within her too. It gets a little difficult when you know the person too well. But, remember it is better to take a chance than to die off knowing you were just a friend to that person. A little confidence and the wish to do it will help you win the chance against all odds.

The friend zone is a very odd zone. You need to stop being insecure to avoid being bracketed in this zone by your love interest.

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