How To Attract A Pisces Guy

Winning a man’s heart can be a tough task; it requires lots of patience and understanding. A man is always looking for a woman who can love him unconditionally and make him a better human being. Other than these aspects, a man also desires a woman who puts her heart and soul in a relationship. It is with these qualities that a woman can woo the man of her dreams. However sometimes, it is not that simple as every person is different and has different needs.

People behave differently and their behavior depends a lot on their zodiac signs. It determines their nature, thinking, likes and dislikes. A Pisces man is a true soul mate. He is someone who is generous, loving, caring and incredibly romantic. Being with a Piscean man is like being with someone who lends you empathy and support in times of need and gives you comfort when you are upset. Piscean men are dreamers and want to achieve all the good things in life. They are romantic and sensual. They look for the same qualities in a woman, which sometimes can be a little hard to get. Even though the Piscean guy is a little shy but when in a relationship, he is extremely open and demands the same from his partner. For someone who is looking for a lifelong relationship based on true love, Piscean guy is the best choice. Read the following points to know how to attract a Pisces guy.

How to attract a pisces guy

1. Understand Your Guy

Be it any guy, it is important to understand him and get to know what he wants from the relationship. Once you have come to know that the guy you like is a Piscean, then the task becomes easy as you can easily find out his traits. A Piscean guy is someone who is looking for a lifelong relationship and is not someone who just wants to pass time. However if your intentions are a little different from him, then the guy is not a right choice. He is looking for unconditional love and care.

2. Be Appealing

Pisceans are the most romantic in the entire zodiac and they fall in love very easily, provided you do the right things at the right time. Make eye contact with him so that he knows that you are attracted towards him. Smile as you see him and this will give him the necessary signals. Many Pisceans are telepathic hence he will reciprocate your feelings with love. Beauty is something that attracts a Piscean guy. Make sure you look gorgeous but do not overdo it.

3. Dress Right

Beauty appeals to the Piscean guy and he will fall for you instantly if you dress right. Make sure you know the basics of dressing for the occasion. Do not overdo your make-up. Stay natural and simple, wear clothes that you are comfortable in as he will feel uncomfortable too. Pisceans like marine blue and pale green color.

4. Go out on a Date

Invite the Piscean guy to go out on a date with you. Most Pisceans are still little boys at heart and love to escape from responsibility for a while. They seek enjoyment in small things like playing on the swings or dancing in the rain. You can spark a conversation with him here and ask him about his desires, favorite books, movies or spiritual topics like reincarnation. Give him the right atmosphere to fall in love with you.

Give him the responsibility of choosing the right place for a date as Pisceans are very creative and romantic. If he gives you the responsibility choose a place that is romantic, candles, sunset, gardens etc.

5. Play on his Attributes

Pisces men are very generous and empathetic. They can rarely refuse a woman in distress even though they can’t offer a practical advice but they always lend an ear to hear out the other person. Try to share anything that is disturbing you for a long period of time with your Piscean man. He will be more than happy to help and advice you. Do not hold yourself back as Pisceans love to help someone who needs his protection and support. He doesn’t need a partner who is weak but someone who can give him support and love too.

6. Boost his Self-Esteem

Piscean men suffer from low self-esteem and they need someone who can boost their self- esteem with small words of encouragement. Small compliments on his looks or a pat on his back can make him fall in love with you. Remember to keep compliments natural and do not make it obvious that you are flattering him. Your compliments will go a long way in winning his heart; he will remember your kindness and love you back.

7. Do not Force the guy

Pisceans are very sensitive and take offense easily. If you try to dominate the Piscean man or pester him for committing into a relationship, chances are that he will distance himself from you. Never try to hold a Piscean guy down or pressurize them. Though they can be submissive but you can never get them listen to you by forcing him. It is best to give him time to understand you and he will love you back. They are kind of unreliable and can disappear in thin air if you bother them too much.

8. The Right Gift

Anything that stimulates the imagination of the Piscean guy will be received well by him. It could be anything romantic like a book on romantic poetry, a painting or a biography of an artist will work well. By knowing him you will come to know his interests and likes hence you will be able to decide the right gift for him.

Sensitivity is very important while dealing with the Piscean guy. If you hurt his feelings, he will instantly forgive you but it will take a long time for him to recover. Remember to be kind to him and love him unconditionally.  This is the key to a good relationship with a Piscean.


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