How to Attract a Cancer Man

If you’re a woman in a relationship with a man whose zodiac sign is cancer, then consider yourself to be one of the luckiest individuals in the world. If you’re in love with a cancer male, then you can take his fidelity and devotion towards you for granted. Cancer men are rarely known to stray as they are the epitome of faithfulness and trust.

The Characteristic Traits Of A Cancer Man

However, cancer men are basically introvert by nature and therefore quite withdrawn. So, if you’re seriously considering dating a man who was born under the influence of this sun sign, you’ll have to take the initiative of asking him out. Cancer men are found wanting in self-confidence and can be easily cowered or browbeaten into giving in. They try to compensate for their ‘characteristic imperfections’ by being incorrigible workaholics.

You’re most likely to spot a cancer male rooted in his office cubicle deeply concentrating on his work. You’d find him furiously working away at his desk even when others have left for the day. They have this inveterate zeal to prove their worthiness by endeavoring to achieve too many things every single day.

A cancer male being diffident and lacking in confidence needs to be reassured from time to time. When approaching him, you’d have to take on a very prosaic and conventional stance so that he feels relaxed and assured in your company. Bear in mind that, cancer males are very susceptible to flattery and fulsome praise.

So, never go overboard with your compliments and pick-up lines when you are trying to seduce a cancer male. Your heartfelt attempts to impress him by heaping encomiums on him may boomerang on you and scare him away. So, to be on the safe side, keep your dealings with him as simple and straightforward as possible.

Perhaps the best way to find a way to his heart is through his stomach because most cancer males happen to be diehard gastronomes. If you’re successful in making a cancer male fall head over heels in love with you, he’ll surprise you more often with his culinary skills. Towards that end, you too can make a good impact on him by rustling up his favorite dishes once in a while and take your relationship to the next level.

With the cancer male, home is where the heart is. When you do not find a cancer man in his workstation or workplace, you can safely assume that he is at home most probably tending to his mother. Yes, cancer men are hugely in love with their mothers and remain tied to their apron strings for almost a lifetime. They value their bonds with their mammas more than anything else.

So if you’re really serious about hooking up with a cancer male, you can break the ice (for the sake of beginning a conversation) by sharing snippets of your relationship with your mom. A cancer male, when it comes to lovemaking, is a perfectionist. For him making love is not just about satiating carnal desires and being lusty but more about making every act (of sexual intercourse) a truly sublime and ethereal experience.

There are many other virtues emblematic of cancer males that’d appeal to you. So, if you’re indeed interested in exploring How to Attract A Cancer Man, then you should firsthand apprise yourself with his qualities. Thereafter, devise ways of appealing to those qualities so that he ultimately falls for you.

How to attract a cancer man

1. Try To Be A Good Companion First

Try to win his friendship first. Find ways to show him that you value trust and accountability in a relationship as much as he does. You have to convince him that you can be as committed and faithful in an affair as much as him. You have to show him that you truly care.

You’ll be able to buttress his confidence and belief in you by assuring him that you’ll stick with him through thick and thin. A cancer male is typically compassionate and caring about nearly everything and everybody. You’ll have to impress upon him that you genuinely like his empathetic and philanthropic nature, albeit in a very tactful manner.

Since they are basically homely individuals, you can invite him occasionally for a home cooked dinner. Since home is the natural habitat for a cancer man, you can make your dates with him come alive by planning activities best suited within the confines of your or his home. Even the little and seemingly inconsequential gestures of love that you express matter in a big way to him.

For instance, if you mail a love letter to him that is bordered all around with small hearts pierced with the Cupid’s arrow, he’ll be simply floored. You can take the risk of getting personal quite early on in your dating phase when both of you are still trying to get acquainted with each other. A cancer man grows up with strong family values and dotes on his parents and siblings in a big way.

If you to care to be a little diplomatic, you can get him talking about his childhood and his immediate family members. You can light touch him on his shoulder or gently place your hand on his wrist when he talks about himself or his family, as he is quite perceptible by nature.  If you are looking for a casual fling with a cancer male, then you’re bound to be heartbroken as he totally detests flirtatious, short-lived affairs, and one-night stands.

The Cancer fellow is always in favour of a long-term association. So if you give off the right vibes that you’re looking for a lifetime of relationship with him, he’ll simply eat out of your hands. The whole idea is to connect with the cancer man just the way he would want you to.

2. Be Neat And Orderly

The cancer man is very fastidious about orderliness. In fact with many cancer males, being neat and perfect about everything is nearly an obsession. If you drop in at your boyfriend’s (who incidentally happens to be a cancerian) office without notice, you’ll see him riveted in his work with all files, folders or dossiers kept in an orderly fashion. You won’t get the chance to catch him unawares by showing him that a particular thing or object is out of place.

His nattiness extends to other areas as well. For instance, he’ll take meticulous care to appear presentable and so he’ll always turn out in clean and tidy clothes. You’re unlikely to catch him wearing a shirt that has not been ironed properly or his mane dishevelled. Since the cancer male is very particular and fussy about tidiness, he’ll expect you to be as natty and dapper as him.

3. Be At Your Romantic Best

The cancer male is somebody who likes to be very elaborate and sophisticated about a romantic relationship right from the courtship phase to the stage when you end up in bed with him. Once you have won his trust, you can take a break from taking the initiative to start up a conversation as he’ll take over eventually. He’ll do most of the talking when your affair becomes a little entrenched as he’ll try to keep you in good humour by relating anecdotes and quips from his own life.

When your relationship reaches the level of maturity where you can have a romp with him in bed, you’ll be ingratiating to him for making the lovemaking acts memorable. You’d be really indebted to your cancerian partner for making every sexual encounter an unique experience. He can keep on going for hours without getting exhausted.

Everything he does in bed will have a touch of class starting from foreplay to the time when he’ll plunging deep into you with his bouncing pelvic thrusts. You’ll simply be moaning and screaming with pleasure when he will be all over you. Be sure to have multiple orgasms everytime you go to bed with a cancer male. Lovemaking for a cancer male is like painting a picture or playing a musical instrument that must be done in an immaculate manner.

As far as you’re concerned, you can make it (the lovemaking acts) romantic and passionate for your cancer man by putting on a lingerie or nightwear that brings out your sexiness. Put on an invigorating perfume and bedeck the bed with flowers. Whispering sweet nothings in his ears will surely arouse him and get him into the mood. He’ll pick you up in his arms and take you to bed straightaway.

4. Rustle Up His Favorite

Dishes Once In A While. The cancer male is a perfect epicure and just loves to flaunt his gastronomic skills. Although you might want that your man should be out earning his livelihood he is someone who also loves to do household chores. So, if you need an ideal alibi to meet him, you can call him over to your house or apartment and you’ll see him organizing the entire place without your telling him. He’ll love him it when you rustle up his favourite meal when he’s done with putting your house in order.

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