How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Every relationship has its share of highs and lows, and therefore it follows that your association with your girlfriend is no exception. Oftentimes, there’d be situations when your girlfriend is cross or upset with you for some reason or the other. She could be angry with you because you’re not giving enough time to her or it could be because you’re not giving or paying her the attention she deserves from your end.

She constantly keeps fretting and fuming about the fact that you don’t take her out more often, not even on weekends (as you did in the past). Or, maybe you’ve said something to her that has hurt her feelings or you might have misbehaved with her in front of her friends or in public.

So, there could be hundred and one ways in which you could end up hurting your heartthrob either covertly or overtly. Since women tend to be more emotional and touchy than men, especially in matters of the heart, your girlfriend might take offense if and when you overstep bounds of decency in your dealings with her. Furthermore, she’d be more often than not, very subtle in expressing her hurt feelings so you’d have no way of comprehending her aggrieved state of mind instantly.

However, there’d be enough telltale signs that’ll make you doubly sure that she is mighty upset and disappointed with you. She may not talk with you for days on end and on rare occasions she does she’ll pretend as if you were not there. So, what to do, under such circumstances? If you love your girlfriend by heart and have already decided to make her your partner for life, then it goes without saying that you’d try to resolve the impasse between you by kissing and making up.

Saying sorry or tendering a sincere and heartfelt apology would be the simplest yet effective way of trying to patch things up between the two of you. If you genuinely want the person back in your life, then you’ve so many ways of saying sorry to her. You can ask for forgiveness in a very straightforward and honest manner or you can be quite fancy or elaborate about it.

Nevertheless it (saying that you’re sorry) is easier said than done. Strange as it may seem, we find ourselves saying sorry at the drop of a hat and on the most trivial of occasions to people who’re complete strangers. However, we get tongue-tied when we have to utter those words (I’m sorry’) to people who’re our near and dear ones like your girlfriend. But the rift or gulf between you and your heartthrob may widen and your relationship may break up for good if you do not make attempts to make up with her.


What keeps you from apologising?

What is it that keeps the men from apologising? Men, more than women, find it really hard to say that they’re sorry or that they’ve messed up because menfolk seem to be fiercely egoistic especially in such matters. Their pride prevents them from admitting or confessing to their guilt even if they’re acutely aware of their stupidity or banality.

Most men find it embarrassing to talk or discuss about something foolish or stupid they said or did that caused distress to their wives or girlfriends, and would act as if nothing happened. Whenever you’ve a disagreement or conflict with your girlfriend, your sense of pride averts you from owning up to your fault because you strongly feel that she was equally responsible for the discord which might be true.

Your rage over how she also rubbed you up the wrong way gives you the handle to justify your action or behaviour and you can’t possibly reason as to why you’d have to ask for forgiveness. But if you earnestly want to set the records straight and clear the air amongst yourselves then you’d first need to bring down the creative walls that you’ve foisted up on your own.

After all, you cannot be right or perfect in all circumstances but mess up sometimes which is perfectly all right because to err is human. You have to humbly accept the fact that nobody is perfect. Accepting this fact will make it easier for you to seek an apology.

Remember that your girlfriend is as human as you’re and that she chose you over other men because you impressed her in a way no other man could. So sometimes you should swallow your misplaced pride and show that you care about your girlfriend emotions and respect her feelings. If you’re out of your depths in coming up with ideas on how to apologize to your girlfriend, you can check out the following strategies or techniques.

1. Simply Be Honest and Seek Her Apology

Women happen to be very tender and effeminate by nature. So, you can take it for granted that your girlfriend has a soft corner for you even if her outward appearance might belie it. Therefore, if you come clean with your misconduct and apologize to her with all your heart, she’ll realize that you’re truly repentant and will pardon you.

Women attach overarching importance to truth and honesty in a relationship and therefore your sweetheart would expect a fair degree of reciprocity from your end as far as liaison with her is concerned. You should be circumspect in choosing the situation and the wordings as a vacuous apology can only make matters worse.

2. Say It with Flowers or an I’m Sorry Card

Saying that you’re sorry with flowers, cards, chocolate box or a stuffed toy despite having become hackneyed have not yet lost their universal appeal. These old school tricks still work. It won’t take too much effort on your part to make arrangements for sending her a bouquet of fresh flowers when she is alone at home so that she can get the space and the isolation to let the feeling sink in her that you’re indeed sorry for causing her emotional distress. You can also go to her home from your work and tell her that you’re regretful by gifting her with a teddy bear.

3. Gift a Stunning Pair of Shoes or Earrings and Surprise Her

Oftentimes, you’ve seen your fiancée’s eyes glowing up whenever you two walk past a footwear or apparel outlet. Many a times you’ve noticed her looking expectantly at you after a specific item of jewellery caught her fancy. So, what better occasion could you have than now for making up with her by gifting her that pair of shoes or jewellery piece which she had been eyeing for long and catching her by surprise? She’ll be pleasantly surprised and appreciate the fact that you do care about her in ways that she could not have imagined.

4. Show through Your Actions That You’ve Turned a New Leaf

Your girlfriend often complains that you don’t listen to what she has to say and that you’re insensitive towards her feelings. She occasionally grumbles to you that you don’t take the relationship as seriously she does. So, there’s a lot you can do to bring about a change in her mentality towards you.

You can make a start by being more attentive to her when she wants you to know her opinion about certain things or people. Try to show that you respect and care about her sentiments and feelings by expressing your perspectives as well. Let your conversations and discussions with her be more animated and lively rather than being one-off affairs.

5. Send Text Messages and E-Cards

Everybody is living fast paced lives these days and that might include your girlfriend as well. So it is quite possible that your girlfriend might be out of station or may not be around when you wish to convey your apology. However, you can always send her an email or an e-card in such circumstances. You also have the option of sending sweet and romantic text messages to say that you’re really sorry in as many words as possible that’ll make her nostalgic and also make her warm up to you.

As a conclusion, it can be inferred that there are different ways and means of saying that you’re sorry for your wayward behaviour and express your regret by tendering a heartfelt apology. But no matter whatever way or ways you choose to articulate your true feelings do not go about telling everybody about what happened between the two of you. You can always share your woes with your or her close friends and get their suggestions but if and only if your girlfriend feels comfortable about it.

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