How Texting Is Affecting Our Communication Skills

Have you ever realized that you are talking less and texting more? Particularly among youngsters, telephone calls have taken a back seat and text messages have become a much favored form of communication. The short message service (SMS) or e-mails are sent by people all around the world. This new way of communicating through text particularly by youngsters has affected their style of writing and way of communicating face- to- face.

How Texting is Affecting Our Communication Skills

Texting creates miscommunication

Youngsters now talk in a new language which is generated through texting. These new form of acronyms and abbreviation are not understood by everyone. Many a times, it happens that these acronyms are misunderstood by another person. For example, Lolz, Rolf, Cya and many others. It is possible that the person you are texting is not aware of these symbols. As a result messages are not perceived the way they should be, which creates miscommunication.

Reduces in depth conversation

You must have noticed that when you communicate through messages you tend to end your chat very soon. On the contrary, telephone calls and face- to- face conversations take longer to end.  The reason is that you get tired while typing and talk to the point. Talking to the point is only a surface level communication as we are not aware of the emotional state of the person we are chatting with. It also diminishes the importance of body language.  Body language speaks more than words. You can judge the emotional state of a person through his facial expressions and body language.  Noticing the signals that people send out through body language are useful for interaction. All these signals are missing when you use text as a medium of communication.

Text message spoils grammar

Texting take a lot of time and you get tired while typing words. So you prefer to be crisp and brief while writing. Shortcuts with spellings, punctuation and using new generated acronyms have spoiled the language skills of youngsters today. Youngsters tend to use the same language in their academic exams. All these convenient shortcuts are giving rise to a chaotic form of communication.

Texting distracts

Texting interrupts brain function and takes away concentration. Texting distracts your present work and as a result you are not able to focus. Your relation spoils with the person with whom who are physically present and he gets irritated because of your absent and disturbed mind.

Texting affects interpersonal communication

Texting may prove beneficial to those who are introvert, as they found it a convenient way of communicating with people. However, in long term, it proves to be very damaging because they are not able to come out of their shell. They are very expressive when they chat through text messages but feel nervous when they have to talk face- to- face. Normally, such people are seen with stammering problem as well.

Bad for future generation

Teenagers today are addicted to this new form of communication. Excessive use of texting has spoiled their communication and writing skills. They are the ones who will be educating their future generation. The future will rely on a generation whose communication skills are inappropriate. There is a possibility that incorrect grammar and communication skills will become socially accepted at one point of time and future generation will have poor communication skills.

Lack of confidence arises

Texting provides you with the liberty to edit the message. You think a lot before you send your text messages either thorough e-mails or short message service (SMS). You can type any kind of message. As a result you do not feel the need to make telephonic conversation. However, this affects verbal communication because there are times when you have to make telephone calls. There can be no editing done once you utter a word. People lose confidence when they talk face- to- face, because they fear a lot.

Creates a comfort zone

Texting affects the person-to-person interaction. An introvert person remains confined to four walls because his purpose is solved through text message. You may have seen people who are very active on social networking sites because face to face communication is missing. They create their own comfort zone on these sites as they have the liberty to be themselves. It becomes difficult for them to leave the virtual reality. These virtual world savvy people do not utter a word when they face the real world.

Generation Gap

Texting has become prominent in daily life of the new generation. However, the older generation finds it difficult to communicate through text messages. They face a lot of trouble in understanding new language. Texting has developed dependency on mobile phones. Youngsters are busy texting on phone and it is perceived as a rude behavior by the older generation. Parents also feel inferior to their children because of the ignorance of text language.

Instant gratification makes you impatient

Texting creates a very odd situation because you are compelled to answer immediately. Unlike phone calls there are no clear boundaries about when it is appropriate to call. The instant gratification of texting leads to impatience and aggression. On the other hand when we talk personally or face- of- face, we first understand the situation and react accordingly.

Surface level communication

Texting can be a great asset to people who are beginning a new friendship. Texting increases the frequency of small talks. The new lovers are more comfortable texting than making telephone calls. Texting is a surface level communication because there can be no meaningful conversation through small talks. Youngsters are sometimes heart broken when they talk face –to- face as the real self only comes out when they encounter the person physically.

Hampering relationships

Togetherness is neglected because we no more feel the need to meet our friends and relatives. Text message have made society impersonal. Body language and facial expressions are missing. We no more use facial expressions such as smiling or nodding. Text messages solve all our purpose and now we hardly talk to our loved ones.

Lack of Body language

Human face is very expressive it expresses countless emotions without saying a word. The facial expressions for anger, love and affection are the same all over the world. Eye contact, touch and voice play very critical part when we interact with people. Eye contact boosts confidence and is considered as an appropriate way of communicating with people. The way you look at someone, it communicates many things, shows your interest, love, attraction and affection for the person. We communicate a lot through touch like a hand shake, a hug or a pat holds a lot of importance while communicating. You voice also plays a great role in determining your relation with the person you are talking to. All these facial expressions are missing in text messages which sometimes do not deliver the appropriate message.

You cannot undo the effect of technology and erase the use of text message. However, do not let the new way of interacting affect your communication skills. Every time you text a message, put in extra efforts in typing your words. See that there is no grammatical mistake. Try to use the acronyms and abbreviation if necessary and do realize that there is no substitute to face to face communication.

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