How Online Gaming Is Affecting Your Social Interactions

Just type online gaming in the search toolbar and, there you go. There’s a list of websites that would welcome you to single as well as multiplayer online gaming. A whole new world opens its arms to welcome you. Addiction is the first thing that happens within these gates. Once you start playing one game online, you get hooked on to it. In case of the multiplayer games, you invite others to play that game and, there you are playing a single game with loads of people. There’s a fierce competition, a winning spirit and, lastly the companionship spirit that arises while you play these games. If you have noticed, most social networking sites offer multiplayer games wherein you play with your friends or unknown people just to live a virtual happiness. So, does this online gaming habit affect your social relationships in anyway?

affect of video games

1. The Unknown Familiarity

You are playing a game online and, suddenly you need help to gain some points. There are some people listed from whom you can acquire help. You are addicted and, the list contains people with whom you hardly speak. What do you do? You go ahead and click ‘okay’ to seek help. This is what happens in case of most people. Even if you don’t talk to them personally, your game avatar talks to them often. Your in-game interactions are superb. They don’t even mind when you turn up to ask help. In fact, they are your virtual mates. In case they need help, they don’t shy away from asking for the same. So, you become familiar faces in this unknown world.

2. A Longer Relationship

This is a constant debate! Can you really make good friends while gaming online? While one purpose of multi-player gaming is that the game catches enough interest, the other is obviously that people start interacting and this really is the platform to start a strong relationship. When you seek help from an unknown person on a multiplayer gaming platform, you just light the spark for a new relationship. This could end with gaming or, it can go beyond gaming. This is just a platform for you to discover new people. You create new relations in the virtual world through gaming. This is very similar to making friends through offline games in the real world. Through such games you can build relations with people who do not speak your language or look like you in anyway. This is the brilliance of online interactions. It gets you started with people beyond your circle and, makes you aware of what goes on in the real world.

3. A Shared Goal

Most online multi-player games are great tools to build team spirit. If you are explaining team-work to a group of people, you could actually use the example of online games. When there are multiple players sharing the same goal, they make sure everyone is sufficiently equipped to reach the goal. The shared goal helps them work as a team. If a member in the team needs help, the others work their way out to make sure the help is given on time. Like in the real world, where you would put up a glorious fight for your team so that it can win, in the virtual world too you fight well for the same reason. The shared values and goals build in a great amount of group understanding. You would see a positive increase in your social interactions when in the virtual world.

4. Ideas & More

While playing that multi-player game online, you keep sending requests to people to join you. You have been playing this game since long and, sadly none of your friends seem to be interested in playing the game. You are in desperate need of a partner to share your game with. So, you observe these few people who have been playing for a while. You just try your luck and send out a request to them. They accept it and you start playing together. This is just the beginning of a new relationship where there is nothing beyond a game that’s common, at least in the beginning. Gradually, you start looking out for new ways to chat with this new friend. You talk and then you start exchanging your thoughts, values and ideas. In fact, at one point you two are unmatched duo for many others. So, what exactly happened? You two just started out interacting, as you would have – had you been in the real world, and built a real tough team to battle against the others. You two grew strong as a pair so that you can turn the others down. Isn’t that interesting?

5. Competitive Spirit Gains Importance

It’s a game at the end of the day and, a game has to be played whole heartedly. Competition is the heart of a game. If you are online, playing a multi-player online game, you know for sure that you are playing in a competitive world. There are two teams competing to reach that one goal. But, you are against each other. This is an excellent way to know if you are competent enough to fight well to achieve that goal. Leadership while fighting against a team comes easily in such online games. In fact, you start looking at competition in a healthy way. You don’t really fight for the golden trophy but, you fight for dignity and that too in the game’s true spirits. You learn to stay away from the dirt of playing cheap.

6. The World is my Friend

There’s no boundary to who can be your friend. The whole world is within your arm’s reach. You just need to find out how to approach them while playing with or against them. You would get to meet new cultures, new type of people while playing an online game.

Virtual interactions are not really as good as real world interactions. But all the same, virtual interactions can also get you good and long lasting relations.

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