How Exactly Do Men Flirt With Women?

In matters concerning the heart, women always seem to have it easier, at least in the initial stages when the wooing or courtship game begins. Since the day Eve charmed Adam into biting the apple – women have been using their guile to cast a spell on the menfolk.

It is men who have always made the first move and women have forever enjoyed the privilege of being approached and asked out by men.  Since it is men who almost always find selves taking the first step, it follows that many men are not able to exploit the opportunities all the time due to reasons or circumstances that are sometimes beyond their control. Many men fall short of either one or more attributes like overall built and physique, height, emotional balance and of course, virility.

Since a woman matures earlier than a man, both from the physical and psychological standpoint, she has a clearer picture of the kind of man that’ll be her ideal life partner. Therefore, women tend to flirt with a string of men and may have multiple affairs before she finds her ‘Mr. Right’.

On the other hand, men flirt with women with different interpersonal goals or objectives in mind. Most often, they’re looking for a casual fling (read: casual sex) especially when they’re young while others are very sincere when dealing with women. Some guys seem to excel when it comes to flirting and cavorting with women and hop, skip and jump from one affair to another with panache while others have to huff and puff through their way.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that it is men who have to labour more to win the love of their women and towards that end, they resort to flirting in different ways.

He’ll stare at you a lot almost to the point of ogling if he has a thing for you. He’ll try to make you laugh by cracking jokes. He’ll look for excuses to strike up a conversation with you. He’ll compliment you for your looks without rhyme and reason. He’ll try to cheer you up if you look depressed. If he loves you by heart, he’ll be overprotective about you and will do his best to stay close to you wherever possible. He’ll remember your birthday and try to impress you by being obedient to you like a small child. He’ll make you feel as if he cares for you more than anybody in the world and like no else cares.

So, How Exactly Do Men Flirt With Women?

Given that men will be men, they use different techniques of flirting or wooing or courting women. Following are some of the ways.

flirting with women

1. Putting On a Voice That Might Range from Baritone to Being Overly Dramatic

Contrary to what you might think, women concentrate more on the quality or tenor of your voice than the wordings. Women true to type depend more on their intuition to understand the real intentions behind your pitch.

This is not to imply that women are born psychologists but Nature has imbibed them with the innate flair that helps to distinguish different voice tones and even comprehend the real motive during varying voice modulations even better than their male counterparts. So, if you want to have your way with flirting, you should focus more on how you say whatever you’ve to say.

2. Be Suggestive Instead of Being Overtly Candid

Instead of trying to project an image that you are a very candid and straightforward person, try to be flirtatious with subtle undertones. There’s nothing wrong with being frank and outspoken only that it does not work in matters close to the heart. Women prefer men who know how to flatter them but it does not mean that you can be indiscreet in your praise.

Don’t go up to your girl and say that you’re a passionate lover particularly when she is in the company of her girlfriends. You should have the presence of mind (or “common-sense” if you may) to realise what to say and when to say it. Speaking in a manner that is figurative and using suggestive hints in your casual conversations can go a long way in making your girl understand what you want from her.

3. Play As if You’re Being Seduced

Just watch your woman blush and go red in the face when you accuse her of attempting to entice you. If she tells you to come over or invite you to her place for fixing the table lamp that has been lying idle for many months then you chip in by saying that ‘You’re really a bold girl. It’s hardly been a month since we came to know each other and here I am getting an invite for dropping in. Are you sure you can trust me?’ Chances are that she’ll love your quip.

4. Pepper or Spice up Your Conversations

Most men in their desperation to start a conversation with a woman for the first time, end up making it drab and dreary. Ladies can and do get really pissed off when you try to break the ice by asking her questions like ‘Do you work for a living’ or ‘Are you a post graduate’? Or ‘What is your salary’ that is downright mundane and can put her off.

You don’t really have to rack your brains to come up with questions that she’ll feel like replying back. For instance, you can retort something like ‘you look ravishing in that peacock blue suit. Is blue your favourite colour?’      

5. Bring Up the Topic of Sex but in a Hilarious Manner

You’re already familiar with the refrain of most women. That is all men want from them is sex and nothing and might have also put up with a lot of jibes from them. Women seem to suffer from a misplaced sense of vanity that men try to exploit them for sexual ends.

Now, that might be a theme for the neo-feminists to debate about, you can work towards making your woman think in a different manner. Once in a while, make her sit in a place and untie the laces in her shoes and retie them or lay your handkerchief on the lawn for her to sit down upon it. Try to impress upon her and make her feel sometimes men too can make a difference.

6. Tell Her That She can be Mischievous At Times

You can sometimes up the ante by telling your woman that she can get naughty or mischievous at times. If your woman is bright enough, she’ll certainly enjoy your being humorous in a sardonic manner.

There are hundreds of other ways you can be coquettish with your woman but just see to it that you do not go over the top or cross the limit.

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