How does Having a Child Change your Life

Being parents is the most wonderful phase in a human life. You get a new life into this world that breathes in fresh air of innocence. This baby means a lot to you. You have been romanticizing the idea of a baby since long and it has finally dawned. Parenthood could not have been better, could it? The joys of a new parent are beyond words. A new phase, a new responsibility and a whole new set of rules! But, with this joy comes a change that is indescribable. When you decide upon a baby, make sure you are fine with the life changing events that comes along with the baby. The sacrifices that come with this new bundle of joy! You are no longer you, once you have a baby. There are numerous changes that you experience and, not all these changes are going to make you happy. A baby makes you feel alive but, the events that revolve around you after that may not create happiness after all. Remember, you need to be prepared for these changes and, not regret the entire decision later.


1. The True Strength

If you lose some things, having a baby makes you realize newer avenues. You never knew you had that inner strength to face anything and everything in this world. Your baby makes you realize this. At one point you were this care-free person who had nothing to worry about. In fact you never had to control anything. But, with a baby and the future of that baby in your hands, things change. You feel the responsibility; you know you have to fight it all to give the best to your baby. A feeling unknown till yesterday, comes alive within you.

2. A New Life

You were the child till yesterday, now you have one. This transition from being a child to becoming a mother is worth everything. Now, you value and respect the choices and sacrifices your parents made in a new way. Everything you do or you feel is preceded with the thoughts of your baby. You love the feeling of love. You can’t bear to see your baby in pain. You wish to take away the pains from the baby. These new changes are welcome in your new phase. You feel new as a flower with this new bundle of joy in your arms.

3. Giving up on Luxuries

It is time you learnt to cut down on the luxuries in your life. Yes, having an hour long shower or being at the spa is a thing of past. With this baby in your arms, you are no longer in for the luxurious moment. A shower and a regular time at parlour is now luxury for you. Your baby is going to be demanding a lot of time from you. Your time will first be devoted to your baby. When your baby is well taken care of is when you can attend to personal care. This is your first bit of sacrifice. It is not much but, you lose out on your personal time.

4. Motherly Emotions

Finally you see the dawn of emotions in front of you. You were strong when things happened to you. But, with your baby it is different. Now, even the smallest thing can cause a heart break to you. In fact if your baby cries because he/she got hurt, you are going to shed a few tears yourself. Now, this is the feeling of being a parent. Your emotional quotient goes up in the air.

5. No-Break Life

With a baby in your arms, gone are the days when you longed for breaks. Your baby sure is going to give you breaks to just nap for a while. The rest of the time you are up and about spending time with your baby. The times when you can get some work done is when your baby is napping away in the corner. Sleep is a luxury now. Going out and talking with people or calling up people seems like a distant dream. You can curl up with your partner and watch TV for as long as the baby is sleeping. So your break times are completely defined by the bundle’s sleep time.

6. Weekends don’t Matter

Where once you needed a break every weekend just to catch up with your favourite flick, now you no longer bother about the weekends! This is one major change that occurs with the coming of a baby in your life. You feel so happy just being around your baby, that you don’t mind sleeping in early on a weekend night or missing out on your regular activities. You are fine with just being home with family, eating a good cooked meal and playing with the baby. This makes you feel complete.

7. The Baby Talks

This is one major change that every parent can expect. With a baby in your life, invariably all conversations deal with him/her. You talk about the diet, the feeding problems, your baby’s future, the broken tooth, the new medicines etc. You don’t seem to know anything else in this world. Even if there was some breaking news, for you your baby’s first turn is going to be the big thing. It does not matter what happens in the outside world, for the time – your baby is all that matters.

8. You & Your Partner

There is a major change in your relationship with your partner once you have a baby. You get closer, thanks to the baby. In fact, all your actions are mutually concentrated towards the baby. Of course, you both forget concentrating on your relationship. That is a kind of strain in the relationship. But, with time and by working towards it, you can glorify your relationship to better levels after having a baby.

Having a baby changes your life completely. You look at life in a newer way. There are some problems and it causes stress. Overall it is the best experience in one’s life.

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