How Do You Stop Intrusive Thoughts From Originating

Are you constantly surrounded by thoughts and wills that you do not wish for? Do you wish to keep your space spic and span all the while for no reason? Even a piece of paper that has fallen down makes you feel the room is dirty. Are you surrounded by unwanted memories or sad and depressing thoughts? Do you feel that you are going to harm someone really close to you? Sexual thoughts that are either violent in nature or shameful in thoughts itself may also be a part of your thoughts. All these are instances of intrusive thoughts. This could lead to anxiety and a few more troubles if not curbed at an early stage. Unnecessary fear of the unknown, a will to be violent or just plain anxious thoughts could also plunge in to make you insane. A continuous series of these thoughts are really bad for your mental health.

There are different anxiety disorders that are generated out of the various levels of anxiety thoughts. When you just fear the unknown without any visuals, you may be combating with a general anxiety disorder. A past shame or embarrassment makes you distressed at any moment could result in social phobia. OCD is when you feel that the fear is all set to ruin you and, you are obsessed with that fear.

intrusive thoughts

1. Writing Your Thoughts

Have you ever thought of writing the thoughts that come to your mind? These devilish thoughts that have made it impossible for you to live normally, need to be penned down. When a thought starts to pop up in your mind – start writing it down! Try to decipher what you feel when this thought arises in your mind. Are you ashamed when it comes, does it thrill you or do you feel scared? Your mental state matters along with these thoughts. You should also write the reason for this thought becoming so important in your life. Why do you stick to this thought and why has it led to the obsession? Once you have written all of this, you are now ready to curb the thoughts. Without knowing the cause, solutions cannot be followed. By writing down these thoughts, you have decided to make way for solution.

2. The Acceptance Phase

You need to accept the flow of your thoughts as a natural process. Once you start accepting these thoughts, they no longer scare you. It is natural that you wish to avoid these thoughts from your life but, that will just increase the problems. Instead an unconditional acceptance of the presence of your thoughts will help you move towards the positive end. Yes, you think of the unknown, fear the unknown and you will be disturbed by the unknown. They could be anything; Things that you wish to ignore or hide. But, accept them. They are natural. This will help take a step towards curbing these thoughts.

3. React Differently

Yes, these thoughts are disturbing, scary and you are absolutely entangled by these thoughts. It is time to move out of this anxiousness that bounds you every time. It is time to figure out a different way to react to the issue in hand. Your reaction is what changes the entire situation. If you react positively, the thoughts will stop troubling you. But, if you keep allowing the thoughts to dominate you, there is no saving yourself in this case. If there are fears, let them be. Why lose control on yourself because of them? The fears are always two sided. Try to look out for the positive angle in the fear. Looking at the negative always makes you react in a negative way. If you start looking at the positives associated with the fear, you are actually trying to curb the fear. A positive attitude destroys the demons of fear and allows you to rest in peace. In fact, this would help you understand how baseless your fears were.

4. Change the Direction of Thoughts

Thinking about the problem and trying to figure out the various ways to define the problem is not going to help you in anyway. The problem needs to be eradicated from the roots. You need to get a hold on the negative thoughts that keep on getting into your mind. You need to get a hold on yourself. Being too serious in life could allow you to be negative about life and the thoughts too. Try to relax yourself. A bit of chilling down, laughing and being a little happy hasn’t ever done anyone harm. It won’t harm you either. Those who laugh and stay happy are stress free. Try to be one of them at some point.

5. Be Comfortable with Yourself

If you try to be your own companion when you are alone, you could become comfortable with yourself. When you are comfortable and happy, in spite of being alone, you can actually curb the negative thoughts that create a space in your mind. It is the fear of being alone or the increase in discomfort that you face that leads to such negativity.

6. Awareness of Thoughts

Meditation has solved millions of problems. There is a technique in meditation wherein you are to consciously control your thoughts. This method works! If your mind starts cooking up the negative thoughts, try to curb them by concentrating on your heart-beat and your own breathing, consciously shut out those negative thoughts and keep breathing in and out. Your brain should dwell on the breathing exercise and not on your thoughts. This way the thoughts will go.

7. Professional Help

In spite of these steps, if you still feel that you are not able to control the thoughts, seek a professional help. Do not stay put and wait for a miracle to happen, find your miracle in the therapist.

Your thoughts will always play games with you; it’s up to you to ensure your mind is stable in spite of the thoughts.

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