Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss was once inextricably linked to imperfect genetics and looked upon as a hereditary problem. However, when it was observed that even those without a genetic predisposition were losing hair occasionally, it was unanimously accepted that there could be other reasons for unwarranted hair loss. Continuous research by haircare experts and nutritionists and other related professionals have overwhelmingly established that poor nutritional habits, erratic lifestyles, and environmental pollution are responsible in a big way for hair loss.

Irrespective of the factors that cause one to lose his or her hair, it is undoubtedly a major healthcare epidemic or plague today. And the ailment does not discriminate between age groups. Nowadays, a 15-year old is equally prone to losing his or her hair as much as a 65 year old man or woman. There was a time when hair fall or hair loss was attributed to ageing and baldness was a condition that was associated with aged people. However, we’ve become inured to seeing young people with completely hairless or baldpates.

So alopecia (the medical term for baldness) seems to affect the young and the old equally. Many people, while taking a bath watch helplessly as strands of hair flow down the exit drain. More often, they have to witness hair strands coming off while combing their hair. So, no matter whatever is the cause of your hair loss, it can be undoubtedly quite embarrassing.

Home remedies for hair loss

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Though medical sciences have always asserted heredity, genetics and hormonal changes as the main causes behind uncontrolled hair loss, other factors seem to be responsible as well. Some of these factors are improper nutrition or inadequate nourishment, stress, ageing, excessive stress, protracted illness, split hair ends, and medications. Most of us have to put up with these issues or problems more often and therefore, it follows that we have to confront the issue of hair loss at some point in our lives.

Procedures to Follow to Prevent Hair Loss

To control hair fall and check hair loss, you’d have to adopt some elementary practices over and above the hair treatment procedures that you often resort to.  There’s nothing wrong in going to a hair salon or a beauty parlour for getting your hair done that also serves as an effective treatment mechanism against undue hair loss. However, it may not always be possible to rush to the salon or parlour for a haircare treatment, as it’ll burn a hole in your pocket.

There are some simple and easy-to-follow techniques that you can follow to control hair loss. Avoid rubbing or drying your hair with a towel after you take a bath. Also refrain from combing your hair when it is wet. Your hair locks or tresses tend to become soft and pliant when wet, and using a towel or running a comb through wet hair results in the breakage of hair strands.

Try to massage the scalp region more often. Massaging helps in stimulating blood flow in your mane, which subsequently leads to better hair growth. Furthermore, opt for hairdos or hairstyles that don’t tie up your hair very tautly. Use a blow dryer or hair dryer as sparingly as possible. Subjecting your hair to minimal heat procedures is also recommended. Also do not use hot water for washing or cleaning your hair that can make your hair strands brittle making them vulnerable to splitting easily.

You should also bear in mind that your hair (the hair root to be specific) is a living organ like any other organ in your body. Therefore it needs nutrients to sustain its growth and retain its texture. Hair is primarily constituted of proteins so you’d need to include a lot of proteinaceous foods regularly in your diet.

You’ll also have to take food items that contain vitamins specifically vitamins A, B-Complex, C, and E. Since iron deficiency is a major cause of acute hair loss, go for foods that are rich in iron. Work out regularly and drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Cut down on excessive tea or coffee consumption. Keep your hair clean and free from chemicals.

Always use natural haircare products and go for haircuts at least once in two months. Despite the fact that the market is flooded with innumerable products that claim to effectively check and prevent hair loss, the traditional remedies still remain the most efficient. The following home remedies for hair loss are not only affordable but are convenient to follow as well.

1. Coconut Milk.

Coconut milk is richly endowed with proteins and vitamins and therefore one of the best home remedies for not only averting hair fall but also promoting its balanced growth. Coconuts contain high amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The milk extract of coconut can help in nourishing your hair roots and make them stronger. You can grate the coconut kernel in your home and then crush or squeeze the grate for extracting the juice. Thereafter, apply the milk over your hair or massage your hair with the extract.

2. Massage with Natural Oils.

Regularly massaging your scalp region with natural oils helps in boosting the growth of hair follicles. Massaging with natural oil like jujube or coconut oil helps in getting rid of dandruff and healing fungal infections of the hair. If you massage your hair more often with natural oil, it’ll boost circulation of the blood in your scalp and help to keep stress under manageable levels.

Remember that stress is one of the foremost reasons that result in thinning of your hair and its eventual loss. Jojoba oil is particularly recommended as it helps in sebum replacement in your scalp. Coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil and mustard oil are also suitable. Massage your hair with prescribed oil at least thrice a week. After massaging, let it remain for nothing less than 5 to 6 hours before cleansing it off with a light hair conditioning shampoo. You can also prepare a concoction of two oils for better results.

3. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera juice extract or any preparation that contains aloe vera can be very efficient in thwarting hair loss. You can apply aloe vera gel directly over your scalp. Aloe extract is particularly effectual in putting off hair loss if your scalp region is dry, irritated or infected.

4. Amla or Indian Gooseberries.

Amla or Indian gooseberries are again a very effective home remedy not only for controlling hair fall but also for promoting hair growth. One way of using it would be to simmer the dried berries in a base of coconut oil until the oil takes on a blackish tinge. Let it cool down sufficiently.

Thereafter apply the oil on your scalp and massage gently. You can also make a concoction of these gooseberries and shikakai powder. Shikakai powder is widely available in ayurvedic outlets. Use a mortar and pestle to grind them into a paste and then apply the same to your scalp. Let it remain for some minutes before cleansing your hair. Do not use shikakai if the texture of your hair is dry.

5. Neem Oil.

The medicinal benefits of the neem tree are known to almost everybody. Each and every part of this herbaceous tree starting from the leaves to the bark is of use to the mankind. The oily extract from the leaves and bark of the tree is also useful in stopping hair loss. Put some neem leaves in a saucepan containing water and boil the water. Let it boil till the water level falls sufficiently (at least to half of the original level) and allow it to cool down. Cleanse your hair with the water. Use this technique at least once weekly.

If your hair fall is indeed acute, you can use a pack containing a balanced mix of several natural ingredients like honey, olive oil, egg whites, curds, aloe vera, and cinnamon. However, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before you can use such packs because you might be allergic to some of the ingredients. Always read the instructions carefully before you can start using any of these packs.     

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