High School Graduation Gifts: Find out What Clicks

12. Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment will surely be the best gift for your friend. Fitness equipment are reasonably priced and come in a wide range of choices like weights, dumbbells or an exercising machine. If you are looking for less expensive gift ideas, then you can look for products like Baoding balls, hand exercise balls, Hula hoop plastic rings, Pedometer, sports watches, yoga mats, wireless headphones, sipper, skipping ropes, etc.

Fitness Equipment

13. A Camera

Give your friend a way to document the next phase in his/her life by gifting a camera. Nowadays, digital cameras are becoming much less expensive, which means you can give a quality, high-tech camera. In the camera you can also click your friend’s best moments.

A Camera

14. Trendy Footwear

A pair of trendy shoes has a designated place in a youngster’s closet. You can gift them a pair comfortably boots which will be a blessing during the winter. The colors, fabrics and styles that these come in, make it every girl’s dream pair of footwear.

Trendy Footwear

15. Set of Perfumes

Every youngster loves to have a nice body odor. Perfumes are a great gift idea as they can be gifted throughout ages for all types of occasions. As you are gifting it to your graduating friend then it should not be an ordinary perfume, you must gift him the best quality perfumes. Few fine quality perfume gift are Grey flannel, Cuba gold, Spark Bellagio and many others. If you know his/her taste, you can present him/her a perfume of their choice.

Set of Perfumes

16. Leather Accessories

Leather accessories come under the most elegant category of gifts. Youngsters can be gifted accessories like wallets, purses, jackets, handbags, leather belts etc.

Leather Accessories

17. Flowers

Flowers are the most traditional and striking gift that you can gift  to anyone. To enhance the value of a bouquet you can attach a note to it. Gift your friend a special note telling him how much you will miss him/her.


18. A Sports kit

Youngsters love sports and gifting sports item to your graduating friend can be a great idea. If you know about the sport or game that he/she loves you can opt to give him/her anything related to that sport. You can gift him/her an autographed sports gear or even trendy sportswear. You can even gift him/her a membership of the sports club or a ticket for a match of his/her favorite team.

A Sports kit

19. Wi-Fi Internet Radio Adapter

This sleek and affordable Wi-Fi radio adapter is a great gift idea for youngsters that bring tons of free streaming music from the internet into your home. As youngsters are fond of music this one is a perfect gift for them.

Wi-Fi Internet Radio Adapter

20. Electronic Items

If your friend is planning to go out for his studies after high school, then electronic items is a nice option at your disposal. These can prove to be quite useful when they start their new beginning. The gift can be anything like a kettle, juicer, toaster, music system, computer accessories, etc. You can also gift these items in a group wherein everybody will contribute to the cost.

Electronic Items

21. Money

If none of the above options is working for you, then the best gift for graduation is some cash. Handling some extra cash is definitely a great gift as it would help him/her in future endeavors. Most people avoid giving cash, but make a great gift.


Apart from this you can also gift them:

  1. A box full of eating essentials and healthy junk food
  2. Set of bed sheets, towels and napkins
  3. Toolbox and put their names on the tools.
  4. Microwave
  5. Fan
  6. Table lamp
  7. Dorm refrigerator
  8. Toiletry bag and with favorite products inside
  9. Address book with important addresses and phone numbers inside it.
  10. A box containing products such as lotions, face washes, hand wash, perfumes or soaps.
  11. A pair of socks
  12. A bracelet made with his/her favorite trinkets.
  13. A book autographed by his/her favorite author.
  14. A hand knitted muffler, hand gloves or shocks.
  15. A unique knife set.
  16. Pen drive and hard drives
  17. Golf kit
  18. Sports event tickets
  19. A pair of binoculars.
  20. Sun glasses
  21. Leather jacket
  22. Buy beautiful and functional hair adornments such as hair pins, hair bands rubber bands or extensions.
  23. A sun hat is another useful item for your friend.

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