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hide navigation barHello.

Having Navigation Bar in blogger blogs doesn’t contributes to good looks of a blog. Moreover it can be a problem for many users as then spammers can notify unnecessarily to blogger about your blog and it may be out on hold for over a month.

So to Hide Navigation Bar is the best way out, some of you might be thinking that isn’t this against the usage policies of Blogger?

The answer is NO, because we are hiding the Navigation Bar and not removing it, so its still there, just not showing up.kenyit

Anyway, now I will tell you How To Hide Navbar or Navigation Bar in Blogger Blogs.
hide navigation bar

01. Log in to your Free Blogger account by going to:

And enter the required fields and press Sign In
hide navigation bar

02. On your Dashboard choose the blog for which you want to Hide Nav Bar and then click on Layout tab:
hide navigation bar

Once there, click on Edit Html tab:
hide navigation bar

03. Now in Edit Html tab, before proceeding next, it would be a better idea to backup your template, by clicking on Download Full Template link:
hide navigation bar

Once downloaded, check the box to tick Expand Widget Templates:
hide navigation bar

hide navigation bar

04. Now just before the hide navigation bar tag in your template
hide navigation bar

Add following lines:

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;

It will look something like this:
hide navigation bar

Now click on Preview button [a new windows or tab will open]:
hide navigation bar

By Previewing, you don’t save the changes, but can ensure it be error free.kenyit Also, make sure the Navbar is not showing in the preview.

05. Now click on Save Template button to change the changes.
hide navigation bar

You are successful to Hide Blogger Navbar

If the above code doesn’t work for your template, then you can try following code also:

#navbar-iframe {
visibility: hidden;

Or you can also use the combination of both to Remove Navbar.

And if later you want to have the navbar back, simply remove the style codes added.senyum

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