Hide Any Drive In 3 Steps

hide driveHello.

Most of you must have wondered if there exists a way without using software to Hide A Drive completely so that it cannot be viewed or accessed without unlocking it. Well for those who have and who haven’t yet, here is a easiest method on How To Hide Any Drive In Just 3 Steps.

Here we go, follow these 3 simple steps:

In my example I will hide Drive Volume G: from My Computer:
unhidden drive

After following these 3 steps:
hidden drive

01. Go To Start –> Run or use Win+R keys and type this and press Ok


start menu
run command in windows 7
run command

For Vista/Windows 7
windows 7 run box

02. This will open Command Prompt for you. Now type below text and press Enter:


command prompt

Note: In Window Vista and higher you will get a security warning, bypass it clicking on allowing.

Once in Diskpart type below text and press Enter:

list volume

command prompt

This will list all the partitions. Now as in my example I want to Hide Partition G: and it has Volume no. 10. So my next command will be:

select volume 10

Remember to change 10 with the volume number of your partition you want to hide and press Enter:
command prompt

03. Now as in my example I am hiding drive G: so my last command will be below and then press Enter:

remove letter G

command prompt

All done. Now open your computer and see that drive is made hidden:
hidden drive

Now to make a drive Unhidden

Follow first 2 steps as such but in step 3 instead of remove letter G use below command:

assign letter G

command prompt

For Vista/Windows 7
The commands becomes slightly different here:

assign letter=G

hidden drive

You have successfully unlocked the Hidden Drive.

Hope this Helps. Please leave a reply if I am not clear anywhere, I would help you out.senyum


  1. acai supplements says:

    Very interesting. My computers are locked with a password all the time. I’m not sure hiding a drive is going to provide needed security.

  2. Bariski says:

    Well it helps when you share your Pc with your friends and you got few personal things in your drives. :)

  3. indra says:

    nice bariski, thanks for triks

  4. Md. Shoyeb says:

    your method is so wonderful

  5. brar says:

    thnx…it really helps//

  6. Saurabh says:

    trick is fine…but suppose i dont want to show system reserved drive then?? Will it able to boot after restart?

  7. Vishu says:

    Nice trickss

  8. sunny says:

    nice trick…..thank’s