Secret Successful Ways How to Heal a Broken Heart

Love is a very amazing thing. It is full of ironies. It can build your spirit and even bleed your heart. According to a quote, a broken heart bleeds tears and it would not be wrong to add to the quote that these tears go unnoticed and are worse than the blood one sheds. Others can never understand the pain and suffering that a broken heart undergoes until and unless they have themselves been through such an experience. A broken heart needs healing and if help does not come in time, your entire life can go haywire.

If how to deal with a broken heart is the question on your mind, we got some sure short solutions for you. Well, we are taught a lot of things in school and they include how to behave and deal with people and the world at large but healing a broken heart is something that is never taught in any school. One wonders why it is never taught when it is an important life skill. You must know how to repair a broken heart and come out of the smoldering crisis that gnaws at your heart and soul. Well, if the schools don’t teach you, it does not mean that you cannot mend your heart. Here is help. The tips that we have described below can be of immense help in helping your heart to heal.

1. Accept the Situation and don’t go in the Denial Mode

This is the first thing and the hardest thing that you must do in order to initiate the healing process. If you have read carefully, you will find out that we have said it is the hardest thing. Yes, it is. Accepting that the most loved person is an ex and would not be there with you is a cruel reality but you have to bear this cruelty in order to find calmness. It often happens that the dispirited souls and broken hearts go into a denial mode. They keep thinking about their ex and wonder what they could have done to save the situation. This if and but situation is totally tormenting and never allows you to come out of the painful phase. So, accept it that you broke up and now you need to embark on anew journey.

Accept the Situation and don’t go in the Denial Mode

2. Say Sorry if you Have Made a Mistake

This is a must and can be the best thing to sort out everything that seems like a mess. However, you must ascertain whether you are at fault or the other party. If it is your fault and things have come to such a pass that you ego is stopping you from making advances and mend the situation, we would advise you to go ahead and say a sincere sorry because it can bring everything back to normal without much ado. On the other hand, if it is the fault of the other party,stay quiet and give them time. If they come back, well and good. If not, do not go after them. Be normal and let things take their own course.You will find a better person in future.

Say Sorry if you Have Made a Mistake

3. Jot Down Your Feelings

Catharsis or the purging of emotional tension is a must to get rid of the trauma that is driving you crazy. Of course, it will not provide you immediate relief but it is very essential as it helps you vent out your pent up your frustration and tension. You feel light after jotting down what you feel but you have to do it for a fair period of time. Don’t think that you have to pen down a poem, just write whatever that comes to your mind. It will lighten up your heart.

Jot Down Your Feelings

4. Talk to Your Close Friends or People you Trust

Confiding in others what you are feeling is also a form of catharsis and goes a long way in healing your broken heart. If you feel like crying or even swearing at your ex, do it. It will kick out all the mud that lies stocked up inside your heart after the rainfall of tears. However, you should do this only before those who you trust.

Talk to Your Close Friends or People you Trust

5. Take a Vacation and get Some Fresh air

Our surroundings play a great role in influencing our mind and heart. So, if you are nursing a broken heart and can take a vacation, go for it. It will do wonders for you as you will find different things to focus your mind and attention. Who knows you might even bump into a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. This is not to say that you must plan out the vacation with the objective of finding a prospect. This is just a possibility that we are talking about.

Take a Vacation and get Some Fresh air

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