Be a Good Roommate

In this increasing urbanization trend, more and more village people are migrating towards cities. This is because of the increased literacy rate, and due to this people are becoming more concerned about their higher education. In order to have quality education and find good job opportunities, they are shifting towards big cities. This is causing overcrowd in these cities, which force people to share their rooms with roommates. Sometimes, you find a guy who is like you. You will not have any problem with such a roommate. However, if you find someone who is completely opposite to you, then it can cause a serious problem. He or she can be challenging and it is up to you to cope with them and try to live harmoniously. You may have grown up living with siblings and tons of relatives, but when it comes to sharing our space with a stranger, it is a hard bargain, especially when your roommate comes from a different background, has different tastes and different habits. This can be annoying for you.  The bad habits of your roommate might irritate you. In such circumstances, you can either adjust yourself with him/her or can leave that room. If you have a polite and adjusting nature, you will definitely try to make your relationship with roommate very strong. In order to create a pleasant and friendly environment at room, you should understand how to be a good roommate. Here are some tips to start a successful roommate relationship. These are:

1. Be Clear


It will be very good if you let your roommate know everything in advance. Tell him/her about your preferences, likes and dislikes, so that there may not cause any problem in future. It will not be fair to expect him or her to pick up on them right away. You need to have a communication in advance in order to eliminate small problems, before they become big issues. So, tell your roommate what you will never like to see in room. Put all the conditions in front of your roommate. This will make your relation very strong and compatible.

2. Set Your Principles

Set Your Principles

You might have your own rules and principles of life. Don’t leave them ever. Apply them on yourself and if possible try to teach the same to your roommate. These principles may be early to rise, early to sleep, keep your room clean, daily worship etc. This will inspire your roommate to respect you and your principles. Be very particular about them. If you, yourself, break these rules, your roommate will get a hint that you are not very strict about your principles. Thus, he or she will also break them, which you may find wrong. This will lead to arguments and further will turn into serious fights between you and him or her. So, in order to be good roommate, it will be better for you to set your genuine principles and follow them.

3. Be open with your Roommate

Be open with your Roommate

Being open and friendly with your roommate will be very helpful for your relation’s strong compatibility. If your roommate is new in the city, take her/him out and tell her about your city. If your roommates are experiencing any difficulty with a certain thing, help them out. If they are confused about a college project or even homework, make them feel at ease. However, be aware that everyone has times or days when they don’t want to talk. Respect that. If your roommate prefers his own space then don’t try to intrude. Don’t force your roommate. Try to understand his or her nature.

4. Don’t Be Very Strict


Sometimes, people try to show their roommates that they are very strict. Whatever they say or do, their roommates will have to do the same. Don’t force your own principles on your roommate. It is well and good if he or she is also interested in following your rules, but don’t behave rudely. If you are a rude person, you will have to change yourself. No one will stay with such a boring person. Try to adjust according to the situation.

5. Manners


Manners are very important for all of us, not only for being a roommate, but also for being a good human being. A person without manners is like an animal. It will be very disrespectful to touch the stuffs of your roommate without his or her permission. Be respectful to each other’s space. Don’t use your roommate’s make up and clothes without her permission. If, by mistake, something of your roommate has got damaged by you, tell him or her honestly. Don’t hide it from her or don’t be smart.

6. Keep Room Clean


Keep cleanliness in your room. Respect this habit of your roommate and help her in getting the room clean. Don’t make your room disarranged and messed up. Keep your entire luggage perfectly. Don’t put the wet towel on bed or elsewhere, if your roommate doesn’t like all this shit.

7. Don’t Make Noise


It is quite disgusting if you make loud noise, especially when your roommate is reading or sleeping. Do your work silently without disturbing your roommate and talk loudly on phone at night.

8. Avoid Back Biting


Bach biting is one of the biggest reasons of break ups in relations. Most of the girls are habitual of it. Avoid talking bad on your roommate’s back. It will hurt her, if at some day she listens to you and comes to know about your reality. Whatever comes to your mind, talk to your roommate directly, but never do back biting.

9. Divide Duties


Make a schedule of your homework. Divide responsibilities and do your work honestly. Make a permanent chart of duties. This will make you and your roommate responsible for your own work.

10. Be Helpful


Whenever your roommate needs help, be with him or her. If she is in any problem, help her to come out of this. This will be helpful in making your bonding stronger.

11. Keep Patience


If at some point you feel angry or you may be in any kind of stress, don’t shout on your roommate. Be patient and calm. In fact, if you should share your problem with your roommate, it will make you feel relaxed.

 12. Make Him/Her More Stylish


If you’re dressing sense is very good and the same is the worst of your roommate, you can help her out in changing her style and make her look trendy. Let her know what and what doesn’t suit her personality.

13. Share Everything


Share everything with your roommate. Don’t hide your ice-cream or chocolate from him or her. Share all the eateries with her. It will make the environment of your room very peaceful.

14. Don’t Call Guests


Don’t call any guest to your room. If an emergency, let your roommate know and take his or her permission because you are not the only owner of your room.

To conclude, it can be said that living with a roommate means respecting their stuff, personal and private belongings. It might be hard but when you are sharing a small space with another person, if you don’t respect them, they will not respect you either. If you damage your roommate’s property, let them know and replace it at once. If your roommate doesn’t like loud music or TV then respect that. Use headphones and watch TV when your roommate is not around. Be prepared to compromise. Not everyone has the same ideas about day-to-day living and don’t expect your roommate to change. You can’t force your roommate to follow your rules. Get to know the person you live with, but don’t be extra personal. Live and let your roommate happily.

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