Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Man has been able to hold his sway on this lonely planet and subjugate all other living species because of his ability to communicate with his fellow beings in different languages. Therefore, the power of the spoken word should never be underestimated, and expressing yourself verbally is as crucial as written communication.

We live in an age where information is created, processed and disseminated almost at the speed of light. It does not need to be stressed that our very survival depends on how actively we can participate in this entire process. That brings us to the subject of communication. Communication forms an indispensable part of our daily lives and the better we are at communicating ourselves, the better chances we have of surviving and thriving in this world.


Each and every individual needs to communicate and express oneself in one way or the other either verbally or non-verbally-through writings or artistically. Needless to say, the most convenient way we can express our ideas and opinions is through verbal communiqués. Nevertheless, of all the techniques known to us for communicating verbally, delivering a speech is perhaps the most refined and sophisticated of them all.

However, most of us get tongue-tied when we are told to articulate our thoughts by giving a speech to an audience. Things get more difficult when you’re told to convince a specific group of people or an audience about a certain perspective via a persuasive speech. Most people develop cold feet when they’re required to address a large gathering of august individuals by delivering a speech that is compelling and persuasive.

Politicians, statesmen, diplomats, social activists, environmentalists and a host of other professionals for whom maintaining good public relations is an inalienable part of their job, usually happen to be expert public speakers. If we go back in time, we find that a majority of the great thinkers, social reformers, and statesmen were born with the gift of the gab.

Although it is true to an extent that good orators are born and not made, one can groom oneself to become an eloquent speaker or conversationalist. Half the battle is won if one is able to conquer his apprehensions and inhibitions of public speaking. Once you take your reservations into stride and overcome your fear of speaking in front of a large gathering, you can hold forth on any persuasive speech topic be it political, social, economic or environmental.

Since a persuasive speech is many notches above a normal speech in terms of quality, you need to do a great deal of homework before you’re mentally ready to deliver. You should have a firm grip on the topic you’re going to speak about. This’ll naturally require you to conduct research on your topic well in advance as you’ll need to provide your audience with valuable inputs on the subject matter you’re going to hold forth.

More often a persuasive speech can take the form of a debate or give way to a question and answer session where the audience will be inquisitive about the ideas and information you’re sharing with them. So, the more persuasive and forceful you’re in presenting your thoughts and beliefs on the theme you’re told to speak about, the better you’ll be able to connect with your addressees.

While it is natural on your part to be a little edgy before you’re told to deliver your speech, remember that even the most articulate and seasoned of speakers feel nervous before giving an address. If you’ve done your homework well on the speechifying subject and very fervent in your delivery, then you’ll be able to win over your audience and that is what matters at the end of the day.

You can pick and choose from the ensuing Good Persuasive Speech Topics and sharpen your oratorical skills by researching on the same and writing out good compositions on these topics. You should take care to read out from your compositions in front of a mirror.

  1. Should the state colleges waive away the tuition fees of their students?
  2. Should there be a compulsory dress code for students?
  3. Should public transport be made free for senior citizens?
  4. Should college athletes and sportsmen get a stipend for participation?
  5. Should illegal immigrants be prohibited from applying for a driving license?
  6. What is your take on making therapeutic marijuana legal?
  7. What is your opinion about increasing the minimum age of driving to twenty-two?
  8. Do you agree that all US citizens should compulsorily complete a year in community service?
  9. How about lowering the age of voting to thirteen?
  10. Should foreign language classes be made obligatory for students?
  11. Should meritorious students be given cash awards?
  12. Shouldn’t the students be relieved from carrying conventional textbooks to schools and carry notebooks or palmtops instead?
  13. Don’t you think that the wearing of seat-belts should be made strictly compulsory?
  14. What are the ways in which a community school or educational institution can raise money for meeting its expenses?
  15. Is selling carbonated soft drinks and processed food for raising money (in the context of a school), a good idea and morally supportable?
  16. Is it all right for female students to play alongside male students in sports teams that are exclusively meant for males?
  17. Contraception can be a controversial and sensitive topic. Can female students be allowed to choose a contraceptive method independently without consulting their parents?
  18. Movie and music downloading cause huge losses to the producers not to mention the losses to both the state and the national exchequers. Do you think downloading movies or music should be made punishable by law?
  19. Do you think broadband access should be free in urban agglomerates?
  20. In the light of shooting sprees and gun rampages that have become quite frequent in educational institutions, should armed security be provided to all academic establishments at a subsidized cost?
  21. How about reviewing and revising the immigration laws?
  22. Should the federal government approve civil unions?
  23. Should there be legislation for imposing additional taxes on junk food?
  24. Should students have access to free condoms in schools?
  25. Should all US citizens be permitted to possess strike or assault weapons?
  26. Should there be a heavy penalty for those who do not obey recycling norms?
  27. Should sex education be made mandatory in schools?
  28. What is your opinion regarding USA’s overseas military expeditions and operations? Don’t you think it’s time that the US should withdraw all its military troops stationed in other countries?
  29. Will it be all right to legalize prostitution?
  30. Should students who indulge in cyber-bullying be rusticated from schools?
  31. Don’t you think it’s time that euthanasia was legalized?
  32. Should all airline passengers be subject to rigorous security screenings?
  33. Should limits be imposed on driving personal vehicles within city proper on weekends with a view to save fossil fuels and check pollution?
  34. Do you support the idea of declaring betting in games and gambling illicit?
  35. Should capital punishment be abolished for once and for all?
  36. Should not there be harsher federal restrictions for regulating Internet content?
  37. Should minors be treated at par with adults as far as committing grave crimes are concerned?

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