How to be a Good Kisser For Guys

Kissing is often considered the perfect way by which many couples kick off their love sessions. Girls are generally better kisser than guys and that’s probably why they like the whole thing more. But generally as soon as things start heating up, making out usually falls by the wayside. If you want to impress your boyfriend, first of all you need to know the tricks how to be a good kisser for guys. Movies and television have taught us all that kissing is about mashing together with open mouths and probing tongues. But kissing can and should be more than that. Here we have the listed some of the well-studied techniques that will truly help you to make your next kiss more passionate.

good-kisserTease him

Once you are both fired up, shy smooches just aren’t going to work it anymore. This is the perfect time to engage each other’s mouths, no tongues meshed. Adoring kisses stimulate your blood pressure and cause your heart to beat faster. Even medical studies have shown that passionate kissing can help in getting you more excited and making it easier for you to reach orgasm.

A quick bite, a quick touch with your tongue, a distraction to one of the hotspots, and then come back to the almost-kiss position. You can do this technique for as long as he loves it.  A taunt, a tease, a tiny kiss, a promise of more sudden pause can be added to the passionate kissing session. A truly delicious, seductive kiss is as much about anticipation as sensation.

Strip down, and tell him to sit on a chair. Let him focuses on driving hips, now take his tongue into your mouth and very lightly suck on it so your lip action simulates the rhythm of his hips. You should let him know the passionate pressure is quickly building inside you by switching up your moves and trying something even more erotic.

Know his hotspots

No we are not talking about those sexual hotspots. There are three pairs of extremely sensitive spots on a man’s face. You need not search for them as they are the corners of the mouth, the outside corners of the eyes, and those delicious little hollow spots right behind the earlobes. The indent in the center of his collarbone is extra sensitive. Kiss it using your breath to warm the area, since heat intensifies the sensations.

Rather than going straight for the lips for a kiss, plant two or three soft, seductive kisses in these sensitive areas to set the mood and heighten his eagerness. The edge of his ear is the most responsive part, since it’s packed with nerve endings. Kiss and lightly nibble along it. A guy’s pecs can be as sensitive as your breasts are, but they’re too often ignored. Send chills through his body by licking around the areolae, gently blowing them dry, and sucking his nipples.

Kiss and Nibble

The biggest problem people have when they are trying to learn how to get better at kissing is that they really don’t know about all those things that they can do with their lips. A quick tip for beginners, let me be clear to you that kissing isn’t about using your lips. There is much more to it than just using your lips while kissing.

The next time you go for a passionate kiss with your partner try to use your teeth. The right way to kiss is to make your love bite a little soft and gentle, not rough, harsh or forceful. While kissing, your intentions should never be to hurt your partner instead you should always try to give him a different sensation when kissing him.

Use your hands

The best kisses use more than lips. For truly mind-blowing kissing technique, learn to use your hands. During a passionate kissing period, your hands can turn to be your best friends. A better way is to use them is to wrap them around your partner. An even better way is to run them up and down your partner’s body, making sure to touch them in their most erogenous zones as you do. If you have long fingernails, running them gently up his arm or down his spine while kissing can create an addictively intense sensation. Using your hands is one of the most powerful kissing techniques you can use to heighten the entire experience for your partner.

Set yourself free

If you want your guy to like how you kiss him, try a little delicacy, a little softness. Don’t assume about the things he likes and the things you like. Don’t assume you know what he’s after when he kisses you Ask him to refine things, like what sorts of things does he like when kissing. During the session you can kiss on his neck and give a sensual stroke to his hair. This will help him chill out while you get the more of the smooching you desire.

One important thing you need to be sure of is to develop a natural rhythm. If you keep it too light, you’ll both end up feeling unsatisfied. Move slowly and allow time for passion to build before jumping into the muddled stuff. If you use your mouth for tossing ugly words at him occasionally, he’s not going to forget that. All these things have an effect on your passionate kissing session.

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