Good Dares For College Students

Almost everybody’s familiar with the game of ‘Truth and Dare’. In fact, finding someone who’s not, will become an innovative and inventive game of ‘Truth or Dare’ for you as you’ll indeed find it challenging. Playing this game is one splendid way of spending quality time with your family or close friends. The game can also be a pretty good way of getting more familiar with someone (particularly those with whom you’ve become recently acquainted).

You sure get nostalgic thinking about your high school and college days when you tried to get under the skin of your colleagues (albeit in a funny way) by asking ‘audacious’ or ‘daring’ questions. In turn, you too found yourself on the mat when you had to face the barrage of truth or dare questions. A game of truth and dare is still quite popular with high school and college students.

Although there are over a thousand different ways in which you can play (and outplay your game partners) the game there are certain aspects you and all other participants should make yourselves aware of. Firstly, a typical truth and dare game session needs you to keep an open mind as you’ll have to face a lot of ‘bold’ and ‘cheeky’ questions from your opponents.

You might also be asked to playact a dare (which more often than not can be overwhelmingly embarrassing) for which you should be mentally prepared. You’ll have to opt for a dare that is indeed daring!  Therefore, such a game can be exceedingly engrossing and downright entertaining depending upon who you’re playing with.

Before you can get started, make sure all the game participants are a group of close friends who’ve known each other for long or are members of a close-knit family. After all you wouldn’t want someone feeling ashamed when the game is on or is left embarrassed when it’s all over.

Truth-or-Dare questions

How the Game of Truth or Dare is Played

It goes without saying that a game of truth or dare is still one of the most classical and addictive way of engaging with your close pals or family members when you’ve assembled after a long time. Though the game is best suited for adolescents, college students and children, even adults can find it very engrossing because of the nostalgia attached with the game.

No matter how many times you play the game of truth and dare, it is a whole new experience everytime you play it! The best part of course is that nearly all participants are conversant with the game as they’ve all participated in different variations of the game during their growing up years.

The game gets going when a player is chosen randomly to ask ‘Truth or Dare’ to another player of his or her choice. The player to whom the question is posed can either choose to answer questions that can be revealing which lays him bare or opt for enacting or staging an act that be awkward or discomforting.

Irrespective of the mode the questioned player selects, he or she has to be accommodating and forthcoming in his or her approach. Attempting to answer questions by tempering them with ‘fibs’ or ‘lies’ or trying to fake up a daring act can make the whole situation all the more embarrassing.

The game progresses with the questioned player asking the same question to another game member and the process is repeated everytime a new player finds himself answering or asking the poser. At any time during the play, a player can change his or her mind and shift from ‘truth’ to ‘dare’ or vice versa but as a matter of rule one cannot choose either mode (i.e. ‘truth’ or ‘dare’) more than thrice successively.

The sheer fun and excitement of observing the participants struggle with answering a sensitive question or wrestle with an awkward situation is what makes the game entertaining and amusing.

Gear Up for a Thrilling Game of ‘Truth and Dare’ by Making A Shortlist of ‘Truth’ Questions:-

  • Do you love your father or mother more and why?
  • Do you really love your parents?
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • When did you last kiss a boy or a girl?
  • How often have you stolen money and how often were you caught in the act?
  • If you’re told to choose between love and career which one would you opt for? Or, say between money and love?
  • What’s your opinion about marriage?
  • What was your age when you had sex with someone?
  • Whom did you make with love for the first time?
  • How often do you lie?
  • What makes you lie?
  • What’s been your greatest lie till date?
  • Have you spent time behind bars?
  • Has any close friend of yours made you ever feel that he or she’s your sworn enemy?
  • Have your ever idolized taking someone out for a dream date?
  • Do you think you’re in the profession you love?
  • If not, what profession would have been your right fit?
  • Are you happy with your life?
  • Do you like yourself?

The above questions are just some samples. You can customize your ‘shortlist’ by modifying it in a manner to suit the group of players. The idea is to make the game equally discomfiting for every player.

The ‘dare’ part of the game can be made just as riveting as the ‘truth’ part. All you’d need is some absorbing ideas. The following ‘Good Dares for College Students’ will guarantee that you or your participants never run out of ideas when it comes to playing out the dare part!

Daring Ideas for Your Truth and Dare Game Round

Dare your participants to lick on pet litter. How about telling someone to lick his or her own big toe or touch it with the tip of his or her own tongue? Tell the questioned player if he or she chooses ‘dare, to stuff his or her mouth with toilet paper and chew on it without swallowing any water. Or tell that person to rush out of the room semi-nude and clamber onto the roof or stand in the middle of the road and shout loudly.

Challenge a player to propose to a handsome guy or stunningly beautiful lass in college even if that player is not acquainted with that individual. Dare someone to go round in circles in the college campus with his or her face painted like an Apache or Sioux Indian and holler like an Indian as well.

You can blindfold a player and tell them to kiss certain things or objects and let them guess what they’re kissing. After they’re done with the kissing act, take off their blindfold to let them see what items they’ve smooched. Include the most bizarre and weird things in the kissing list.

These are just some of the dare ideas that you and your players can try out although there are lot more inventive and funny ideas that you can conjure up!

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